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Amid Battle with Apple, Memo Reveals Big Brother's Plan B for Encryption


Amid Battle with Apple, Memo Reveals Big Brother's Plan B for Encryption

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A secret National Security Council (NSC) "decision memo" shows that the government began ingratiating itself with the tech industry, and ordering its agencies to figure out how to circumvent encryption software and access private data in consumer devices, long before its privacy fight with Apple began, according to new reporting by Bloomberg.


Once you give an inch to the security state you are usurped and you can not un-ring that bell.


Ha! Tell us something we don't know/suspect.
And this guy (below); considering his his affiliations, I would be hard-pressed to believe anything he has to say about the issue.
"My sense is that people have over-read what the White House has said on encryption," Robert Knape, a senior fellow at the Council of Foreign Relations and former White House Director of Cybersecurity Policy, told Bloomberg.


I predict Apple wins this round, but only to make you believe that your info is safe on Apple devices. A year ago there were reports in the press that hard drives were coming from the manufacturer with spyware already installed. I guess if your technology runs without the use of hard drives you can feel safe.


People haven't over-read anything. It's just that we know with certainty -- thanks to Edward Snowden -- will contort the law and use it to their own ends. They seem to think we believe everything they tell us -- forgetting their abysmal record on transparency and weaseliness of their explanations when they are caught lying.


They don't care what ordinary people think any more. There's barely any padding left on the glove hiding the iron fist. They simply go through the motions to keep up appearances.

Inverted totalitarianism, you know, is all about pretending Americans have some actual freedom, when everyone inside and outside of government knows there is none remaining at all.