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Amid Blackouts and Food Shortages, Pence Unveils New Sanctions Targeting Venzuelan Oil Exports to Cuba

Amid Blackouts and Food Shortages, Pence Unveils New Sanctions Targeting Venzuelan Oil Exports to Cuba

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Despite Venezuela's worsening humanitarian crisis fueled by political unrest and economic sanctions, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence announced new sanctions targeting the government and companies that transport oil to Cuba as part of the Trump administration's ongoing effort to oust Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro.

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Time after time, who gets hurt?


The worst export of the Untied States has been their version of neoliberal capitalism. If humans are to survive this onslaught which is the cause of the 6th mass extinction, abrupt climate and environmental change, we will have to name this beast and collapse it. Otherwise in the words of Chris Hedges; “They will kill us all unless we overthrow them and if the NSA is listening, that’s O-V-E-R-Throw.”


Congress has not declared war on Venezuela, yet Trump, Pence, the Republican party, Bankers, and the MIC have all conspired to threaten every Venezuelan through illegal sanctions.

The health and well being of every Venezuelan is being threatened by all of these thugs.

Arrest warrants for all of the above criminals must be carried out, the criminals jailed and held for trial.


What this govt is doing to the people of Venezuela is an act of war. Sanctions kill more people than bombs in many cases as medicine, food, clean water, electricity is reduced because of frozen assets or refusal to pay for a product as in the CITGO gas in America. CITGO is Venezuela’s brand of gas in the US and proceeds aren’t being allowed to flow to the country. If more Americans weren’t being gaslighted by corporate(MSM) reports doing the bidding of the corrupt govt in their immoral, illegal war to destroy Venezuela. And they have the gall to blame Russia for meddling! The US meddles more that all other nations combined by a large margin in elections around the world.


Of course the people of Venezuela that elected Maduro in a democratic election. They’re the ones paying the price for yet another regime change scheme by the evil neocons destroying the world for profit. Americans are being lied to by the govt and corporate(MSM) media in a campaign to replace the govt with a US puppet dictator to steal their oil, simple as that. It’s immoral, illegal and devastating to people that want to live their lives without US meddling.


This mess is a bi-partisan effort of both the D’s and R’s of empire.


Nice thought but WHO will do that? Their is no justice against top level criminals…NONE!


Once again this vile, sanctimonious little toady, Mike Pence, demonstrates his abject and loathsome fealty to the Orange Pustule in the Oval Office and that he is NOT any kind of “Christian” according to the teachings of his supposed “savior”. He and the regressive Trump regime AND their Democrat enablers make me ashamed to be an American. BTW, it was Trumpo the Klown who commented on Venezuela as being a goal to overthrow because “they are so close and they have all that oil.”


War and plunder are historically the most reliable sources of ‘income’ to build an empire. Out of 243 years since 1776 the US has been involved in wars for 222+ years. Let that sink in !


“Despite Venezuela’s worsening humanitarian crisis fueled by political unrest and economic sanctions,…”
Weasel words. The ‘crisis’ is wholly the result of US sanctions and sabotage.


A guy can dream, can’t he Clyde?

After all, this a Common Dream here.


And how many of those 222 years have the majority of Americans supported the two warmongering political parties that chose to create those wars?

Let that sink in.


Good point, PB, but, unfortunately dreaming won’t stop U.S. interventionism and TERRORISM.


Well this ends the Impeachment Idea. We’d be left with a real Peach… Pence… Instead, round them up like cattle and put them in the cages they built for the Immigrants. They are far worse than any of those people!


Another War for EXXON (and the rest). More dead Americans and Locals for the Cabal’s profit. Jesus F*cking Christ.


Sanctions are an act of war. And considering that the situation in Venezuela is beginning to look more and more like a proxy war between the U.S. and Russia…well look towards the clouds, you might one day see one that looks like a mushroom.


It’ll take a Revolution of ideas, buddy.

Neocons include many Dems, Obama started the sanctions “because of some national security threat” probably socialism. Biden , Pelosi, Schumer, Wasserman Schultz, over half the Dem’s have a hard on for Venezuela Oil I assume. They don’t seem to care about the corruption in Columbia or Brazil.


Actually its a war for the Koch Brothers, their refineries in TX are set up to processing heavy crude and not the lighter stuff that comes from shale or Saudi . Sir Richard Branson wants to get into the Cell Phone Systems and open up some Air Routes for Virgin, that’s why he went to promote the USAID