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Amid Call for Trump Boycott, More Revelations About Nominee's Problems With Women


Amid Call for Trump Boycott, More Revelations About Nominee's Problems With Women

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Donald Trump's treatment of women and workers continues to receive media scrutiny this week as one union calls for a national boycott of all the real estate mogul's businesses.

Unite Here launched the boycott earlier this week, saying Trump Hotel Las Vegas has failed to honor its obligation to bargain with its unionized workforce, which is represented by Culinary Union, Unite Here's largest affiliate.


Trump is a lunatic and now he's showing himself to be a moron as well.
Trump will never be the president and if he keeps shooting his mouth off he my destroy his portfolio too.


Trump is such a buffoon, one has to wonder if the oligarch's did not use Trump to make Hillary look good because that is the only way Trump's candidacy makes any sense!

Hell, it even worked to eliminate Bernie!


Tom seriously that is ridiculously unfair.

Trump is running for President last I checked, and he is set to become one of the most powerful people on this planet, as any President (yes yes yes I'm aware that a Deep State exists). Thus, publishing information (obvious or not so obvious) is relevant and newsworthy.

CD has posted hundreds of articles containing such Criticisms of Clinton, pointing out the obvious.

Poor Trump, being abused once again.


Since Clinton hit Trump with the accusation about Alicia Machado he has become unglued again. He simply cannot apologize and move on. He has to show that he is right. The same thing happened with the judge of Mexican heritage and the Gold Star family. He has no self-control. There is a rumor that his advisors say he doesn't have the attention span to prepare for the next debate. And many Americans want to elect this man to the most powerful position in the world. Presidents are attacked verbally from all over. How would he lash out against his critics. Look what is happening with just this former Miss Universe criticizing him. He is up at 5 in the morning putting out tweets in an attempt to destroy her reputation. Should this guy be commander-in-chief of the most powerful military in the world? Should be able to give orders to the FBI, CIA, and NSA? The man simply cannot control himself. He interrupted Clinton almost 60 times during the debate. And he also is unable to stop lying. The Clinton campaign counted 58 lies by Trump during a 90-minute debate. CD cannot publish enough articles about the problems with Trump. These articles should keep coming right up to the day of the election. It is imperative that Trump be stopped.


I don't really see that much difference between Thwimpie and Chimpie, they're both loudmouthed narcissists that want what they want no matter who gets hurt in the process. What's worse, "I want you to get some good looking hostesses here," or "We came; we saw; he died' [cackle, cackle]? Personally, I wouldn't vote for either one of them to clean my toilet, let alone be president!


Where are all the polls that should be out now about who won the debate Monday? Based on this page, looks like Trump's numbers have gone up nationally. DN reported the ceo or whoever it was, of usa today? eviserated Trump, claiming he is unfit, etc, while not officially supporting any candidate.

I support Stein, but I can't help but smell a rat with what seems to be MSM's uptick in anti-Trump messaging. I expect it to increase the next month, esp if Trump continues to increase in poll #s.

Keep Clean, Vote Green.


Actually, it seems to me that DJT is even more unhinged by the criticism over his misogyny. While I don't think the characterization of "tweetstorm" (MSNBC that I heard) is quit fair for what appear to have been 3 tweets, they have been documented as starting at 3:something AM and the last at 5:35? It's cute that he's joked that it proves he'd be awake to get the proverbial 3AM call, but what it shows me is an insomniac experience parallel to my own. His subconscious was so steamed about these women getting the best of him that it woke him up at 3 to launch the first tweet. He hoped that would get it out of his system, but it didn't. The only way he could release his anxiety at all was to tweet again, and again, and by that time it was dawn and no sense trying to get back to sleep. I hate to say it, but this may be the moment that saves the country from an unhinged President, and whoever in the Clinton campaign found Marchado deserves a great big bonus.

As to the unions and boycotts, I'm afraid it isn't going to happen. Watch, though, his own suit against two name chefs who withdrew from contracts to open restaurants in his new DC hotel (the gilt one, not the White one he wants) after his early disparaging remarks about Mexicans. DJT's video deposition, released today, is telling. He asserts that he didn't even go over the documents about the case with his attorney before swearing to tell the truth.


Note that those polls are in no way comparable as presented, some being only within a state, others national, all under different circumstances and dated by publication, not when they were conducted.

The comment by USA Today was by the editorial board. It was unanimous and the first time they've reached consensus on any comment on a Presidential candidate.


Certainly is my thought now and earlier.


Trump is a psychopath. I have one for a brother, so I can tell one when I see one.


Conjuring up a conspiracy theory is always the way to go....


Yes, but the one I was referrring to is the LA times/USC one, it's a little diferernt that the others, asking people a percentage question. That one is national, and has Trump leading. The fox national poll, just posted I think, has Clinton up. The dates are shown if you drill down, 9/23-9/29 for the LA times one.


If you say so. Thanks for the input.


"Readers Beware: Over the past several months, many new commenters have
starting commenting fraudulently. Some we have identified as Donald
Trump supporters who pretend to be otherwise. We are trying to keep up
with it. Be sceptical of anonymous posters."

Shouldn't we be skeptical of all posters? What is an anonymous poster anyway? I don't get this announcement at all.


An insight of how the "Working Poor Class" is likely to expand if Donald Trump became POTUS -- "Over 57,000 union workers in Las Vegas have fair wages, job security, and good health benefits—in stark contrast to workers at Trump Hotel Las Vegas." Source

And of course there are other real concerns - example:

Trump is a shady businessman who appears to lack moral values and integrity. I watched the woeful first presidential debate (note: I don't support either him or Hillary), Trump says it's smart for paying no taxes. - Source: Video: CNN First Presidential Debate (excerpt of actual debate). I pay my taxes, so should everyone, it is very unsettling to know that wealthy people get away with not paying taxes (tax avoidance). {sigh}!

Here's a question -- Should the government require businesses to pay salaried employees, making up to $46k/year, time-and-a-half for overtime hours?

  • Donald Trump = No, and the government is currently over-regulating private businesses. - source.

  • Hillary Clinton = Yes - source

  • Jill Stein = Yes and the government should do more to protect workers’ rights. - source

  • Gary Johnson = No, and the government is currently over-regulating private businesses - Source

My answer is, Yes and the government should do more to protect workers’ rights.

Here's another question - Should employers be required to pay men and women the same salary for the same job?

  • Trump = No, there are too many other variables such as education, experience, and tenure that determine a fair salary. - Source

  • Hillary Clinton = Yes - Source

  • Jill Stein = Yes, and businesses should be required to publish their salary ranges for each position. - Source

  • Gary Johnson = No, there are too many other variables such as education, experience, and tenure that determine a fair salary - Source

My answer is, Yes and businesses should be required to publish their salary ranges for each position.

I support Jill Stein. Respect for all life and the environment.


In regards to maintaining health, history shows that without a shadow of doubt cleaning toilets is clearly more of a socially useful and valuable occupation than being POTUS.


:hugging: What an intelligent, insightful comment! And after a modicum of consideration I find I have no choice but to concur -- history has indeed shown us the importance of having clean toilets, whereas, presidents ... not so much. :mask:


This was an absolutely beautiful take-down of perennial goofball and Heritage flack Steve Moore by Bill Maher on Friday night. Hapless as usual, he trots out all the standard tropes about "terrible recovery" and the genius of Trump's...er...economic plan. Pop some popcorn... http://goo.gl/Oh9ruD


The fact that Trump is doing as well as he is in the polls confirms how marginal (or worse) a candidate Clinton is.