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Amid Chaos and Suffering of Familiy Separation, Senators Demand Answers on 2,300 Imprisoned Children


Amid Chaos and Suffering of Familiy Separation, Senators Demand Answers on 2,300 Imprisoned Children

Jon Queally, staff writer

With an estimated 2,300 children still in U.S. government detention facilities after being separated from their families by the Trump administration, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) spearheaded a letter signed by Senate Democrats and sent to federal agencies on Monday demanding answers about the fate of those children and what the plan is for ending their incarceration and reuniting them with their loved ones.


In any sane, just, and honest society with even a modicum of empathy and humanity, based on true justice, not empty blather about “liberty and justice for all”, the taking of children from their parents and transporting them hundreds of miles away across state-lines to who-knows-where, cared-for by who-knows-who, IS kidnapping and would be dealt with as a crime and the perpetrators charged and tried! Why not here?

In any just society when public opinion demands the end of such acts of separation and violence against children, and that they be reunited immediately, the government would be forced to do so, not evade and/or ignore the demand! Why not here and now?

In any nation with a sane responsible governance such acts of inhumanity, destructive to the society the government works for, that are committed daily by the malignant and insane trump regime would not be tolerated by the victimized (and apparently lobotomized) population! Why not here and now!?

In most societies there is usually a robust opposition that can and does speak for, and act on behalf-of, the dispossessed and victimized, for the environment being plundered and destroyed…an opposition party not in de facto collusion-with, and complicit-to the overt crimes and abnormal criminal regime in power! Why not here and NOW!?


Yes, it’s all for the best. Someone’s got to be oppressed.


She Doesn’t Care and he, well…


My favorite sign from the protests, because of it’s truth: “No Illegals on Stolen Land”. Mine simply said: America, Lower Your Flags And Raise Your Conscience.


Some should tell this bigot that if white folks want a white-only nation they should go back to Europe or find some uninhabited island somewhere.


How about Greenland, I hear there should be some new beach front property made available each and every day largely courtesy of the same klan.


Not Greenland for it too belongs to indigenous people. Perhaps they should go and live in outer space?


From Propublica:


There must be an immediate demand from a multitude of Rights Groups and Human Rights agencies worldwide, for a charge of “Crimes Against Humanity” to be filed against Donald Trump, DHS, the Border Patrol, ICE, and anyone who knowingly aided in this rights abuse.


"With an estimated 2,300 children still in U.S. government detention facilities after being separated from their families by the Trump administration, "

Umm, no:

“As of June 20th HHS has 2,053 separated minors being cared for in HHS funded facilities, and is working with relevant agency partners to foster communications and work towards reuniting every minor and every parent or guardian via well-established reunification processes. Currently only 17% of minors in HHS funded facilities were placed there as a result of Zero Tolerance enforcement, and the remaining 83% percent arrived to the United States without a parent or guardian.”

But hey, we should not trust the Trump administration, so we gonna make up our own facts.


Why just a letter from the democratic senators such as Senator Warren? Why not a show of force by Senator Warren and company. Stand up strong, for the children, and families, Senator Warren so you don’t just fall for anything, as usual.


Trump is trying to kill immigrants

NBC just had a reporter testifying that immigrants, adults or children, who came to the border with flu or any infection (one child had a head abscess) or any other infection or illness, are put in “Cold Boxes”. They are concrete boxes with a temperature of around 50 degrees, and the immigrants have only the clothes they were wearing.

This is even worse than wire cages. Somebody is going to die, and I wish it were Trump.


You know the answer: Because this is America and that’s what they/we do. The worst elements of humanity have been unloosed in the USA for centuries. Seems there is some sort of immoral momentum that causes the worst to get worst when left untreated or, as has happened, when it’s carefully cultivated through rah, rah slogans, biased history, and slanted, corporate-owned textbooks and news.


Once Trump gets his concentration camps moved onto Military bases all this will go away. The detainees will then be removed from public view and access will be limited to non existent, Once out of the view of the media they can do with these kids as they like. The administration has the in-house talent to run secret detention camps and they will make use of this talent.


There’s an interesting article elsewhere regarding Nelson (head of DHS). The writer has interviewed college associates, friends, co-workers, etc and they have all state they know longer know who she is as the person (liar) she has become is not the one they knew. Nelson drank the kool-aid and liked it and now her career is in tatters and she has become as morally bankrupt as the entire DT Administration. What she needs to be reminded of hourly is he has no loyalty to anyone but himself and ivanka. What also comes out of the article is she is hardly a team player although they all state how intelligent and caring (about immigrants) she was.

Just following the law for someone so 'intelligent" is a BS defense. There is no law stating separating children from those seeing asylum. That is all DT and Sessions. All she had to do was state she was carrying out the policy put in place by DT and been clear. Now she is in bed with him and has compromised her morals. Enjoy it while you can, Nelson. People who are his lap dogs don’t last long.


Could the public --and US Senators-- get this upset over the approximate 1 Million children we have slaughtered beginning with our sanctions against Iraq about 1991 (576,000 under the age of 5) and then at least a fourth of the approximate 2 Million people we have slaughtered in the middle East since then? What about those children. Here, read this: The Countless Deaths Carried Out in Your Name | then go to the bottom of this and browse through the 300 or so photos in the slider: The Truth Now Hides