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Amid China Trade Tensions, Pentagon Eyes Toxic Rare Earths Development in US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/15/amid-china-trade-tensions-pentagon-eyes-toxic-rare-earths-development-us

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Many of the Rare Earth deposits in the USA are on or near the reservations of the First Nations peoples. In other words the environment in those areas deemed “expendable” for issues of “National Security” by the US Government.


Oh yeah, that must be what those mining visas are for. There is no free lunch in America.

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The market card is always played early in such discussions to immediately cause a right turn (pun intended), due to the oh so obvious “we couldn’t afford it it”, and, “it would cost way too much.”

But the market doesn’t have credible evidence nor solutions for its distorted ideology. The market manufactures deception and ‘solutions’ that continue destroying planet and people.
The costs of socially responsible mining, if it ever occurs, would never be satisfactory to traditional economics, since this extremist ideology doesn’t care how many people die or are sickened. Traditional economics doesn’t include all the costs of its stranglehold on national consciousness.
Toxic economics, all the rage for decades, will continue to refuse to pay its way and will pass massive costs onto the public. This admission will not be seen nor allowed to interfere with its continued domination. The political ‘center’ enables this corrupted misrepresentation and will not resolve its own fictions and madness.
Meanwhile the the custom continues, “let’s poison ourselves and the planet for more cell phones!”| lol

Looks like another of those wayward chickens is getting ready to fly back home. Modernity has come at a very heavy price, with much of the cost having been extracted elsewhere. Unchecked - as it now is - the current system is set to cannibalize the entire planet in pursuit of profit. The devices keep getting “smarter”, but our sense of self-preservation is lagging far behind.


A gold billionaire in the US now considers rare earths more environmental to mine these days than eg gold, as these are used in wind rotors and in common types of roof solar panels. He describes himself as a ‘green miner’. I wonder whether the acids used in such mines are any less dangerous to human, animal and plant health than those used to extract gold etc. Melbourne based expert Gavin Mudd does not think so, expressing concern for the ill effects of such mines in Australia.


So, just as oil needs a worldwide call-out for keep-it-in-the-ground, so do some rare earths.
Put some blame on the engineers. Design for environmentally safe availability.

China all supplies 90% of the world’s tungsten. Before Nixon and the opening up of Chinese trade, the US got its tungsten from third parties. China puts their tungsten at a price just a tad lower than anyone else can afford to mine it at.

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