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Amid Climate Crisis, Big Oil CEOs Rewarded for Massive Extraction Projects with Big Bonuses


Amid Climate Crisis, Big Oil CEOs Rewarded for Massive Extraction Projects with Big Bonuses

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Drilling the Russian Arctic. Expanding tar sands exploitation in Alberta. Exploring for oil in the South China Sea. These are just a few of the capital-intensive fossil fuel extraction projects that are translating into direct bonus payouts to the CEO's at the helm of the largest oil corporations in the world, The Guardian revealed in a report released Monday.


The CEO’s and their ilk could give a damn about climate change, environmental and habitat destruction, poisoning ground water/rivers/streams/lakes, polluting the air and soil as long as the money keeps coming in. They sell their souls to the devil everyday without blinking an eye. Their responsibility is with their shareholders and BoD (populated by industry peers)…to he- - with the planet and/or world at large. Greed is their driver…right off the cliff into the Inferno.


The poorest are and will be the most harmed by climate change. The statement that the third world will need more energy for their development ignores that the third world is and would continue to be overwhelmingly more economical in energy usage that the gluttonous practices of the first world. Whatever energy sources used.

Since you ‘assumed’ that ‘Seatowe’ “didn’t like nuclear energy, either”, we can ‘assume’ you don’t believe in climate change, or renewable energy. Or the promising efforts in fusion development by sources outside of the huge and expensive projects and which have gotten virtually zero funding for development, even though their costs are pittance compared to the large projects. Fusion that would be affordable, non centralized and less vulnerable to large scale failures. While these are still in the developmental stages and not ready for implementation the same can be said of the fossil fuels that the massive exploitation projects were created.

We can also ‘assume’ that you believe fossil fuels are of infinite supply. And while one can claim the CEOs of fossil fuel companies are not evil themselves, the organizations they work for with their self centered institutional structure that demands maximum returns above all else are inherently vile and evil. The fact that they have the facilities to lobby into existence legislation legalizing such behavior, the consequences of which the rest of us are compelled to live with, only serves to add to the perniciousness and danger they pose. A fundamental moral reality that school children can understand but propagandized ‘voices of reason’ can’t.


Interesting to note that Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. is attached to your name, Voice of Reason.
Question: I am wondering how much of Goldman’s portfolios are invested in solar and wind and other non-oil projects, including nuclear?