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Amid Concerns Trump Will Retaliate for Cohen Raid, White House Says Trump 'Certainly Believes' He Can Fire Mueller


Amid Concerns Trump Will Retaliate for Cohen Raid, White House Says Trump 'Certainly Believes' He Can Fire Mueller

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders revealed in a briefing on Tuesday that President Donald Trump "certainly believes he has the power" to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the federal probe into allegations that Russian operatives meddled in the 2016 election and members of the Trump campaign colluded with Russians and obstructed justice.


At this point DOJ and FBI would simply seem to be exercising due diligence. That however, in the eyes of a person/prez accustomed to privileged projecting of nefarious egoistic interpretations to deflect from wrongdoing, is now what he calls a “witch hunt”


I’ve predicted for a long time that Trump will fire Mueller. It’s gonna happen. This narcissistic, bloviating, authoritarian, dictator-wanna-be who doesn’t understand democracy (and doesn’t care) and believes only in himself and his own power and ego, WILL pull that trigger. The saddest part is that after he does, nothing will happen.


There will be a lot of fire and fury - almost exclusively from the Left (and I’m sorry but a few hundred thousand people protesting in a nation of 350 MILLION is absolutely pathetic) - but absolutely ZERO consequences. I GUARANTEE IT. This, in turn, will set a horrifying precedent in this country that the Executive branch is - quite literally - above the law. This in turn will be followed by future Presidents - both Democrat and Rethuglican - to ignore the law, and take greater and greater liberties, amass greater and greater dictatorial powers (already insanely grown over the last several decades), and so forth.

As much as I hate Democrats, the Rethugs are far worse in this regard, and have now become quite literally the anti-Constitution party, openly authoritarian if not down right fascist. They will not hold Trump accountable, they will not put any checks on him and his abuses and criminality and assaults on the bedrock of this country’s law and democratic institutions. They OWN this lock stock and barrel.

Very, very sad day for America. When Trump drops the hammer - we are effectively done as a democratic entity (as much as we were to begin with, anyway).


There is also talk of Ukraine dealings.



Please let this circus be over, just like circus’ are cruel to animals; this circus is cruel for we the people of the US and the world.


If ‘the McResistance’ is under the impression that their threatened protest marches will persuade Trump in any way shape, or form, they’re even more useless than I thought. He takes his cues from Fox & Friends, man.

Sadly, if anything, protest marches pump up Trump’s base more than any would-be anti-Trump voters.

Here’s a crazy idea: Promote policies that help working people like MFA, a living wage, free tuition at public universities, and massive investments in infrastructure. You know, policies that establishment Dems run from.


Trump: L’enfant terrible.


Thank you for addressing the eight hundred pound gorilla in the room nobody else either the brains or courage to bring up. I’ve said the same thing all along. I am not sure why he hasn’t done it yet. I suspect Trump was naive and thought once no collusion with Russia was established the investigation would stop. He didn’t anticipate the witch hunt that followed.

But you are correct, he will pull that trigger and get away with it.


I’m sorry my friend but this circus is 24/7 and it never ends.


I think we’ve been done for awhile now. Obama got away with murder -of us citizens with no trials which he authorized. I voted for that monster twice and deeply regret it.


I disagree that the Dems are any better in terms of the Constitution, but otherwise fundamentally agree. I also think that Trump will be had - not by the Dems and so-called ‘left’ in the U.S., but by by the oligarchs on the right (and ‘left’).

His shenanigans are becoming ‘bad for business.’ In the U.S., that is the worst crime there is.

Whether it’s by ‘resignation,’ ‘accident,’ or removal by the cabinet, he will be gone. He will not be impeached because he is the only thing the Dems have going for them, so they’ll do what they can to prop him up, screaming “bloody murder” all the way.


Yep. Trump got a few hundred thousand from Ukraine while Herheinous got hundreds of millions from foreign governments, including Russia during the uranium one deal. But let’s just get Trump out of office and we can let Hillary achieve her dream and become president. This will fix all of our problems.


Meanwhile Bill received $500,000 from Russia when his wife was orchestrating the uranium one deal. Plus the FBI was in the middle of an investigation of the Russians. But let’s just get Trump out of office and then we can have Pence who is even worse.


Jesus Christ why are you people still talking about Hilary Clinton?


Your predictions and analysis are spot on !!


Why not! Nixon got away with firing Archibald; he never was held accountable; he was never impeached; he never went to prison; he lived comfortably and saved his pension by resigning.


I’m sorry, but this system, and both of these crappy parties, are swimming in corruption. The Democratic “leader” (i.e., the person that does the best at raking in bribes) goes on TV and brags about how good she is at “fundraising” (bribes), and has amassed a huge fortune in office. Yet, she is out front talking about inequality and a rigged economy. That’s how tone deaf and pathetic the other party is, and the Republicans are almost always worse. It is entirely possible that Mueller has a lot of really good stuff on Trump, but it better be good, given the corruption in the system and the original intent of the Mueller probe. If it is run of the mill corruption, how many Democrats can get in front of the camera and call it out without being made to look like fools? Think Trump and his supporters won’t point this out, and how bad do you have to be to be brushed aside by Trump? And who in the hell thinks this will gain anything more than a dozen votes nationally? Everyone paying attention on the left knows the score. What wins elections is policies, putting in place policies that benefit people, proposing solutions to problems people face and problems we are collectively facing, and it so happens that the policy positions of the left are both popular and would work better than anything the Democratic establishment would be willing to consider. Sadly, the donors within the Democratic Party don’t want those policies, and they always win. So, we’re stuck with bullshit. Russia, Russia, Russia, Stormy Daniels, Trump is so horrible and sexist, look how bad the Republicans are, yadda, yadda, yadda. We deserve an opposition party worth a damn, and the Democrats aren’t worth a damn. I find it hard to place much value on any of this, given all of this. I am not on team Democrat and there are far more important things in this country that the Democrats refuse to address and provide actual solutions to. That is the fucking scandal, and until I see something beyond the systematic corruption we see every day now with both of these parties, I could honestly care less about this Mueller stuff. I didn’t care about Benghazi for the same reasons.


I personally disagree with your pessimistic outlook. I’ve been seeing a lot of pledges and planned protests going around that will happen should Trump fire Mueller. Will it be enough? Who knows but these signs of a bubbling mass protest are promising.


I like the top pic of that she-man.