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Amid 'Coup Attempt in the Making' by Trump, Top Democrat Demands Rapid IG Probe Into Postmaster General

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/14/amid-coup-attempt-making-trump-top-democrat-demands-rapid-ig-probe-postmaster

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A so-called rapid IG probe is not likely to be rapid enough. One lawsuit from the WH and the election will have already been stolen before either are done.


The gutting of our public healthcare system and everything public over the last 25 years and the degradation of intellect in our government has exasperated the difficulty of dealing with this pandemic.


“Trump and his election saboteur aide Louis DeJoy must stop their demolition of the Postal Service.”
—Susan Harley, Public Citizen

Susan, even if they are somehow stopped you can bet your last $$$ that Trump has many other plans to sabotage and cheat because that has been Trump’s Modus Operandi his whole life. Michael Cohen: " TRUMP WILL NOT LEAVE OFFICE IN 2020".


In addition to fraud, deceit and lying being Trump’s lifelong M.O. the GOP has been rigging elections at least since the 1980 election. Their methods and actions simply get more egregious with each passing election and there is nothing they won’t resort to in order to keep their oval office goose laying golden eggs for them for four more years…or more likely until Trump dies. If Trump wins 2020 it will be the US’ final election and the Trump dynasty will be fully empowered.

“SUGGESTS ? a deliberate attempt” to influence the November election ? What part of overt, premeditated, and unequivocal doesn’t Rep. Connolly understand ?

DeJoy’s actions also finish off the destruction of USPS that Slimy Pete Sessions’ 2006 legislation accelerated.

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Harley is saying what needs to be said by every democratic and republican house member and senate member. Meanwhile we can all contact our representatives in the house and senate and demand that this be priority right now! There will be no fair election until DeJoy is removed and it better be soon. I am already not getting mail from my bank just one city away and 30 minutes by car. I also get prescription drugs via the mail. awful times getting worse. murderer and his thugs need to be removed post haste.


The blatant illegality of Dejoy’s actions demand Barr immediately indict all those complicit in preventing the U.S. Post Office from the distribution of mail.

They are all felons awaiting arrest, conviction, and incarceration.

Barr’s refusal to act shows his complicity as well.

Empty the jails because a flood of new arrests on January 20th is coming.


Hate to be a broken record, but since the Democratic Party has massive issues internally in regards to democracy (including all of the leading, most powerful party members having utter contempt for working people and poor people choosing candidates that they feel is in their best interests), and since they have for decades supported a wide range of policies which are both deeply unpopular and undermine democracy, they are as bad as it gets as far as being the people to lead this fight. We got to this point very much because of that party, just as much as the other rotten party. And this is also why they are such a pathetic, and weak, opposition to Trump. It is like Bill Clinton ignorantly giving speeches on sexism, or him speaking out against men using their power to get sexual favors from women. A case can and should be made for doing something about that, but Clinton is the last person to make the case, and the Democrats are in no position to defend democracy. From what I can tell, they don’t seem to care about most any issue either, because in order to beat candidates on the left in their own party, they will even resort to homophobic smears, like against Morse, and align with horrific right wing reactionaries like Lipinski and Cuellar that are against almost everything they pretend to support.

I feel like picking Biden is almost like the Democratic Party saying that they give up. We are not only in imperial decline, we will probably collapse. Let’s stop pretending that things will get better, it is over, another world isn’t possible. A poll just came out guess who leads among Democrats for 2024? Cuomo. Fucking Cuomo, or Harris. Even if it is 4 years out, the fact that idiots polled pick Cuomo shows how gone it all is. The Democrats deserve to be kicked into the dustbin of history, and that includes most people that take part in their ridiculous, charade primaries.


The nasty angry hairball of a president will get away with this only because congress is not doing it’s job. The post office is protected in the constitution. This is so important, every one of us needs to get on the phone with our senators and representatives and demand an immediate hearing. All of us except those who don’t mind having trump in there for another 4 years.

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You can’t overthrow fascism with an IG’s report.


Meanwhile…just in case…




Clean out that jail sell in the basement of the House chambers and just put him in it

Both parties are collaborating to hide the GATS takeover and both are now crooks.

Which crook is worse? This is a shameless trick.

Lets not forget the Clintons and Trumps are old friends. No more oligarchs.

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You get two choices, shit or poo.

Make sure to choose your favorite. Show your individuality.

Isn’t democracy great!

Another IG will be fired the moment the investigation begins, and mcconnell along with his gang of do nothing enablers will be laughing. We’ve become Gotham.

Yes, they are giving up the charade that they’re actually an opposition party or that they stand for any progressive ideas. It’s probably exhausting to keep putting on a faux show.

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I wouldn’t bother cleaning it out.

The Democratic Party, with a few exceptions, has been asleep in the lighthouse while an undercurrent of nefarious GOP election fraud washes over the country. As other authoritarian leaders have recognized, it is not the vote count that matters; it is those who count the votes. Democrat leaders need to devote less time to polls and all the other superficial manifestations of this election season. They need to assume that Trump and his GOP enablers will adopt the most heinous strategies imaginable to rig the election because Trump has blown their cover and revealed them for what they are: international criminals who are aligned with other international criminals and dictators. Their sole goal is dominance of entire countries. Democratic Party leaders can’t just hold a plastic spoon up in the air as a weapon and hope it scares these criminals away. They need to identify every possible area where Trump and his criminal conspirators will seek to steal the election, and they must strengthen it–now!


This is the Democrats usual exercise in Futility.

They do absolutely nothing to improve any situation.

Nancy send the Congressional Sergeant At Arms to Arrest the Post Master General.

Drag him before the appropriate Committee and keep him locked in the Basement if he does not answer all Questions truthfully.

We have a Gangster President who ignores Congress, and the Legislative Branch of Government responds to this Fascist with meaningless letters on Congressional Stationary.

Nancy this is your fault for not getting help for the American people in the First Aid Package when you had leverage.

Now that the Republicans got what they wanted for their Big Corporate Donors, they say to hell with you, to hell with Unemployment Checks and to hell with money for the Postal Service.


Exacerbated, possibly?