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Amid 'Coup Attempt in the Making' by Trump, Top Democrat Demands Rapid IG Probe Into Postmaster General

Just musing on the photo at the top of the article. Given the general resistance to masks exhibited by most of the T.rumpettes, I find DeJoy’s employment of one very revealing.

He doesn’t care about the virus. He’s wearing one to hide his identity as he carries out one of the greatest thefts from the American people in the country’s history. It’s not the mask of a concerned individual. It’s the mask of a bandit.

I’d like to think you’re right. I worry that the Democratic leadership are merely co-conspirators rather than an opposition party.

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LOL just noticed my typo.

MAybe Trump will throw him under the bus and ‘Cell’ him out

Anyway, you’re right. Just pack him in there.

Its the GATS and its poison to democracy. general Agreement on Trade in Services… read up on its Article I:3 which is its so called governmental authority exclusion. But there is a particular trap we face here in the US in its Annex on Financial Services. Please read it, also the Understanding on Commitments in Financial Services.

Its effective date, the date of the standstill is in february 1998. So the Aca was actually a temporary respnse to an emergency, not a permanent solution. We’re being shamelessly lied to by a bunch of people even people we think are trustworthy. The goal is locking us in this hellish ystem that forces a global race to the bottom on everything, ending the middle class as we know it. We’re being sued in a WTO court with the goal of ending our control over work visas and creating a huge expansion of something thats basically modern slavery. This would be a huge mistake for the entire world thats why we’re being conned so aggressively by a collusion of both parties.

the case was filed in March 2016 and its likely going to be decided soon. If we lose we can no longer tell companies that only a few hundred thousand guest workers can work here at one time, serially offshoring jobs. It means they will be able to send millions of offshoring specialists here.

It will turn the whole country into a ghetto, we will all know what its like to have no hope.

How much of the mail-sorting equipment removed without explanation needs to be piled onto DeJoy?

Or would it be better to drop it onto him from at least 20 stories up?

where are the impeachment proceedings??–the law suits??-the bills opposing this is illegal war on voting??–oh I get it the Dems will give a give more angry speeches and then let the Republicans do what they want to to-just like they have done for the last 50 years-same as usual

Whatever happened to Congressional oversight?

Election tampering pure, simple and plain as day. Arrest, charge, try, convict, sentence and hang. This is treason.

gandolf: “Trump WILL leave office in 2020.”

We shouldn’t forget that the greedy basturds got their trillion and a half tax cut not too long ago either.

At least make these trumpy’s lie or pretend they have no memories in tact.
Trump probably crowned this guy not only because of donated money, but if he got caught he just goes back to being a multi-millionaire.

Only if Trump does not get away with sabotage and cheating. What Trump is doing to the post office is just the beginning. Watch for it! THE OCTOBER SURPRISE!

The Orange Idiot will simply fire them. How conveinient.

The USPS, having served us well for over 2 centuries, is being gutted for political purposes only. The financial problems have intentionally been allowed to fester under Dumald. But the Republicans have priorities such as in the Covid Relief bill they slipped 30 or so billion in for god damn fighter jets. That was the cash needed to stabilize the USPS. Criminal actions against the nation, again.

# Amid ‘Coup Attempt in the Making’ by Trump, Top Democrat Demands Rapid IG Probe Into Postmaster General

Rep. Gerry Connolly warned that the timing of Louis DeJoy’s policy changes suggest a “deliberate attempt” to influence the November election.





With a 6 month VIRUS raging – with an Election less than 80 days away –
De Joy has barred overtime and creating “hiring freeze” while VIRUS causing loss of labor.
De Joy directed employees to leave late arriving mail behind against policy/practice.
De Joy’s “dismantling” of essential equipment called a "re-organization plan.
De Joy plans “consolidating of regions” with no indication of what problems this may cause or solve.

Are we saying the Congress doesn’t have the right to FIRE/REMOVE any head of an agency
which is not carrying out the TRUE goals of the agency they head?

The Congress IS RESPONSIBLE for ensuring that the goals of every government agency are
carried out in accordance with the spirit and intent with which Congress passed its legislation
governing these agencies. There is no legislation which says “turn these agencies upside down”
to oppose our legislation and goals.

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“disturbed by recent steps taken by Postmaster General (PMG) Louis DeJoy to restructure the Postal Service”

This has always been my problem with Democrats. Why is it that they are only “disturbed” and not “outraged” by these changes? Why is it that they continue to appear to give the benefit of the doubt by wrapping their concern with “it appears” when it is so damn obvious that this is an attempt to outright STEAL the freaking election? If the shoe were on the other foot the Repugs would be screaming from the rafters. It’s as if the DNC really doesn’t care what happens so long as they remain in office.