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Amid Covid-19 and Nationwide Protests, America's Billionaires Got $79 Billion Richer Last Week Alone

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/04/amid-covid-19-and-nationwide-protests-americas-billionaires-got-79-billion-richer


Nobody earns a billion dollars let alone billions in a week. Bezos males his on the COVID-19 backs of his employees.


And dumb people who buy all the stupid stuff. (All that money but no taste in clothing as the photo reveals.)


The following has been made by many others throughout history, the following is from Clarence Darrow:

“A man stealing a loaf of bread is called a thief, but a man stealing a crown is called a King.”


Wouldn’t that depend on what companies they were invested in?

Poor Sheldon Adelson…only 6.1 million.

Talk about irony, I was just thinking about the amount my wealth has increased during this pandemic.
The vast amount is quite embarrassing, it’s somewhere around, wait for it…ZERO!!
So how about some data showing how much of their wealth increase is do to the governments bail-out, because again, mine is ZERO!!


And they’re the ones who say, “There’s no money for Social Security, Medicare-for-All, Education, Food Programs for the Poor, Medicines for the Sick and Elderly.”

Millions of us would be justified in surrounding Washington DC and running those in the White House and Congress, out, who have voted for laws giving these billionaires their tax breaks instead of tax increases like the majority of us have endured.


I kind of feel sorry for bezos, what with having to go through life looking like an oily, mangled penis and all . . .

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Especially in that outfit. (Electric blue condom.)

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A lot of commercial companies are successfully renegotiating the terms of their leases, that seems like a smart idea to me.

~https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/05/business/economy/coronavirus-commercial-real-estate.html <<<NYT Article

After all, billionaires are in a very real sense renegotiating the social contract by outsourcing jobs, Political parties are renegotiating the terms they operate under by pushing the envelope in terms of what they can get away with., often depriving voters of rights in ways that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

Corporations have even been given entirely new giovernments and legal systems above our own where we dont even exist, just for them, thats in charge over everything of importance when economic policy (basically money) is involved.

Why should tenants and homeowners with mortgages not get to renegotiate their debts like the bigger players do too?

Its not right for people to always bear the burdens.

It’s only natural people who get pushed out of their homes or apartments in this situation, it really isnt just as people didnt create the novel coronavirus. And people are least able to bear this huge burden.

Should everything be renegotiated? Not right now in areas like work because people’s power is plummeting as jobs are automated. But that is actually the principle of the WTO with its minesterials and its the reasonn why we cant ever ave sustainable public options. Every two years the deal comes up for renegotiation in the WTO and anything that gets a subsidy is subject to pressures. To liberalize, which often means outsource, offshore, commoditize. So nobody in a subsidized field has any job security anymore. Almost.

But really, right now the multinational corporations at the top are getting to redefine everything, often with a ratchet that invariably takes important rights away from people, "because corporations deserve ‘certainty’ now, perpetual certainty, People dont know that but we should because we would fight harder not to lose. Instead we think changes are just temporary, until we vote them back to where they should be…


It depends on the entire picture, and nothing should be made unnegoitiable or things should be permenent. Not unbalanced as they are today… That nulifies democracy.

a picture thats being hidden from people, so that people dont ask for their share. For example, back in the day, efforts would have been made to compensate people for all sorts of rights that now are just being taken. Its argued that it would be too expensive to compensate people for the loss of things like a future job prospect when they didnt actually have a job yet. What about student loans, people go into debtmaking certain assumptions, what if those assumptions were wrong from the start and people in high places knew it but didnt tell them?

Thats a morally complicated situation, that should change the outcome. But it cant if nobody knows about it.

So we often waste huge amounts of energy barking up the wrong trees.

Renegotiation of contracts when things change, especially when they are changed by others withoyut any informed consent should trigger rights all down the chain.

That wasnt exactly the original premise of the Law and Economics movement, in their argumant that all contracts should be breakable if it was more efficient to do so.But it should have been.

(See Coase, The Problem of Social Cost, the most downloaded legal paper in recent years- it led to large changes behind laws giving new rights to the wealthy that never percolated down to the people)