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Amid 'Crisis and Scandal,' Global Banks Called to Stop Funding Dakota Access


Amid 'Crisis and Scandal,' Global Banks Called to Stop Funding Dakota Access

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Describing the fight over the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) as "a national crisis and an international scandal," a coalition of 26 environmental organizations on Monday called on leading banks to stop funding the project.

"Citibank's leading role in financing the pipeline makes it complicit in gross violations of Indigenous and human rights."
—Lindsey Allen, Rainforest Action Network


This issue, among others, is why I have used credit unions instead of banks for decades.


I think that's all there is right now, i.e., individual choices to help the situation.

Of leadership there is none - at the political level. Leaders arise through actions which demonstrate their ability to lead and win in times of crisis.

These 'manufactures' of the 'system', say Trump and Clinton - "business as usual" - are not the real thing.

And I am very tired of these headline articles proposing to change the world without any idea of how that is to be actually accomplished. Instead - I think, at this political time of hell on Earth, it is better to re-connect with each other, and our human nature, both civilized and savage - especially as regards leadership.

A very clear picture of this is found in the movie "Everest", a Freefall production (2007), about the Canadian 1982 Expedition to Mount Everest, which cost four lives, and was saved from ignominy by the actions of the natural leader who was always there, awaiting the call if you will.

Although this thread may seem a strange place to post a youtube movie video link about a long ago climb, I will do so in the belief that some stories are timeless.

If you are perhaps wishing to await election results this evening in a more productive manner, please take this movie in: