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Amid Crisis of Displacement, European Union Advancing Plans for Military Response to Migration


Amid Crisis of Displacement, European Union Advancing Plans for Military Response to Migration

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

At a time of historically high human displacement, and lagging humanitarian response, the European Union is advancing plans to stage military attacks to prevent migrants from traversing the Mediterranean Sea from Libya.

The Guardian reported on Sunday:


A pretty good article on the subject called: How Russia Stopped The EU From Violating Human Rights And The Rule Of Law.



Millions of Africans will be fleeing to Europe now that the US is seriously rampaging around in so many African theaters. Same exact thing has happened in Latin America from the drug war, mining and agricultural corporations along with US support of democracy smashing dictators.


Keep in mind. This disaster in Libya would of never happened. If the US and Nato didn’t decide to attack Libya and assassinate Colonel Gaddafi. And now the EU wants to violate the rights of the Libyan people even further. By taken a page from Obama’s drone policy. Which means the people of Libya are denied any kind of right or innocent till proven guilty and the rule of law get’s thrown out the window again.


“Russia is unaffected by the Mediterranean migrant flows,” pretty much says it all. This exodus of refugees is a terrible disaster. To blame this solely on the Western affluent nations for creating this problem is narrow mined and tunnel vision. Not a single word is written about the unbridled procreation in these refugee producing regions as being the root of the problem.


“Unbridled procreation”?! Pretty much says it all.


It sounds to me like your making excuses for systematic destruction of a country by the Emperors of Chaos.


Now more than a single word has been written regarding “unbridled procreation” to make an argument of unbridled callousness and ignorance.


Lots of things happening in Africa. Almost all bad things. The horrid US foreign policy is in the middle of the chaos. Like Libya. Col. Gaddafi, one of ours, as we say, ran his country. There were two factions. Our man recruited troops from the “south”, and that army kept things in check. Not good. But there were schools, hospitals, jobs, food, water. Overthrow. Civil war. Thugs stealing oil. Destruction. The usual mess when we overthrow a ruler with absolutely no plan for “tomorrow”. This Arab-Spring was a real opportunity for progressive change. However from Tunisia to Egypt things went from bad to worse. So, living is not very possible in North Africa. There are no easy answers. But it seems like the foreign policy wizards in Washington need to have some hard thinking. A mass firing at the US DOS would be a welcome beginning. The issue as we are observing is that disparate people will migrate, just like fish and birds. We have to admit that Greece, Turkey, Italy are really nice places. Even so, the problem solution involves billions of Euros invested in Northern Africa.


A more appropriate comment would have been “US is unaffected by the Mediterranean migrant flows.” Over the last decade or so a constant question has nagged me. Are our leaders that astoundingly stupid or is it all in the name of war-profiteering? Keep in mind that there has been an ongoing discussion and prodding during the last five years or so for Europe to begin to assume more of the defense roles that the US played there for so long after WWII. Calls for mandatory increases in defense spending and larger militaries overall. If we can’t talk them into it, maybe we can force them into it?

Remember wishful notions of a peace dividend after the collapse of the Soviet Union? This is just another face of Pax Americana. There was some dissention among Europeans before the Libyan attack, but it seems they all finally got on board to cut off their noses to spite their faces. There is hardly an iota of difference between the “exceptional and indispensable” US and its European colonialist roots.


The EU were major players in the U.S./NATO murder of Libya. EU bombers pulverized he country, then all the assassins left the country to suffer in whatever chaos it could find. The result was an impossible situation which no European would tolerate. Now the EU wants to shoot the people fleeing that devastation?
Sure, they can argue it was al Obama’s doing, but there’s no glory in being toadies either.


It’s always been about money. From the founding of this country to the present day, every act of violence has had a profit motive behind it.