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Amid Criticism Over First Class Flights, Pruitt Cancels Trip, Faces Calls for Accountability

Amid Criticism Over First Class Flights, Pruitt Cancels Trip, Faces Calls for Accountability

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Fallout continues from revelations that EPA head Scott Pruitt has been taking first class flights on the taxpayers' dime—because "We live in a very toxic environment politically," in his words—with the agency saying Sunday that he's canceled a trip to Israel and an environmental organization saying the pricey travel bolsters calls for his ouster.

I think I’d be OK with it should he be turned into carbon dioxide.


Why would the EPA administrator need to go to ISRAEL?!

Taxpayer funded luxury junket?

Truly, WTF!


Whatever works. Drive him out!

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Yeah, now, if he were going to Germany to learn about energiewende, or Norway or Denmark, that owuld be fine. He should still fly with the cheapest fares he can find - as I’m encouraged to do on my federal job.

But WTF business does he have going to Israel???


Germany has become big on using coal for energy so I don’t what would be gained going there. Maybe he wants to learn how to get coal-burning back on track like the Germans did. Here is link to one opinion on what is going in Germany.

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I agree that Germany, is still mining and burning a lot of coal - especially lignite (brown) coal, the worst kind. The main reason for was their commitment to the shutting down of their nuclear generating plants - which is stupid - but the popular will of nuclear-phobic German poeple which has to be respected.

But everything is relative, and Germany is still way, way ahead of the USA in low or no carbon infrastructure - solar, wind, public transportation, intercity rail, EV’s and cars that get fuel economy that would be in the realm of science fiction in the US. I just too a look at just one German city, Dortmund, on Google Earth and while not every roof has PV panels, far more have them than you owuld see in the US - particularly the roofs of some large manufacturing plants.

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Pick up his check.

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It appears to me that since 2010 the US has had a greater percentage of reduction in emissions than Germany. Germany seems to have reduced emissions very little since 2010. But neither country seems on track to meet their targets. Of course, since the US is a much greater polluter what it does matters far more than what Germany does. I think the US, China, and India are three most important countries when it comes to fighting climate change. Global emissions from energy were pretty flat form 2014-2016 but it has been projected that they rose 2% in 2017. The final figure has not yet been released.

On his way to Israel to report to his commander in chief?


AIPAC couldn’t have cut him a check directly? I guess that would be too obvious.

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Could you be more trite? My bias derives from the Walt and Mearsheimer Report, the Tel Aviv, Israel based newspaper Ha’aretz article “White Man’s Burden” 2003, and various other publications in the Jewish community intended for a Jewish audience, i.e. The Tablet, The Forward etc. It is, in fact from one of those publications where I learned some Jewish people have described Donald Trump as a "philo-Semitic Adolf Hitler."
Genetically I am Jewish, I grew up in Studio City California which I assure you is heavily Jewish, my first two girlfriends were Jewish , and I was guest of honor at my best friend’s Bar Mitzvah, with whom I have had a falling out since the Rachel Corrie murder and consequent PR assassination of Rachel Corrie by a corporate media almost entirely controlled by Zionists.
NOTHING I have said is specifically anti-Semitic, but simple fact.
Now, exactly how am I a “bigot”? Please educate me.
Oh, I almost forgot, I also occasionally read the Jewish World Review, and my heroes include Normon Finkelstein Ph.D Princeton and Noam Chomsky professor emeritus MIT and the greatest living American intellectual.
Now, again, please educate me on how exactly I am a bigot…?