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Amid #DeleteFacebook Fervor, Experts Say Time to Tackle Big Data Profiteers


Amid #DeleteFacebook Fervor, Experts Say Time to Tackle Big Data Profiteers

Jake Johnson, staff writer

While the pro-Trump data firm Cambridge Analytica has received a flood of media attention in recent days following reports that it harvested the personal information of over 50 million Facebook users, advocacy groups and experts are warning against allowing focus on this scandal alone obscure the fact that major tech companies have been allowed to build an entire industry by exploiting the personal data of everyone who uses their platforms.


Prediction: The legislation intended to regulate Silicon Valley data pimps is written by Silicon Valley data pimps.

Prediction: Elizabeth Warren portrays the toothless legislation as an important first step.


How about mass exodus from Facebook? Boycott them permanently and pick up the phone and call your real friends.


This is much bigger than Russia.


The only real solution to “the problem” raised here, is for humans, individually and as a species, to recognize the grave threat – a threat to pretty literally everything from your free mind to the living ecology of the Earth – of allowing / constructing an economy based on human greed, extraction of “resources,” and maximization of “profit” as narrowly measured by profiteers.

Why must / should a high tech “social network” be built on the basis of enabling extraction of trillions of dollars “worth” of wealth? Can humans imagine a different economic / technological organizing principle than greed, extraction, and profiteering?

Why have we allowed our consciousness / society to be assaulted and structured by “investors” and corporations who study science and data in order to be better able to manipulate our behaviors and purchases?

Economic and social priorities have resulted in a system in which the most powerful, cutting-edge computers and “artificial intelligence” are focused like a laser on the great human problem of… manipulating our deep psychology to influence our spending money in the marketplace!

i think one of the powerful reasons why we do NOT pay close attention to this subject, and take steps to organize our thinking, our communication and our behavior / action in order to address it, is because no one ever wants to admit that “My consciousness and behaviors are actually affected by intentional manipulators who bombard my brain with their carefully designed sensory inputs to get more of my money out of my pocket.”

We need to go way beyond regulating Facebook. We need to fundamentally restructure the basis of economic (and media, including social media) activity.

As long as “the economy” is built this way, with investor-owned, limited-liability corporations as the basic building block, some corporation will always be extracting our most precious human and Earthly goods and calling it theirs.

We need to impose wealth reform, and democratize wealth. In doing so, we need to address the ugly legacies of colonization, enslavement, genocide, and grand theft continental.

And we need to END the investor-owned, limited-liability profit-seeking corporation (which itself was literally invented to carry out colonization, via the British East India Company and other similar original corporations).

The person cited in the article who is calling for major social media to be nationalized, is talking about an important step in such a radical transformation of the economy.


The use of these techniques and technologies by Cambridge Analytics to manipulate our voting behavior (and you know damned well that this example is just one, and other major players are working hard and applying all their rapidly advancing technical tools and resources to manipulate our votes) is a glaring example that supports the idea that what we need is a fundamental restructuring of the political economy.

And efforts to manipulate our votes, are largely driven by the same forces of self-interested wealth that drive the larger paradigm of manipulation, who seek the “legitimacy” of “democratic” process to justify their looting.



How Pro-Hillary Bots Used Twitter For Political Attacks

Mike Papantonio and Farron Cousins talk about how twitter bots were used by establishment democrats to attack opponents which may turn out to be illegal.


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It was about three years ago today, people taught the band to play…

Drop out o’ money mak’n schemes suck’n on evolution!

Emaii’s better than face it, Email’s better than face it!

Chili pepper’s spritely heart’s club band.


We need to go way beyond regulating Facebook. We need to fundamentally restructure the basis of economic (and media, including social media) activity.

Kill your t.v.


Humans are a social specie born of mother Earth. Shame is not for the friendly naked ape with opposing thumbs. Nay, verily, shame is reserved for those beastial bipeds who learn to manipulate innocent life absorbed with the gift of birth, growth and fun.


People power has the ability to focus and make a socially built replacement evolving at the speed of life.

I know this from experience. Even neighborhood gossip is better than face whatsit deciding your friends that day. Depending on advert subscriptions and narcorythms.


You’re talking about destroying Capitalism (I agree), that’s a war the likes of, this country has never seen. Can’t happen until we learn to stop demonizing the dreaded “S” word.


Well the Russia thing ain’t going as planned for the Dems.Time to try something new. Midterms are pretty close.:grin:


Yeah, do some of these guys even think before coming up with idiotic ideas like that? That would work well for the government, they won’t have to build them huge internet data vacuuming data centers. The data will already be on their servers.

The guy is either a moron (most likely) or a government plant.


How many remember this is one aspect Snowdon was trying to warn us about? Re-watch Oliver stones faily accurate movie. It was all about NSA/FISA/Social Media and mining for mind control. I can see it worked very well in a number of areas so far (to our detriment especially on Russia and Islam. Yet No one questions the mainstream even left on these issues. How I wish people had the inclination and time to really check things our for themselves instead of taking any one elses opinions. We got off tract I am warning.


Yes, and relies on an electoral college scheme for picking the voters too, it seems . . . micro-targeting, that is.


This is an excellent suggestion.


As with climate change tipping points, have we crossed the tipping points that place us solidly in the dystopian future that Orwell predicted?

Dystopian science fiction is becoming reality in spite of the specific alarm bells that have been sounded for decades.

People are willingly/knowingly giving over their privacy by continuing to use google and facebook. None of my progressive friends are attempting to delete their accounts.

And does anyone really understand the f—ing “cloud”? Doesn’t that sound nice: “cloud”? Kind of like heaven, yes? So sweet and benign sounding----the most intimate details of our lives are floating gently up there (??) in a puffy white cloud, pure, innocent. Not.

What about the use of google, FB etc. by CD, Counterpunch, Truthdig, the Intercept (talk about epitome of ironic). What site doesn’t use FB or Google?

All those willingly marching into lives resembling Winston Smith----what does this say about us a species?

The writing has been clearly on the wall (for decades) predicting the sixth extinction and predicting that we are moving closer to Orwell’s dystopian world becoming reality.

We KNOW this is happening and even with BASIC things like getting off of facebook, too many people look the other way. Opting for Comfortably Numb to certain horrid truths and their own refusal/inability to act.


I feel sorry for folks who joined Facebook! That it should be deleted is without question, but the damage has already been done. By facebookers to themselves. How is it that private letters with laws on the books against 3rd parties opening mail went the way of the dodo? Even more mind blowing is that they were displaced for a third party being given full access to any private thoughts or information sharing that is patently NONE OF THE 3RD PARTY’S GOD DAMNED BUSINESS! Zuckerberg was initially a lucky idiot, now he’s just a profiteering asshole like most other 1%ers… The folks who used his site didn’t think it through either!