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Amid Demand for Climate Focus, Burning Everglades Offer Fiery Backdrop to First Democratic Primary Debate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/06/25/amid-demand-climate-focus-burning-everglades-offer-fiery-backdrop-first-democratic


Does anyone else besides me, think that what is needed is an all out war on fossil fuels before millions die in the near future from their war on us!


Florida has a lota lota swampland. Scrubby bushes here and there or just miles and miles of sawgrass sitting in water. Some places are growing rice. So! Drain it! Offer buyers a road in front for you car and a canal in back for ur boat. Problem is, when that Florida swampland gets dry, you might be left with a foot deep of rich organic material–black muck. In the Florida sun, that muck can get real, real hot and burn on its own, down deep, until and unless it gets soaked again. It did this when i was a child, raining ashes over Ft. Lauderdale, all the way to the ocean.


I’m with ya on that 'un. In my outstandingly humble opinion, “no more mr nice guy” time arrived last November, as I was choking on the ashes of Paradise here in Richmond, CA. For some of us, this thing isn’t about grandchildren or children anymore. There is one particular crime at the root of all the longest-term ecocide. That’s fossil fuel extraction.

First we recognize that even godly man has never before devised a crime so damaging, that the extractivists of today are bigger criminals than anyone you can think of. Yes, I’m including Hitler and Stalin – their crime scenes don’t linger for hundreds of thousands of years. Then we go after them, the enemy.


If they would have listened to trump they would have raked the swamp. As “Smokey the Bear” would say, “only you can rake out swamp fires.”

I hitched a ride with a Northern Cali road worker about three years ago when i was visiting the US. Talking about some recent fires, she said, “Smokey the Bear starts forest fires.” There are lots of interested parties in any bit of real estate, and fires bring the prices down while causing land to go up for sale.

Stories like this one contribute to the cycle of mis-information being circulated about climate chaos.

Fires happen in The Everglades. Always have, always will. Yep, mankind makes it worse, but any single event only has an imperfect relationship to the pattern:


Nice reply my friend.

Reporting on fires is distinctly not misinformation. Fires have always happenned everywhere, of course – saying that is so vaccuous I wonder why you bother. The relevant data are acreage, duration, intensity – all of which continue to ascend alarmingly all over the world, certainly here in California, where the whole Sierra range looks doomed.

The impending doom of great forests is not misinformation, either. A veritable cascade of scientific papers is coming out to document the failure of forests to regrow after megafires. That’s a sure sign the forest is dying (along with the ocean). That has not happenned before, not in human history.


The fires of the sixties in the Everglades were a huge deal, resulting from huge drainage for the purpose of developing real estate. Developers had to back of. Other Everglades fiascos have followed. My brother flew me over in around 1980 in a small plane and it looked like large scale rice farming. Think, um, large scale pesticide runoff maybe? The Everglades can be seen as a huge, huge marshy river in parts, that empties into the Gulf. And now? Massive red tide.


Focusing on a single event plays into the hands of climate chaos deniers.

All events happens singly, ST. You implicitly suggest that the relevance of any weather-related catastrophe to changing climatic conditions should never be mentioned, which is just crap

Those interested in the propagation of truth cannot be deterred by pessimistic projections about how it might be received. All that hasn’t a whit to do with what the truth is, which is my concern. So long as I stick to the whole truth, my conscience leaves me alone about whose hands it might play into.

And yet, zero mention of the Florida fires in the debates. So much for truth-telling.

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