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Amid Disappointment Over Party's Draft Platform, 25,000+ People Urge DNC to Adopt Climate Panel's Ambitious Polices

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/23/amid-disappointment-over-partys-draft-platform-25000-people-urge-dnc-adopt-climate


and I bet that they still expect us to vote for their candidate and their party. Well I’ll also bet you have won over Kasich and other Republicans. RIP.


Its a crime to give money to corporations for anything when so many people are hungry or facing homelessness.

Don’t give them any opportunity to steal the taxpayers money. Energy use will plummet due to large scale poverty. Americans use more energy than almost any other country so we have a LOT of waste we can cut out. They cant and wont create jobs because of procurement rules that basically made all New Deal inspired programs (including Social Security and Medicare - which could be destroyed by trying to expand it to non retirees, without following the WTO procedure we agreed to first to leave it.) Thats just bait, so they can switch, like everything else is.

All social programs and all of the kinds of changes which we need to help have been or are on the verge of - or being systematically put on the fast track to elimination or eliminated. They are all FTA-illegal or on the verge of it. The country was never told this.

so we can almost bet that that jobs part of GND is almost certainly a big lie. the US is totally against “local content requirements” in procurement (hiring people from your own country) That is framed now as disrimination. Why would they increase wage by paying more than they can get workers for elsewhere. Thats the plan, make all the workers in the world compete for the same ever worstening jobs. thats the future they have planned.

People dont have any clue how fake the current situation is.


The difference between planning to fail and failing to plan is a veneer of plausible deniability after the failure becomes obvious but before the mass starvation really sets in.


10 to 16 trillion$ over a decade means they can spend a few billion over four years and the repub successor pulls the plug

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Just remember that Perez is Obama’s man.


It happens.

Good example. (You need to go to ~https://web.Archive.org to find and read this book. (url below) Read it, its a must read for anybody interested in the subject you just brought up.)


It can happen here.

The democrat-republican collusion against the people is almost complete. Each wing of the party has it’s own job to do in maintaining the illusion we still have a functioning republic with opposition parties, but at this point, that’s all it is, an illusion. Some here will argue the dems are still the peoples party, but if that were the case they wouldn’t have rigged the primaries in the last two presidential election cycles to give us the two worst possible candidates they could come up with. Part of the reason for this is to un-inspire dem voters, to get as many as possible to stay home and not vote at all. And the repugs are doing their part by suppressing the vote, refusing to fund states for elections, and sending the USPS to histories big trash heap, ensuring 4 more years of the Hitler-want-a-be. If that happens their job will be complete, and nothing short of a full on bloody revolution will turn things around.


And it already is.

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Who’d basically used loyal life-long Democrat’s wish to vote in our primaries, to cynically murder old, mostly “minority” folks, forcing victims to shuffle along in ice-rain, amidst infected fellow voters in a pneumonic pandemic, cutting all polling places such that small cities had thousands of sick, scared, elderly and very vulnerable Democratic voters all infecting poll watchers and each other… simply because Medicare For All, Green New Deal, Living Minimum Wage, Black Lives Matter, Debt Relief programs meant Sander’s voters HAD to be summarily & heartlessly silenced before Super Tusday’s travesty. Tio Thomas needs to be in prison.






Lost amidst the “news” that the US has become a fascist police state is the truly important news of recent days. As usual, the media is missing the real headline - Earth to Humanity: #Time’sUp


Hello. My name is Tom Perez and actually I am a Republican hiding in the Democratic Party. Even though I am not a true white American, I have brown nosed enough 1 % to be included in the groups to be saved when the earth turns into a desert. This is the best way for population control and to rid the earth of unwanted viruses. Look at the money we can save by not having death panels.


“In God We Trust” rules both political parties, they’re both Wall Street addicts it’s that simple. And, there’s no such thing as being partially corrupt.

Here today, here tomorrow.

Its worse than that. They basically traded away the rights to do all those things decades ago. So his candidacy was arguably fake.

And having been stripped of any ability to actually leave GATS, his proposals turn from fatally flawed to actually dangerous. For example, if Medicare is expanded to larger than the officially retured, WTO rules it be privatized which will be a disaster for the entire countr, especially minorities and women. Of course they will blame it on the WTO and not themselves, who helped write the WTO rules.

Nobody here understands what I am saying, it seems. Bernie Sanders wil go down in history as a Benedict Arnold figure for intermeddling with - and stealing, the nations inheritance for the wealthy with his dangerous half truths. Yes, his prosals make lots of sense, if it was 1993 or earlier and we still had not joined the WTO.

But once the WTO came into force, they broke all sorts of rules, something the nation had to be told, point blank. “We signed away all that policy space”. Like that.
And here is what we need to do to get it back so we can have a tierless single payer system. We must pursue Article 21 of the GATS, which means buying our right to regulate back, somehow. OR delaring the GATS illegitimate and locking up the people, like former President Clinton, that had a hand in putting it there. Foreign countries that claimed to have a debt owed to them by the US then can sue him for it…

If Bernie had any plan it ws a bad one without any telling the nation about the Catch 22.

If he had integrity and actually wanted to win he would have been truthful about the GATS and run as a third party candidate. There are a host of arguments, all of which are extremely compelling for the entire government situation that exists today being illegitimate. Its being done to allow the wealthy to cash in because to the rich the value of currency is puffed up by the people not having any power.

Thats why Trump wants a bloody highly visible crackdown. To puff up investments.

Look at what happened to China after they put down the democracy movement, they had a 20 year lontg sustained flood of FDI. But that was also because their wages were a fraction of ours. Do the wealthy also want shock treatment to break the back of labor and push wages down below the amount needed to sustain life? If one goes by what FTAs seem to want, it would seem yes. I hope I am wrong.

Just don’t spend it on anything that helps actual PEOPLE. Because thats FTA-illegal.