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Amid DNC Reckoning, Ellison Emerges as Progressive Antidote to Trump


Amid DNC Reckoning, Ellison Emerges as Progressive Antidote to Trump

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Amid the growing post-election call for a "reckoning" within the Democratic Party, Rep. Keith Ellison on Minnesota has swiftly emerged as the favored progressive choice to lead that transition.


Here's a chance to see whether the Democrats have learned anything whatsoever.


And again, more equivocating from Elizabeth Warren. A true politico if I ever saw one. Waiting to see which way the wind blows before committing. F her.


It's very clear that the democratic leadership handed the nomination to HRC and by so doing gave the American people this electoral outcome. The uncertainties are monumental for the whole planet. We may have averted WW III but at the price of Dakota Access and similar carbon intensive excesses our planet cannot afford.
I am currently in Iran and the local people and the tourists here are all shocked.
Let us hope the new president finds some remaining shreds of humanity - fast.


Good grief! The DP has to wait till March to get decent leadership installed? What a joke. The are bleeding NOW. That's 4 more months of tepid, ineffective leadership. Make the change NOW!


Listen to Zach!!!


QUOTE: Former presidential candidate Martin O'Malley said he is also "taking a hard look" at the position, while former party chair Howard Dean on Thursday announced his bid for the post.UNQUOTE

Forget Howard Dean. He is corrupt and a turncoat.
When Democracy for America, an organization, which he himself founded, surveyed their members as to whom this organization should support, for the Dem. nomination, he tried to sabotage that effort by coauthoring an email with Clinton supporting her and sent it out to the whole DFA membership list. That disqualifies him thoroughly for any post in the new leadership. He is spoiled goods, no matter, what he has done prior to this treason to the cause.

Two have beens and a traitor:


Sindebad! ask your Iranian friends, what that means


damn dems suck - corrupt from top to bottom. we need a new, clean third party to come from the grassroots movement already in progress. be a part of the big tent we already are folks. to hell with the dems. in Calif. we have the likes of Dame Feinstein and her pal Pelosi. horrible folks. no way do I want to be part of that folk.


The Democrat Party is just another Party acting in the interests of plutocrats and the war/espionage industries. The leadership is infused with power elite committed to maintaining the Washington Consensus status quo economics, unsustainable environmental practices, and war. This leadership will not leave regardless of political loses or whomever heads the DNC. Even if Ellison is appointed chair, nothing will change.

Perhaps if the DNC selects an outright socialist opposed to militarism, such as Kshama Sawant, for their new chair, it will signify that some of the leadership are beginning to get the sense that the Democrat Party needs progressive change.


First the Democrats would need to convince Sawant to become a Democrat.


Unfortunately it is a sad fact, that under our present system any attempt at setting up a third party is doomed. Accordingly the only viable option is to reform the Dem party from the inside.
We are faced with a horrid 4 years ahead , but maybe the Trump win will finally give us the impetus to jump start reforms within the party.

PS: my up vote is primarily for your last paragraph.


Whoever leads the party (the only viable political vehicle), they/we must cut-out the Clinton-Obama DINO corporate/banker neoliberal cancer or there will never be any real change - just more RepubliCon-lite charade.
In other nations the leaders of a party after such a debacle would resign from power, but the Clinton-Obama quislings don't have the integrity or honor!

Progressives must remake the party into the promise (at least) of FDR and Eleanor, Jack and Bobby, Paul Wellstone and those who work for the 99% first and last!

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein


The Democratic Party fulfilled the DLC playbook requirements for election 2016 100% by sustaining its billion dollar corporate cash flow by nominating Clinton.

As important as winning elections may be to us, it is a relatively low priority for the Party. To date the Party has needed corporate money magnets like the Clintons and Obamas far more than those money magnets need the Party.

Few billion dollar organizations voluntarily jettison most of their revenue which is what will happen when they elevate players who don't have Jamie Dimon's, Lloyd Blankfein's and other Wall Street operatives' seal of approval.


Might we imagine for a moment, if Ellison gets it, how the racist, bigoted newly elected orange penis-head would respond?


As I read this article I was thinking about how to send a letter to the DNC idiots that thought rigging and election was a good idea. But I'm with you,
ZACH is the man of the hour.
If the Dems think they can go on like they have been, the party is dead. They are barely any different than republicans and they must throw out the Clinton neoliberalism or be irrelevant, the people have moved on.


I had the same feeling when reading her statement. She refused to take a firm position in favor of Senator Sanders in the primary and now this statement in which she waffles once again.


Tulsi Gabbard would be great and she was a co-chair before DWS uninvited her to the DNC. She's progressive and would be great.


True and that is exactly what they need to do to ever be a party for the people.
Jettison, they must.


Dean, Granholm, or any of the establishment Democrats would mean the refusal of young people to become engaged in the party. Ellison, Tulsi Gabbard, Nina Turner, or another progressive definitely is needed if the party hopes to survive.