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Amid DNC Scandal, Wasserman Schultz Losing Grip on House Race


Amid DNC Scandal, Wasserman Schultz Losing Grip on House Race

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The hits keep coming for Rep.


Keep piling on. Let's make the defeat of DWS the first sign that Hillary is anything but inevitable as the next POTUS. We can defeat her, kick the Clinton faction out of the party after November and take the party over for The People in the coming years! #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!


It's very good news, but I'm still cynical. I think there are a lot of people in Debbie's district who are a lot like her: wealthy, arrogant, screw-the-poor types. The type you would expect to say "so who cares?" in response to any of her scandals or pro-corporate policy stances.


Regardless of what happened with DNC, the people need a progressive not a New Dem representing this district.

This will be a tough race though because Clinton will put in the cash and effort to keep the one who helped orchestrate her nomination in the House.


The legacy of D W-S was a convention strictly controlled, especially after the first day/night. The DNC and Obama/Clinton camp would not allow any elected delegates - Sanders supporters - to express themselves or our issues! Especially disturbing was the ban on NO TPP signs/actions - party hacks like brown-shirts!

The sickening reality-distorting pro-Hillary convention speeches trying to sell "unity" ignored the 99% by and large to tout "accomplishments" mostly empowering big-money and power. Jill Stein gets little or no real press exposure - "painfully apparent that the texts communicating Jill Stein’s name were biased towards the two-party system and its potential candidates in their overall message"

The unanimity of fascism often displayed such mass performances and are in stark contrast to some Democratic conventions and candidates from times now tragically past. The Dem DLC/DNC charade must be taken down along with big-money corruption of representation to bring power to the people.


This is how you undermine the status quo corporate DNC: support who they do not support.
You can also drop the party and register elsewhere. For this election re-registering Green or Independent would be a start.


"in the immediate aftermath of Wasserman Schultz's resignation as party chair following the damning WikiLeaks revelations that the Democratic party actively worked to undermine Sanders' bid for the nomination."

Do the people really understand the contents of those emails, or was that drowned out by the deliberate media noise about Russia? How much got through the McCarthyist attack on Russia and Trump intended to distract the people away from the damning facts in the emails?

I've contributed money to Canova, by the way ...


Finally, some good news about Debbie Wasserman Schultz. It's not the best news, but it's a good start. The noise they tried to drown out at the DNC convention just won't go away. It's the sound of progressives changing the status quo, one by one.


Karma is a b__ch!


But, but, but.....she didn't do anything wrong so Hillary promotes her. When accountability is denied lawlessness thrives


if Clinton becomes president, God forbid, Schultz will have a new and powerful job continuing to do her special evil!


Pump water through her and drive a turbine--she's radioactive!


Most of the voting machines and tabulators in Florida are 10 years old or older.

That means most of this equipment has flunked security tests. In other words, elections in Florida easily become selections.

As long as polls are "close", election results are easily managed in states with old equipment.

This happened during the primaries. Ohio Attorney Cliff Arnebeck publicly states that Karl Rove helped Clinton to "win".

Nothing is as it seems in Florida. As long as Floridians and the Federal Government do nothing to stop election fraud there and elsewhere, it could be that DWS has her choice between keeping her current job or moving into a new job with those she helped.


If Trump wins the Presidency we can thank the DNC for making it happen. Democrats would rather lose to Trump than win with Sanders (who could beat Trump) because Trump, like Clinton, is tight with Wall Street. We get it. Stop the insanity and vote Jill Stein, Green Party.


I'd almost forgotten what good news was like.


Karma is a beeyotch.


DWS should retire from politics before she gets charged with election rigging.
s32.postimg. org/6ms3blcc5/DWS_election_rigging_prosecution_poll.jpg


Hillary didn't do anything wrong either, and she got a presidential nomination; as the Beatles once sung, I get high with a little help from my friends.


McCauley sez: "For Canova, the numbers show that he has a "real chance to win" in the August 30th Democratic primary."

That's all nice, but you won't be rid of Schultz that easily.

When LIEberman got punked by Ned Lamont in his 2006 primary, he simply ran as an independent. The Democratic Party™ threw its full support and resources behind Joe in a run against their own purported candidate, and dragged him back to the hill.

Or, Debbie could go the John Ashcroft route ... his fellow Missourians in 2000 decided a dead man would make a better representative than ol' John. After his ignominious loss, Ashcroft was rewarded by Cheneybush with the attorney general's job.

The key line in this article is: "Wasserman Schultz, a longtime friend and ally of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton ..."

She'll be taken care of.


However, after the pollsters provided more information about the outsider candidate—who has been endorsed by Sen. Bernie Sanders—to likely voters, Wasserman Schultz's lead plummeted to just three points, 43 percent to 40 percent. ..

The survey of 400 random voters in Florida's 23rd district was conducted late last week ..

A survey with sample size 400 has a margin of error of 5%.
Debbie's lead is gone.
Time to pile on!