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Amid Election Chaos, Communities Show Where the Real Power Is


Amid Election Chaos, Communities Show Where the Real Power Is

Sarah van Gelder

A year ago, it looked like we were in for a tedious election with yet another Bush pitted against another Clinton. Not so, as it turned out.


My gratitude for the Sanders campaign, its ethics and tone at this particular juncture, is particularly strong regarding the call to restore real governance in long term commitment to engagement and alliances across manufactured and exacerbated divisions.

These communities - all over the country - are exemplary of people who see the collapse underway of a false and predatory narrative that does NOT reflect reality, but constantly works to INFLECT a perversion of it.

Human beings in respectful community have the treasure of collective wisdom - something sorely missing from the derivative of derivative of derivatives ponzi model of domination fast becoming self-cannibalizing. You might not be able to stop the practitioners of that perversion, but in poetic justice, it calls for a fabled 'Lot's Wife' advisory. All the folks engaged in violent protest - crumbling pillars of salt as they waste their valuable energy. Simply turn away from it and work for the good of others as you would for yourself. Watch the benefits accrue exponentially!


No, this reflects the middle class perspective. They are keenly concerned about preserving middle class advantages -- in spite of implementing a socioeconomic agenda designed to make that impossible. Think about what happened. The middle class looked at the policies and programs implemented from FDR to Reagan, which took the US to its height of wealth and productivity, and CHOSE to do the exact opposite. It's simply not possible to save (much less, to rebuild) the middle class without legitimately addressing US poverty, and they don't wanna.


Agree with you100%, Old Goat! Feelin' the Bern! PEACE!


Not true of all of us. Do you volunteer to help people in need?


The most powerful force on the planet: we/it wants to live. There is no life in the death spiral of ugly, destructive violence. Nuclear war could destroy the climate and things that live, slower climate change will destroy most of us, too...the will to live is being broached.


Another article written by a member of the surprised bourgeoisie. "I found an America that has lost faith in the status quo." That "faith" never existed for many people. More of it crumbled away in the 1980s, and with the Clinton admin. of the 1990s, it was wiped out for an entire chunk of the country. Liberals raised up the banner of middle class elitism, and have remained oblivious to our poverty crisis. IF they mention poverty at all, it is strictly in terms of "people of color" (note: the majority of US poor are white).

The poor in the US are the ones who see Lady America without her mask on. They see the mocking expression on the face of the Statue of Liberty. It always seems odd when a middle classer finally figures out something that the poor had figured out years ago.