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Amid Escalating Repression, Dakota Access Pipeline Owners Risk Legal Liability


Amid Escalating Repression, Dakota Access Pipeline Owners Risk Legal Liability

Center for International Environmental Law

Five prominent legal and advocacy organizations warned the joint owners Dakota Access Pipeline of their legal responsibility amidst the escalating violence in Standing Rock, North Dakota. The letter highlights the corporate duty of project proponents Energy Transfer and Phillips 66 under international law and the laws of the United States to respect human rights and to avoid complicity in further human rights abuses.


Let us not forget the responsibility that our own government carries in this. Our non-representatives; inclusive of our President, have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear on what is happening. They may listen and they may see, but they do not act upon it. They refuse to curtail the corporate advance that does little to benefit and more to harm this nation and its citizens. They are 'all' equally responsible and should be imprisoned, not slapped on the wrist or fined.

But Hey ! We'll just toss some more Trump crap at them and the Russian bull sh!t to cause a bit more diversion. The voters are pretty stupid after all and this fear and hate approach seems to be working just fine, they'll fall in line.

Does anyone truly believe that Clinton is less evil than Trump? Will either one of them attempt to 'stop' the onslaught of the multi-national corporate takeover of our liberty, lives, future or Sovereignty? Better not just say no. If you're going to say it, shout out 'HELL NO !'

And when do we stop the corporate welfare? When do the taxpayers say, Enough !!!! http://www.priceofoil.org/2016/09/20/24020

Stein/Baraka 2016 Save the Planet, save ourselves.


I have just sent an email to several friends and family members giving them the link they can use to donate to the Standing Rock demonstrators:
"Here's a link I saw yesterday for donations to the Standing Rock demonstration. The North Dakota police and militia are waging war on these Native Americans and scores of supporters of all "races" (white, brown, black) with attack dogs, sound cannons, tasers, spraying from helicopters of possibly poisonous chemical dust, and arresting men, women, teenagers, journalists and photographers. You can be sure they won't be out of jail in time to vote!
It’s cold, and they need food, warm clothes and blankets - they're there for the long haul. So please give at least a few dollars:


I don't know anything about this gofundme, but it seems to have met its goal. I do know that this link,


has a direct donation button to the DAPL Water Protectors' PayPal account. Direct is always my preference.


This letter is for me a shining example of how the USA works, how we become truly great, and kind, and united. Address the perpetrators of evil in their own language, and remind them that the world is watching.


Thank you, Barbara, I¹ll pass this on.


Please read the OP, and the letter sent by the environmental lawyers. They are threatening the owners where they live, their pocketbooks and profits.