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Amid Escalating Tensions, 40 Million Russians Practice for Nuclear Catastrophe


Amid Escalating Tensions, 40 Million Russians Practice for Nuclear Catastrophe

Jon Queally, staff writer

Amid collapsed diplomatic efforts over Syria and increasing tensions with the United States, the Russian government is beginning emergency response exercises on Tuesday that will include the participation of thousands of government officials and many millions of citizens who will respond to a mock nuclear attack or other large-scale catastrophe.


One bad thing about this headline, it seems to me, is it looks like the fear of nuclear war, with Russia, has replaced the fear of global warming and taken global warming off the table.


Yes---I agree.

Will this make headlines in the U.S.?



Thanks for the link.


Wow! If looks could kill.

Diplomatic relations cut off? Is the U.S. government insane? Are they playing a game of "chicken?"

Too much is at stake here. The U.S. government has been playing bully too long. My paranoia is increasing--I can see China, Saudi Arabia, and yes, even Israel, turning on the U.S. to teach the belligerent adolescent a lesson.

Also, we may not have to worry about the election to choose the evil and lesser evil again. If there is a state of war, Obama will remain in the White House!

Does anyone else feel the pull of centripetal force as we spiral down the drain?


I'm waiting for the day that the rest of the world gets so sick of the US that they slap the kind of sanctions we put on countries like Iran. It seems like society is spiraling down the toilet bowl faster and faster these days.


More fear mongering about a nuclear war. There is no reason to believe we have moved any closer to a nuclear war. There is merely a disagreement over some things going on in Syria. The US wants negotiations and apparently has concluded that the Syrian government and Russians do not want negotiations to the end this conflict. There are so many groups fighting in Syria that the whole situation appears to be confusing. What is behind this fear mongering campaign is hard to say. Are we supposed to believe that Obama and perhaps in the future Hillary Clinton would start a nuclear with Russia? Perhaps that is the aim of all this fear mongering. I am not sure.


"Kirby said it was "not a decision that was taken lightly" as he blamed Russia for failing to "live up to its own commitments" on the joint effort."
Now isn't that an excellent example of the pot calling the kettle black!

Lavrov called the current situation "regrettable and deplorable,"
Ooh-ooh does that make our executive and state departments a "basket of deplorables?"


Yes, sad, but it seems so.


США начали эту новую холодную войну, и обдумывал "Ядерный упреждающий первый удар" по России в течение нескольких месяцев. Русские просто надоели постоянные провокации, это все. Получить НАТО, чтобы остановить его ПРОТИВОЗАКОННОГО РАСШИРЕНИЕ Eastwards, остановить глупую политику санкций, и вы увидите, как быстро она будет все успокоится.Россия только защищаясь. Это никому не угрожает и хочет, чтобы его оставили в покое только.
Один интересный факт, который я хотел бы добавить, что межконтинентальные баллистические ракеты путешествуют очень быстро. Я говорю о 15 000 миль / ч (25 000 км / ч). Другими словами, из Москвы в Вашингтон (4800 миль, 7800km) примерно через 20 мин. Так что да, мир облитерации.


The USA started this new cold war, and have been pondering a "nuclear preemptive first strike" on Russia for months. The Russians are just getting fed up with the constant provocations, that's all. Get Nato to STOP ITS UNLAWFUL EXPANSION EASTWARDS, stop the stupid sanctions policy and you'll see how fast it will all calm down. Russia is only defending herself. It threatens no one and only wants to be left in peace. One interesting fact I'd like to add is that intercontinental ballistic missiles travel REALLY fast. I'm talking about 15,000 miles/h (25,000 km/h). In other words, from Moscow to Washington (4800 miles, 7800km) in roughly 20 min. So yeah, world obliteration.


What's the carbon footprint of nuclear warfare? The nuclear winter has been mentioned as a way to mitigate the rising temperatures. I'd prefer a different solution. I'm pretty sure the patriarcal death cult is incapable of turning around with assistance.


"Worries of 'New Cold War' intensify as United States cuts diplomatic ties with Moscow over war in Syria"

I must admit I read this differently than the way the writer intended. The wording is ambiguous, so I thought diplomatic ties were cut, as in recalling the ambassador, over the Syrian issue and not that diplomacy with regard to Syria had been ended/cut. The first interpretation is pretty scary.


Well it would cull the global population by tens, possibly hundreds of millions of people, which would lower the overall carbon footprint quite a bit I would imagine.


Only with certain delusional folks.


Good point -- I have long wondered if Bush-dark's game of chicken with Russia was designed to keep him in power; or is he merely escalating it bit by bit so that the horrid harridan can start its reign of terror by stomping on the 'red' button (have you noticed that she/it seems to be wholly incapable of doing anything but stomp? :scream:)
Like I said in my earlier comment -- it appears we are being governed by a basket of deplorables!


No more mileage in the TPP. Time for a little nuclear war hysteria among a Left that has lost any coherence.


Oh my Goddess, you certainly live on Fantasy Island!


Intended to be scary. The only reason for the article.


So do I. Irresponsible in the extreme if you ask me. The lunacy that is surrounding this election, the poison and venom being heaped on Clinton and the passing off of a Trump presidency as maybe not such a big deal, is heightened by this type of loose language and depiction of what the author gives as "facts." Read a few of the comments hysterically claiming Clinton is poised to start WWIII is aggravated by these types of rumor generating bull shit. That so much of the text is taken up by Lavrov's accusations pegs this as having a bias decidedly against US policy, when I question whether the author can even converse with any authority on what exactly the diificulties of that policy encounters.