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Amid Establishment Onslaught, New Sanders Ads Declares: 'There Are More of Us. We Are Stronger. We Will Wait No Longer'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/25/amid-establishment-onslaught-new-sanders-ads-declares-there-are-more-us-we-are


I shall never apologize for being born white, but I shall never have to apologize for being born blind or cruel, for I do not wear those labels well. I bear empathy. I grew up amongst sufficient food and a wall full of two sets of encyclopedias–damn did I have it good. I won’t sleep truly well until EVERY child gets the same.
BERNIE 2020!


Everyone pay attention to Nick Brana, who worked on Sanders 2016 campaign. He details the many sleazy ways the Democratic Party stole the nomination then, and will try to do it again.

Lee Camp interviewed Nick Brana a few days ago (starts at 6:18 and ends at 24:02), with updates on the superdelegate situation and plans for a gathering next to the convention site:

Eleanor Goldfield interviewed Nick Brana last June. This longer video describes more details with some helpful slides. We must see how they do it and be prepared:


For, imho, an even better ad (or what should be an ad) please google:
the times they are a-changin: Bernie Sanders - youtube


Run the Jewels is rap music at its finest.
Killer Mike is a spokesman extraordinaire.
Let’s hope Bernie is ready to throw down with the lid off tonight.


It’s an excellent video. Thank you.

Also very good (but unfortunately no longer usable because of its producer’s history) is the video in


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Killer Mike (Render) is a powerful and inspiring speaker. I don’t think I’ve seen anybody deliver Bernie’s message any better than he does. I hope we see a lot more of him throughout the campaign.

I don’t see how Bernie is stoppable, unless it is outright chicanery on the part of the DNC, which is almost guaranteed. If/when they intervene to keep him from winning the nomination, that will only serve to shine an even brighter light on how corrupt our political system has become and how badly we need a revolution to throw out the damn plutocrats and oligarchs who worship at the altar of corporate profits and American imperialism.


The Democratic establishment has the opportunity to get behind a candidate that only comes around once in a lifetime, and if they did, and served the masses before their corporate masters, they would have the opportunity to rule unchallenged for decades.

They denied Bernie the first time around and survived it.

They will not survive that again.

I and many will work till we expire to achieve that goal if it comes to pass.

We are many, and they are few.


Happy Anniversary Minecritter.


I suppose if you’re going to quote someone, James Baldwin is about as good as it gets.
They managed to stop the revolution in 68. Let’s not let the bastards win this time.


Bernie and Killer Mike talk together - strong stuff that should be seen by all.

GO Bernie!



Happy Anniversary minecritter!

And yes to everything that Mike Render said and yes to all that you say too! : )



Big Rally Coming Up for Sanders here in Northern Vermont March 3


That’s how much Mike Bloomberg has spent on ads so far. And now news reports are he’s going to use his billions to run attack ads against Bernie. They called it a “media onslaught.”


It may not seem like the kind of money that can fight back against Bloomberg’s bottomless bank account.

But a few seconds ago, someone else reading this email chipped in $10, and by the time you’re done, someone else will chip in $10 more. That’s our only chance.

Including today, we are 5 days from the most important FEC fundraising deadline of the campaign, but are short of where we need to be at this point before it ends.

So Bernie needs your help — before tonight’s debate — or we could risk all of our work slipping away as fast as Mike Bloomberg can sign a check:

Can you make a contribution to our campaign before Bernie takes the debate stage tonight to help us fight back against the millions (billions?) Mike Bloomberg is prepared to spend on attack ads against Bernie?


At the risk of posting a poem everyone knows, I’ll post this by Langston Hughes:

Dream Deferred

What happens to a dream deferred?
Does it dry up
Like a raisin in the sun?
Or fester like a sore–
And then run?
Does it stink like rotten meat?
Or crust and sugar over–
like a syrupy sweet?
Maybe it just sags
like a heavy load.
Or does it explode?


The best Sanders ad I’ve seen so far.


In the debate tonight I think Bloomberg said he owns Nancy Pelosi ???

This study Bernie talks about is important----People in this country know healthcare is a rip off----all these monopolies are squeezing people------I know many people who can not afford internet access—maybe because they are paying so much for healthcare that we can’t afford to use.


Funny how the media are jumping on Sanders when he’s obviously the crowd favorite. Pick your candidate, whether Trump or whoever, and live and die by your decision. That’s the way democracy works.

Anybody who picks 45 is exacerbating our demise. Our deaths. No exaggeration. 45 is upending Obama’s Clean Water Act by allowing pesticides, mining metals like arsenic and lead and many other cancer-causing chemicals to again, be released into lakes and streams that we fish from and drink from. You know about that, right?

I understand about democracy, choice and all, but 45 is demolishing our government. Our democracy. More of his mafia administration has spoken of just letting you die if you are sick, or old and just can’t afford private insurance. In other words, demolish our social safety net programs. The right wingnuts don’t care. And 45’s brother from another mother, Bloombag, has himself, declared he will severely cut Social Security and Medicare if he should become president. Nancy isn’t going to stop a fellow dem from demolishing our futures, especially if he’s president.

Bloombag is still a Rethuglicon at heart. (Really, though, he doesn’t have one.) It’s bad enough we have to fight Biden to keep our social safety net, or Petey–because he’s other billionaires’ choice. And probably Amy, too. But now, besides the right wingnuts demolishing our retirement, our hard-earned money that Social Security is, now we have to fight like hell against corporate-ruled Dems, like Bloombag.

You need to warn others around you if you want to live. You have kids? Kiss their future goodbye. You must stop being so detached about our loss of democracy. Global climate crisis. If 45 or Bloombag wins, we will become a 3rd world country. Fact. No hyperbole.

Wake up.

Bernie now.


If not now, when ?
If not you, who ?


Yes, brilliant and moving! The times they are changing indeed and we are going to see it through!