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Amid 'Existential Threat' and With Women's Freedom at Stake, CNN Slammed for Pushing Climate and Reproductive Rights to Back Burner

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/31/amid-existential-threat-and-womens-freedom-stake-cnn-slammed-pushing-climate-and

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CNN: “Fuck your future”


There are more CNN’s and Fox Noise types than there are BBC types.
You pretty much have to go on-line to get a mention of climate or women’s issues.


CNN and MSNBC among the others (including sold-out “public” media) exist to serve the status quo, not to expose issues that run counter to wishes and interests of their corporate entity, or those big-money interests they serve, but to suppress them! The “debates” are the creature of the duopoly and gifted to the corporate media whores!

The “debates” mechanisms were stolen by the two political party machines from the Non-partisan League of Women Voters to control the process in a soft coup.

"The duopoly secretly agreed which candidates could participate in the debates, which individuals would be panelists (and therefore able to ask questions), The League rejected the demands and released a statement saying that it was withdrawing support for the debates because "the demands of the two campaign organizations (Dukakis & Bush 41) would perpetrate a fraud on the American voter.“The Commission of Presidential Debates was founded behind closed doors in 1987”

I echo the sentiment of MCH - fuck all corporate media!


Was there ever a better illustration of the term “gatekeepers?” We hear constantly about the “two-party system,” but it appears NOWHERE in the Constitution or in the Bill of Rights. We’ve been bamboozled, and all too few seem aware of the D/R collusion necessary to maintain it.


The Green Party has an actual Green New Deal. Our leading candidate, Howie Hawkins, is the only presidential candidate to sign the 350.org pledge.


Or, as sellout, corpo-Demo Nancy Pelosi called it the “Green Whatever”. She is hopeless.


If the front of your house is on fire, the question isn’t how much time you have left. The question is, can you (or your fire depoartment) put the fire out before it spreads further, and how much are you going to have to pay for the damage. Get on the job right now, is the answer.

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“…and suggestions that eliminating gas-powered cars is unfeasible.”

My goal here is to eliminate freeways. I have a zip line transit system. I want 90% less energy use per passenger-mile, and almost all of that is (renewable) electricity powered.

But no, I don’t get much of a podium. The rest of you shall just have to suffer and maybe starve.

At least the internet works. http://klinkmansolar.com/teleport.htm

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CNN led with the arithmetically challenged claim that health care is the #1 issue for Democratic voters. I’ve seen the polling and climate change is #1. But polling didn’t stop CNN from pushing climate way down the totem pole.


And why the surprise ?

Cable News Network ( CNN ) is an American news-based pay television channel owned by AT&T’s WarnerMedia.[1 (Wikipedia)

The Fed has just cut the interest rate a quarter point. Effectively, imo, the powers that be, the super rich, are betting on deflation. Who better to lend to than governments, meaning the people are ultimately responsible for paying back these onerous debts, since the people have to eat, and are used to working for the rich. It is Greece on steroids.

In a deflationary world, the wealthy’s money will be protected, at least as these glorified pawnbrokers see things.

The three branches of government are now one - it is called fascism.


Since “social media” is being used for the broadcasting of information, why can’t the DNC be forced to lose some power by having debates scheduled in smaller venues. Greg Palast, Tom Hartmann and many others use small studios to make their videos. How about Pacifica New/Democracy Now hosting debates so Climate Emergency, Women’s Rights, Voting Rights, Immigration Rights be discussed in detail.

Why be dependent on corporate media when there are so many different venues which can be broadcast over social media.

Every two weeks I listen to a call in discussion using phone or computer topic Health Over Profit National Coalition/Single Payer (Dr. Margaret Flowers) People call in and explain what they are doing in their areas to educate and foster new ideas.

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It is time to tell the DNC to go to hell!


I’m Canadian, but I thought Jill Stein was a person I would have voted for were I an American.


My belief now is that we have lost control of the environmental situation, which includes climate change of course, because we have lost control of the political situation, to the extent that we now have in the US and elsewhere, actual fascism or spin-moderated versions which only appear to be democracies.

It may be closer to the truth that the problem is structural, right from the get-go, i.e., from the inception of the US with its revolution, which may have been only in effect a passing of the torch of empire, from England to a new more land rich United States.

What to do if this is close to the truth?

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From what little I can gather up here North of the Medicine Line (Calgary), ‘we’ - have told both parties to go to hell, repeatedly. The problem seems to be that they couldn’t care less, as all real power is, and was, in their hands from a long time ago, from Day 1.

Massive hierarchy and inequality (same thing really), are THE hallmark of all civilized societies. So the hierarchy propensity must have always been there, even in our tribal days, latent, and disguised as egalitarian due to circumstance only, that is, living from day to day and season to season on the land in small self-sufficient groups of less than 100.

Past that, even in the steppes of Mongolia in the days of Genghis Khan and pastoralism - massive hierarchy.

Now what?

Joseph Tainter seems most right - a return to lesser complexity, at least initially.

My perspective. We are beyond carrying capacity, and given the choice between lower complexity, which will probably manifest as deflation worldwide and the partial collapse of modernism, there remains one other choice.

Learn to exploit the energy and minerals of space. This would also be something that humanity can get behind, not for purely logical reasons, but because, as JFK said: “it is hard”.

The main reason CNN limits the response to 30 seconds is so corporate-bashing doesn’t get too carried away. I remember back in the day when Tom Brokaw and Walter Cronkite and other real journalists asked pertinent questions and allowed the candidates as much as three to five minutes to respond. They didn’t rudely cut off a candidate in mid-sentence like these jokers did to Elizabeth and Bernie numerous times. And how do you explain a plan as ambitious as the Green New Deal in 30 seconds? CNN sucks.

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I cut out watching TV some fifteen years ago, before even giving up our car.

TV is TOXIC - if the content is not already bad enough, the advertising seeps into your soul and destroys all before it, until only a consumer remains.

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That’s a start!

THe right wing of the “Democrat” party is the Reagan Republican party. May they rot.


Although I do understand your comments on the control of hierarchy with resulting inequality, looking through history we can see different levels of control. Small changes do occur over time. In 2017 I visited Denmark for three months and see a slow erosion of their “equality” since I was last there decades ago.

How many countries have excellent health care for much lower cost than the oosa? This country is rather primitive in many ways, held back from progress by mass media and stupid legislation and we do not even support “the Royals”

What I am saying is that if we do not exercise our rights they are and will be further invalidated. Today is ripe for “the people” to demand changes by their actions as the Teachers and other Unions have been doing this past year. All over the world people are uniting and forming coalitions to demand rights as citizens of the world. Yes the battles are not won and the fight is long and hard. But if we do not organize and get busy there will not even be a chance for Tiananmen Square or Tahrir Square or even a Kent State protest. We will be wise to always keep the National Security STATES and their impending suppressions.

If we do not take advantage of social media to organize now it will not be available in the future. Debates, meeting and more can be broadcast over the internet without being controlled by the POWERS. So the hell with the DNC ! It can be bypassed. We cannot let 1944 (Henry A. Wallace) and 2016 be repeated.

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