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Amid Extreme Weather and Record Temperatures, Global Mobilization Demands 'Fast and Fair Transition to 100% Renewable Energy for All'


Amid Extreme Weather and Record Temperatures, Global Mobilization Demands 'Fast and Fair Transition to 100% Renewable Energy for All'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Change only happens when people rise up to demand it."

That is one of the principal rallying cries of environmentalists around the world who are gearing up for a historic mobilization next weekend aimed at highlighting the devastating effects the climate crisis is already having on vulnerable communities and demanding a just transition to a world without fossil fuels.


Mobilization through meritorious R&D is life.

Mobilization through “we already know enough to stop climate change and so we’re going to buy lots of solar junk from Chinese factories” is a terrible choice. That’s the one we’re on.

Destroying the fossil fuel industry is a nonstarter, says the fossil fuel industry troll farm, so we’re going to have to pry the R&D money from their cold, dead hands. Hmmm…

We also need to stabilize the Arctic, probably through albedo restoration. No, this research and product development isn’t getting done anywhere, and while we wait half the world is turning into a desert and the refugees want to move to a wetter climate such as the U.S. Northeast.

And remember, “Real climate leadership rises from below” to quote the organizers.


This is why this effort is doomed to failure.

The article says, “At the core of the fight to tackle the climate crisis is a concern for protecting communities and families”.


At the core of the fight is overpopulation and the refusal of families to recognize their irresponsible decisions to have more children during a time of habitat collapse.



Wrong! At least in part. Population is a factor but the only continent that is projected to see precipitous rise over the next decades is Africa. In a large portion of the world population in terms of birth rates is stabilizing and in some case decreasing. much of these shifts in population trends is to to educating girls and improvements in women’s rights and power. Plus, even if people stopped having children all together it would still take time to notice the demographic reductions.

So of course the transition involves protecting communities and families. At least a just and equitable one does. That is what we should be striving for.


Obviously, government policies that aggressively deal with climate change would make the process easier. However, ultimately, people must change their behaviors, individually and collectively.

There is plenty of awareness of climate chaos. There are a wide variety of solutions out there too. The problem is the will. Building the will is where the efforts should be made. Developing the vision of what a transformed world looks like and setting good examples, both individual and collectively created, that can be multiplied are actions that we all can take.


Yes, well that’s a nice fantasy. However, this isn’t happening sometime in some unforeseeable future. This is happening now. Habitat overshoot is a thing. Climate change has kicked into high gear. Now.

Secondly, we live on a planet. The population of the planet increases at three additional people per second.

So, it will be interesting to hear what you’re going to tell your children as they starve in refugees centers.

Perhaps something like this,

“Oh, yes, we knew about habitat collapse and we could see it happening all over the world. But the birth rate was stabilizing and we were going to educate girls in Africa about all this, so we decided to have you. No we didn’t know where food was going to grow as the droughts, fires, storms and floods grew worse. But, we thought you might figure that our for us.”


Currently there is more than enough food to feed the entire world population. The problem, currently, is the economic system and how food is distributed (too many have nots). The effects of climate change are being felt and appear to be accelerating. So l’m not denying that times will be rough.

The question is how will people handle it. Will it be pure selfish survival mode (disastrous) or will people act collective and supportively and work to adapt. It;s a choice. Sounds like you are at best throwing your hands up in pessimistic resignation or at worst advocating for selfish survival mode. Why else would you think it is wrong to want to support communities and families?


BULLSHIT!!! You overpopulation deniers are helping to destroy the planet every bit as much–OR MORE–than the fossil fuel addicts!


No doubt that the pressure put on the Earth by human populations would be lessened with fewer people on it. Note that is not simply a total numbers game as different groups of people are putting disproportionate pressure on the Earth.

The question is how do we get there, given the relatively slow process of demographic trends and the host of other immediate issues to deal with. It is encouraging overall that in many areas of the world population growth has slowed considierably - families are having fewer kids… Only in the continent of Africa is population expected to grow substantially. Educating girls and increased women’s rights and power are keys supporting this trend. But because these effects take generations, it would be silly to wait around from populations to shrink and not do anything else.

Supporting communities and families includes things like educating girls and ensuing women’s rights as well as their health.


Currently there is enough food to feed 8 billion people with three additional being born every second.

Okay, you said it now prove it.


Again, what exactly are you going to tell children born today about why a parent chose to have kids in this crisis?

Where is the food coming from? Who distributes it?

Take Puerto Rico as a microcosm example. Look out at the Atlantic right now It’s the perfect climate change set up for major storms. Record temperatures in air and ocean. Along with the cold fronts moving in from the north.

So what do you tell the people of Puerto Rico? Just keep having more kids and eventually we will get around to distributing food equally? Oh and you might want to pay attention to those storms forming in the Atlantic, but in the meantime we’re working on equitable solar panel distribution.

It’s insane. Just stop having kids. That solves ninety percent of this problem and buys time for the rest.


Articles like this one are dangerous. It is too late to avoid climate chaos.

The population of wild mammals on the planet has been cut in half since 1950.

As such, I don’t care about human families and communities. They are the cancer that kills.


If you just take one example out of many, like the current collapse of the Great Coral Reef, it tells us the real scope of the problem One fourth to one third of all fish in the sea rely on coral reefs. If they go, then that’s it.

But hey, let’s keep having kids and try to protect the environment for the sake of the family.

It’s lunacy.


While carbon dioxide emissions in the US have declined, I believe about 80% of energy still comes from fossil fuels, The 80% seems also to be the case globally. This is a persistent percentage that never seems to decline. The amount of pressure people in the US can apply is limited because of the right wing propaganda machine which keeps spitting out lies about climate change and has effectively eliminated one the two major parties from even taking up the fight against climate change, Instead, the Republicans are actively promoting fossil fuel production. It is hard for the Democratic Party to fight climate change alone. The Democrats do not control the presidency or either house of Congress and do not control most state governments. Without some dramatic political shift toward the left the response of the US to climate change will not be anywhere near enough. I am planning to attend one of these climate rallies and hopefully the mainstream media will give them some coverage but the right wing propaganda machine will continue its lies. The people who follow the right wing media want their biases confirmed and that is what the will get, not the truth which is what really is needed to deal with the climate crisis.


The bias is that people can have more children, continue to live as they do, and then have a clean environment because of solar and wind power.

In fact, the world has changed. Thousands of cities around the world all look the same now. Everyone is using the same resources now. But now, everyone want to have children, keep shopping, but also have a clean environment and good paying jobs.

The habitat does not care. Resources are finite. Ecology has rules. Human bias towards breeding and consuming without responsibility, towards thinking that everything revolves around the family, and not around habitat, that’s what’s doing us in.



The NYC climate action sponsored by Peoples Climate Movement will be on **Thursday, Sept. 6 at 5:30 starting at Foley Square.

Why is NYC having our climate action 2 days before the rest of the world? The thinking is: Sept 8 (the main global day of climate action) is the date of the NYC Labor Day Parade (the NYC Central Labor Council has ceded the actual Labor Day to the West Indian Day Parade and has, for many years now, had its Labor Day Parade on the following Saturday–this year it’s Sept 8) and it is a 4-day weekend for public schools and CUNY due to Rosh Hashsanah on Sept 10 & 11. So that weekend is really not feasible for a mass action. But a warm Thursday night, right after the start of school might be a welcome time for a climate action. So please save the date.


A warm Thursday night? LOL! Well bless your heart.


The earth’s carrying capacity is something that I have research in detail. Population growth is a serious problem. But, even if the population were to be held at the present value, or lowered, the ability of the earth to sustain the human population is in danger due to the environmental devastation of extraction, production, consumption, contamination, and waste generation.

The earth will only be able to sustain human populations, without crisis, if there the population is held within limits, the lifestyle of humans (particularly those from the developed world) are brought back to sustainable levels, and renewable energy (solar, wind, geothermal, etc) replaces non-sustainable and fossil fuels.

We must also be careful to go about bringing about these changes through democratic with peace, justice, and equity and as priorities. Recall that in Puerto Rico, calls for population control, in the mid 1900’s, were used as justifications of white Americans in implementing racist mass sterilization on unsuspecting women called La Operacion (See: http://www.filmandhistory.org/documentary/women/operacion.php) . Also note that those who promote Nuclear power often fail to acknowledge the devastating impact uranium mining has on indigenous populations where approximately 70% of uranium deposits are found (http://www.wise-uranium.org/uip412.html).


If you have researched it in detail then you must have research to show.

This idea that over here you have the developed world and over here you do not is no longer true. Every place, all over the world are thousands of cities, each using the same resources. (Type in any city on YouTube and watch the videos. They all look the same.) This is 2018. The world has changed from 1998.

Again, people want to sustain the population, have a clean environment, good paying jobs, and peace, and justice. Meanwhile the ice caps are melting and the coral reefs are collapsing. But I guess we’ll worry about that later.

This is not a white supremacist notion that people must stop having children. It goes like this. You will either stop having children, or the habitat will help you along with that. Soon.

Puerto Rico is an example of this process. Look at the storms gathering in the Atlantic. That’s not good.