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Amid F-Bomb and Uproar, Dems Face Demands to Get Behind Single Payer


Amid F-Bomb and Uproar, Dems Face Demands to Get Behind Single Payer

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

California Democrats on Friday kicked off their three-day convention with a "raucous start" in Sacramento, where a wave of single-payer advocates demanded the party work towards a system that makes healthcare a human right.


D-Party establishment tells activists to STFU?

How not surprising.


Yeah, literally this time! :smile:

Usually you have to infer that.


Neoliberal Silicon Valley Owned Rep. Rohit Khanna (D-CA) is the New “Alternative” Pied Piper of the Corporate Left | American Everyman


Dem party leader: "shut the fuck up or go outside."

Yet progressives are still pinning their hopes to this party.


Interesting that the " potty mouth " language is coming the California Democratic Party Establishment. If we can get them to say how they really feel, in public, as compared to what they say about us privately, we're making real progress. Which is what progressives are about: real, open dialogue in a setting than just oozes with mutual respect and a non-invasive attitude about individual spaces.:wink: What is so funny about peace, love and understanding, really?
P.S. If Hillary had said, " 50% of them are fuxking deplorables ", she might be Prez right now.


Yes, isn't it refreshing that with the election of Donald Trump both parties have come out of the closet so we see exactly who they are and who they represent!


No, I don't think they are. They will vote third party if the Dems don't allow any progressive candidate or position to win. It's just a fight using all you've got.


People only have a finite amount of resources to resist. Screaming at the Dem greedheads and hoping they will respond takes away from vital socialist or Green organizing energy, money, and time.


Please realize that you are seeing the real, ugly, monster face of the Democratic "leadership" with the way they treated the protests for single-payer. They are not going to change. They are beholden to their own group of billionaires who do not want what is truly the best for the public. It is time to go around them and leave them to die on the vine. It is time to leave en masse for the Green Party, a Party that belongs to the people, and will NEVER take millionaire or billionaire money, or be influenced by the needs of large corporations. We are the growing, viable left-leaning alternative to the Democrats. It is time to send the Democrats the way of the Whigs and end them. Please come join us. #Demexit 2017!


So many cretins, so little tar and feathers.


This is a little dated but still timely and worth the watch:


On December 8, 1994, Bill Clinton signed away our right to vote for single payer, with the stroke of his pen.

Now the WTO has the right to tell us what to do in all areas that affect trade in services..

We can still have our own laws, as long as its what the WTO wants.. For example, we can make our health insurance portable so poor Americans (who dont have pre-existing conditions) can go to India or Turkey or for the really poor, least developed countries, for health care. (Because financial services regulations were frozen by a standstill clause on February 26, 1998 and they have to be rolled back to their state on that date. Thats why the ACA is being repealed by the GOP. )

That will let the market work, with the poor getting poor-care and the rich getting more. Low costs overseas eliminates the need for any subsidies. Plus, it prevents prices from collapsing.

end /sarcasm


Just plain BS.


Why then are Turner and DeMoro going to the California Democratic Convention? Why not hold their own?


All parties are captured in America


Watched the video. Coincidentally, I lived in Jon Conyers' district for ten years.


Whoa, fella, let's ponder judiciously the two sides of this thorny question. Maybe Burton isn't the anti-democratic, flaming a-hole he sounds like. Maybe - I say let's give the man his day in court - just maybe he was screaming at protesters to "Shut the f. up and go outside" in an affectionate, 'big tent party' kind of way...


Read this to see why they refuse to talk about it. They already sold us out but didn't tell the country so we've been misled for a long time..


I think Healthcare is Shaping Up as a Defining Issue for Progressives

"progressives fall for this over and over again, never holding [Democratic Party] bastards to account once they get elected."

Dunno, jamb1 - I'm cautiously hopeful that single payer is shaping up as the defining issue for the large minority of progressive voters that typically end up voting Democrat - the post-Sanders progressives that, because of Sanders, are now not willing to simply pull the lever for the 'lesser of two evils,' but demand that Democrats conform to popular will or lose.

Before the election, John Atcheson wrote, "Sanders' army is not his to command." Regardless of Sanders or Ellison's 'progressives working with the Democrats' role now, this could be the issue that proves Atcheson right: that is, if progressives dig in their heels - demanding that mainstream Democrats support single payer in return for progressive support - then a) single payer could advance, and b) single payer could highlight the conflict between essentially Democratic demands and the undemocratic operation of the Democratic Party...forcing Democrats to democratize or lose.