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Amid Fears of False Victory Claim by Trump, Media Urged to Form Plan to Combat Election Night Lies

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/17/amid-fears-false-victory-claim-trump-media-urged-form-plan-combat-election-night

Trump has done a great, yet nefarious, job of planting the election fraud seeds. Trump loses, it was fraud, Trump wins… the election was legit even though Trump won it through fraud.


Major corporate media with a plan to combat lies–what could go wrong?


They can do is simply the results, provide even handed analysis on what is happening with the vote (not what pundits and so-called analysts say they think is happpening), and avoid competing to be the first media source to call the election like they usually do.

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Which media ? M$M ?..


Media Urged to Form Plan to Combat Election Night Lies

Hmm, does anyone else think this should have been proposed ’ a plan to combat lies’ ever since drumpf first announced he was running for office in 2015? Maybe, say, at least from when he first blurted out that ‘Mexico will pay for the wall’? Cause, as we know, everything has been a lie ever since.


I still do not understand why the USA does not have, as most Countries do, a bipartisan entity that oversees all elections and ensures that rules for elections are standardized across the entire Country.

What they have instead is every state able to set its own rules and this under the oversight of whichever Political party is in power in that state. They also have private Corporations counting the vote without any meaningful oversight. That Trump can so easily compromise an elections results is a result of the system that is in place.


Yes - but Trump has tapped into emotion - Warp Drive.

That’s what Hitler did - tap into emotion - into humiliation, both real and imagined = which is exactly what Trump is doing.

When Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany in late January 1933, the New York Times noted that his power was in check by a ‘Coalition Cabinet’. The Philadelphia Bulletin noted also that Hitler did not yet have absolute power over his country, but asked:

"can it be prevented?"
(excerpts from Centennial Features - “World War II - 75 Years Later”)

Well - we all know the answer to that question.

Our question is the same - can this neo-fascist and his fanatical base be stopped ?

Right now I would guess No ~

Offshoring - then the meltdown of 2007/2008 - seething anger and massive distrust.

We tend to call it anti-science - but this powerful emotion is nearer anti-common sense - anti-everything.

And to restore trust the DNC produces a senile tool with the emotional impact of an overcast day.

Not good - not good at all.


No matter the outcome of the elections in the USA , I doubt the side that loses will just accept the results.

Trump is ensuring that but this was not helped along by the DNC and many that wrote artciles here insisting for the past 4 years that Russian meddling led to Trump winning in 2016.

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Everyone who casts a vote in this election needs to know the choices are simple: they are casting a vote for fascism or constitutional democracy. If they vote for Trump and his fascist enablers, it will be the last meaningful vote they will ever cast. Fascist dictators do not allow for legitimate votes–only fraudulent charades that pose as legitimate elections. If they vote for Trump, the votes they cast in the future will be as meaningless as they are in Putin’s Russia. The winner is already preordained. This does not mean we will immediately have constitutional democracy if Biden is elected. But it does mean the door will still be open to reclaim some form of constitutional democracy in our country. A vote for fascism will slam that door in our faces and keep it locked for several generations to come.

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The Democrats’ goal for the 2020 election is to get more corporate money than the GOP.

The GOP’s goal for the 2020 election is for Trump to win, thereby making the 2020 election the US’ final election.

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You wouldn’t think so - but then I watched Gore just roll over -

Realistically I think we are in huge trouble - this has been building for a long long time.

I’m reading a new book by Thomas Homer-Dixon of the University of Waterloo in Canada. The book by the way is “Commanding Hope”.

He is engaged in complexity science, and I’ve always admired his take on things and his writing is very good.

He is trying to find a way forward, as are we all these days, but I was distressed to see certain traits emerge as Thomas provided personal insights in his first three chapters. Thomas and his wife Sarah have two children, Ben (15 at time of writing) and Kate (12), and both he and Sarah are academics, and sought to ‘protect’ their children from all the bad news as they were growing up, both he and his wife are of course fully cognizant of bad news.

Protecting your children is something most of us aspire to of course, but my wife and I took almost the exact opposite approach.

Hmm ??

Here a quote from Thomas in his book:

"But at base I’m a scientist and not one to let either fretting or grief take over my life."

Yes - very logical.

But what if worry and grief are exactly what we must let take over our lives is in fact the way to win.

We’re on impulse power SP - and the other guys are speeding by us at warp-speed.


I know the democrats’ plan - do nothing and let Donald Trump single-handedly overthrow the United States of America without firing a shot. It’s also the citizens plan, if they could really be called citizens.

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Manipulating the masses in preparation for mobilization of the Mango Militia.


Antifa will be blamed for the ballots being burnt up before they were counted.

It surprises me that the DNC does not make that argument: the choice is between fascism and constitutional democracy. An ad showing the similarities between Mussolini’s fascism and Trump’s would explain the situation for those too obtuse to see it.


Fox put copies of this request in the restrooms in case they run out of toilet paper.

Oh I think the Democrats will roll over and play dead and accept any result, as they did most notably in 2000, but as they also have done in many other elections when there have been racist and class barriers thrown up to disenfranchise their own party’s voters.

“Amid Fears of False Victory Claim by Trump, Media Urged to Form Plan to Combat Election Night Lies”

Right, why would the Democratic Party ask for help from the left-of-liberal/progressive 43% that voted for progressive policies far to its left in 2016 primaries?

Since its a right liberal party, better to send out alarms to the right liberal media for help - even if, again, in 2020, offering that 43% nothing politically makes it less likely to mobilize that 43% on the ground in the event of a contested election.

ANYthing but owe the left anything for ground support quite possibly needed to block a right-wing-militia-enabled three-branch coup.

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“But what if worry and grief are exactly what we must let take over our lives is in fact the way to win.”

IMO this would only work if a person is able to channel those emotions into drive and a no quit attitude, something many are not able to do. Many allow these type of emotions to inhibit their ability to function, much like fear does. When that happens, people become useless in a given situation. The fear of heights is a good example, when a person is griped with it, it becomes almost impossible to reason with them. As a FF, I have had to make the person more afraid of me if they don’t move down a ladder, than their fear of heights, to get them to move. You apologize to them once you get them down, but it’s not fun for the stranded person or the rescuer. Somewhat similar, is making it in any special operations unit in the military, the one trait that they all require is you can never quit, never, no matter the task, you might not be successful, but you can’t quit. I don’t know if that’s teachable or not.