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Amid Fears of False Victory Claim by Trump, Media Urged to Form Plan to Combat Election Night Lies

Doubt it Recon - its born with you.

Yeah - I’ve seen that fear of heights up close - did a few rescues myself in the hills - the person initially cannot move - or think - initially.

Maybe ‘worry and grief’ are not the right words Recon. What I am trying to get at is powerful emotions on our side, channeled, as you say, and for the long haul, also as you say.

Maybe that’s why I got this book by Homer-Dixon, “Commanding Hope”. He is a social scientist, though intimate with his understanding of physical science, from what I can see. I am on chapter four - and I am earmarking so many pages I know this is a good one.

He actually worked with the World3 computer model used by the MIT group to produce “Limits to Growth” (1972) - and that in the punch card days. He says although all the curves are essentially on track to this day, the real distinction is not between renewable vs non-renewable resources like in “Limits…”, but between simple and complex resources, among them social perceptions. He calls it the geography of the mind - and that our ‘worldviews’ can change from optimism to pessimism, and that this is as great a threat as climate change itself.

I agree with that by the way, and have long been interested in this complexity science, as he terms it.

Yes - never quit - period.

I am going to write Homer-Dixon, soon I expect, and thank him for this window on the world of social science.

Churchill called it “fire in the belly”.

That’s what we need - and I believe you are right - we don’t have it yet.

The far right fanatics have that ‘fire’ because they have already allowed their worldview to snap negative.

I am unsure if we can ‘manufacture’ a positive worldview that also has ‘fire in the belly’, or if we have to experience Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” ?


I’ve been waiting for people of consequence to address trump’s lies for four years. Why would anybody bother with it now?

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I mostly agree with your analysis. Except, we have to say Good Bye to the illusion that democracy ever existed in this ‘land of the brave and free’. This country was founded by colonialists with an oligarchic mind set. Colonialism is a brother to fascism. And simply put the ideology of fascism is the ideology of hatred and fear. It might be difficult to stop the world wide trend by many countries who have transformed to more authoritorian regimes, under US ‘leadership’. I’m afraid we passed the point of no return on our path to salvage something. A little something that will confirm to us that it’s not too late. But it is too late. We have slipped into worst scenarios dystopia that we were warned about. It wasn’t just a story …

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