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Amid Fears of Federal Attack on Roe, Kansas Supreme Court Guarantees Right to Abortion in the Conservative State

Amid Fears of Federal Attack on Roe, Kansas Supreme Court Guarantees Right to Abortion in the Conservative State

Julia Conley, staff writer

In what advocates called an "historic" victory for women's reproductive rights, the Kansas Supreme Court on Friday ruled that women in the state have a constitutional right to abortion care regardless of federal laws.

Wow-- who knew Kansas would be the wise state. Thank you Kansas,. So I had to look up the state motto of Kansas… and wow again-----this is a wonderful match, because Kansas has had a lot of difficulties throughout its history—so drum roll please!

“Ad Astra per Aspera.” ( To the stars ( with difficulties.) That’s a perfect fit! : )

Throughout its history Kansas was traded back and forth among nations France, Spain and then America ( and Brown V Board of Education was filed here to) plus, along with Dorothy, the lion, the tin man and the scarecrow, it’s no wonder that the wizard lived here too.: )
Oh this is great too, a lot of trails were in Kansas, the Western Cattle Trail, the Smoky Hill trail, the Frontier Military Trail, the Santa Fe Trail, and the Chisholm trail too.
LOL, so in a way all roads lead to Kansas—who knew-------but to declare womens and mens bodies to have equal rights is a wonderful win for all the People!


Maybe they’re getting tired of the Kris Kobach Libertarian destruction of their economy and screw-job they’ve been getting

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Hi Phred__Pharkel: another history connection too, the state of Kansas was also once called “Bloody Kansas,” so that would cover Kris Kobach and his evil , awful, and heartless connections : )


Excellent post…almost lyrical! Good news at last!


Awesome. Let’s hope it sticks. We have watched as DJT attempts to dismantle anything good about America and leave the greed and torture alone to fester.
Great day for women.

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Many people think that all those red states are filled with hard-right conservatives when in fact close to half or more of the populace leans left. Except maybe Texas.


Barton –


Actually, America is a liberal nation – and Noam Chomsky has made this
clear for us in giving evidence that this is WHY the right wing has to control all media.

Also we are a nation against these illegal wars of aggression – we were against Iraq
by 84% and in fact we would overturn the MIC – and internationally the numbers are even
higher. And you can go to Rahm Emmanuel on that because he said “F” the liberals (the
base of the DP) … because we would “stop the wars and probably end the MIC.”

The nation supports Social Security, Medicare – Medicare4All now – and reproductive
freedom for women on every level – including being over 50% now for simple CHOICE
for any reason. The nation supports Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood.
Additionally, we all seem to want to be like Sweden as polls reveal it.

But Noam Chomsky made this clear long ago as he related that Elites had their own
statistics and the result is they know they have to keep the propaganda and control of
media going because this is a liberal nation.


This would be a great way for the rest of our states to go now!!


“A wonderful win for all the people”. Agreed. Maybe they can extend it to ALL sentient beings.


Again – Wow! YIP! and Horray! for Kansas –

And why wouldn’t that right to body autonomy also cover torture and
mandated vaccinations?

Along with their right to choose, women should have the right to openly carry a gun after mandatory gun safety training. Concealed carry does nothing to prevent rape and shootings.

And Alaska!

With the packing of the Supreme court,thanks to Susan Collins, we are guaranteed a reversal of Roe. Five alter boys and 4 reasoning judges the fix is in. Thank you Susan thank you Donald. How did 37% of the voting public gain control of the nation and guarantee the total obliteration of logic and Democracy? The flaw is the electoral college, an oxymoron to democracy…