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Amid Fierce Opposition, Obama and Big Biz Still Resolute in Pushing TPP


Amid Fierce Opposition, Obama and Big Biz Still Resolute in Pushing TPP

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

While critics have begun to sound the death knell for the contentious Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP), U.S. President Barack Obama doubled down his support for the corporate-backed trade agreement.


O-blah-ma speaks again! Blah, blah blah, and on and on about how corporate hegemony is a good thing, and that a return to serfdom, with no say in governing corporate activity, somehow promotes the common good. The higher O-blah-ma's rhetoric soars, the bigger the shaft, and the deeper we need to bend over to more easily allow it to enter our hind parts.


Prez Obama "declaring himself a "strong supporter" of the (TPP) deal" shows his servitude to corporate domination over nations and peoples. He has proven himself reluctant - an utter failure to be a "strong supporter" of most all progressive issues; universal single-payer health care, strong environmental,wilderness and animal protection, nuclear reductions/disarmament, collusion with big-money/banks/wall street, empowered the surveillance state, unparalleled secrecy, failed to end the war on drugs/cannabis, the list of betrayals is very long!
The Great Progressive Fraud showed his true self and agenda immediately his first inauguration, and now stumps for his successor, another collaborator with the same forces and agenda!


Just as in the waning days of Bill Clucking Clinton's Corporate Subservient Presidency, expect Obama to pile on the goodies to his corporate sponsors.

I think the TPP will be fast tracked before he leaves office, meaningless tweaks will be added about "protecting the environment" and "labor rights" (all easily reversible in ISDS provisions that of course won't be touched), and there will be feigned "appreciation" for the "diligence" of Clinton, and especially Sanders, for "making this agreement even stronger and more just". Obama will probably add "Truly progressive changes that are much needed moving forward into the 21st Century" and all other manner of sickening tripe.

At this point, after observing this muck for the last 40 years, one doesn't need a crystal ball to see what's coming.


Does the President's "better argument" explain why the ISDS could possibly be a good thing? I'm waiting.....


A bit misleading. Before launching her campaign last year, H. Clinton was working hard on trying to get the TPP through Congress. Yes, she was for it before she was "against" it. This wasn't done in secret, was routinely noted on the news. No one was surprised, since her husband had stuck us with NAFTA.

We can also note that it was a tad misleading when Clinton recently claimed her support for "protecting Social Security" -- retirement alone, and only for now. Social Security provides retirement, disability, and survivors' benefits. Bill Clinton was the first to begin "reforming" Social Security starting with the disabled (with some unfortunate consequences). There is no question that H Clinton hopes to pick up where her husband left off, "reforming" Social Security away.


dewolfson, yes, I'm waiting, too. Tellingly, HIllary never once mentioned ISDS in her nuanced "distancing" from TPP. And the MSM have been complicit, casting TPP only in the vague context of "American jobs"; never mentioning ISDS, which is clearly the most insidious / dangerous aspect. Obama, too, casts it only in terms of "jobs" and suggests that anti-TPP movement is ill-informed/ protectionist, etc. He has NEVER addressed the extremely critical question of ISDS' undermining of democracy; never acknowledged it even in the face of a $15 Billion NAFTA claim against the US Treasury, enabled by the very same provisions.


Psych-Chick: I share the same thoughts/fears re. timing & tactics. If TPP is accepted by Congress in a lame duck session, it should spur massive demonstrations across the U.S. and in DC in particular. Obama must be held accountable and must be shown that he is risking pulling the trigger on the very revolution they have tried to stifle.


By definition, a progressive agenda would require legitimately addressing severe poverty in the US. In real life, not everyone can work (health, etc.) and there aren't jobs for all. The US shut down/shipped out a huge number of jobs since the 1980s, ended actual welfare in the 1990s. We pretend there are no consequences. Democrats kicked off 2015 alone with voting to virtually end food stamps to the elderly poor and the disabled (cut monthly food stamp allotments from $115 to $$10).

We looked at the policies and programs implemented from FDR to Reagan, which took the US to its height of wealth and productivity (yes, far from perfect, still a work in progress), and decided to do the exact opposite. The USA remains on a slow, downward spiral, and there's nothing we can (or are willing to) do about it.


That number of jobs is over 3 million.


The third paragraph in the article is basically nothing but lies. This Wednesday night FlushtheTPP.org has a phone call dealing with actions across the country and you can sign up for it at the site and on Sunday People Demanding Action have a phone call dealing with the TPP and mining in the Philippines and more. Join us


What is not being discussed, even in progressive circles, is that the TPP is much more than just another job killing corporate sponsored trade deal a la NAFTA, CAFTA, and WTO membership for China.
No, what is going on here is the economic component of the infamous Pivot to Asia. This is part of a vast geopolitical scheme for world domination, the encirclement of China. This is why the ruling class is so adamant about ramming it through. This is why Clinton is lying through her teeth about it. This is where Trump is going to beat her bloody. The Democratic establishment knows it, but would rather lose to Trump than scuttle the TPP.


Thanks for the article. Why am I not in the least surprised?


Agree completely. What blows my mind, is that so many on the "left" dismiss the danger of Donald Trump.

This jerk wouldn't hesitate for a moment to crack heads, torture people, and garner cheers from adoring fans while doing it. Trump don't need no Politically Correct Inverted Totalitarian State.

And of course I'll be attacked for making some argument to vote for Clinton (not you). No, no, no that is not the case, but people who can't see the obvious danger of Trump are blind, utterly blind.

Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. I've not witnessed anything close in my lifetime, and however it turns out, it will be ugly, there is no question.

Unassailable power has been assembled. 9/11 was part of the plan.


Obama is just laying the groundwork for his next career in the private sector. He'll be okay; screw the rest of us.


Even Republicans are starting to get it about Trump. The nuclear issue is truly making people nervous. Probably even more than the dictator threat. And those of us very concerned about climate change realize he is a clear threat there to end any hope of avoiding climate catastrophe.