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Amid Flood of Dark Money, Groups Make Simple Request of FEC: 'Do Your Job'



If the old equal time regulation was still in effect, would Bernie Sanders get more exposure in the msm? The Donald gets shown every day, in a way that's hard to avoid if you watch tv. I haven't stumbled upon Bernie that way, but I would expect that he gives just as many speeches as the Donald. The ptb seem intent on creating a self-fulfilling prophecy that Bernie is "unelectable".

I'm elated that the activist group described in this article exists. Hope they persist.


Yes, by all means lets bring back the "Fairness Doctrine"- Money should not trump Democracy and neither should Trump-


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Rotsa ruck!


I am now calling it: The 2016 Presidential Auction


Better yet, lets simply focus in on the real issue; taking money out of politics. Or at least set a maximum that can be spent by both parties, period!!! Get us back to democracy, where truth will prevail over bs and capitalist focus