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Amid Flooding, Groups Call for End to 'Unconscionable' Fossil Fuel Auctions


Amid Flooding, Groups Call for End to 'Unconscionable' Fossil Fuel Auctions

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A coalition of climate and advocacy groups on Friday called on the Obama administration to cancel an upcoming fossil fuel auction as Louisiana reels from the unprecedented floods that have ravaged the state—and which rescue groups have described as the worst U.S. disaster since Superstorm Sandy.


Nationalize the fossil fuel industry.

Let’s stop dancing around the issue of climate change and its cause.
Anybody with even half a brain knows that climate change is caused by burning fossil fuels.
That makes the climate change issue a matter of national security.
The time has come to take this industry out of private hands and turn it over to “we the people.”

Privatize the fossil fuel industry.


My heart breaks for the people, including some of my relatives, that were flooded out and those that lost their lives.
After the big blow out there were people writing articles and documentaries about the end of the Gulf Coast region.
One, can’t remember which one, said that the oil and gas companies would soon be so dominant that people will not be able to live and work in the area.
In fact they said that is the goal of the industry. They want the population around the coast to leave so that they can have as many wells as they want.They saw a time when wells and rigs will be the only thing going on in the gulf.
Some fishermen said they were just smelling the shrimp they caught to see if they were contaminated or edible. Wow. I’ve avoided fish and shrimp from the area ever since. In reality the fish and shrimp and oysters are probably not safe to eat at all. People who live, work and eat from the Gulf are most likely contaminated as well.
I feel strongly that with climate change on us we must move away from the coast lines anyway. Those that don’t heed the warnings will suffer, as we have just seen. I also felt it was a mistake to rebuild New Orleans after Katrina. To me the Gulf is no longer a place for humans, birds and animals. They may as well give it to the oil companies, it will take a very long time of no more leaks to come back to a habitable state.
Such a deep tragedy. But you can count on Obama to sell off as much as possible.


Just a heads up…you are saying both nationalize and privatize. Don’t think the latter was your intent.


If only there were some sort of way we could use what’s left of democracy to replace the odious planet killer Obama with someone with a credible record on climate issues. If only… oh, wait!


“Nationalize the fossil fuel industry.”


The outrageous profligacy of fossil fuel burning ever since Watt’s steam engine was invented, has been extremely exacerbated by the capitalist structure of “privatization,” looting wealth in the claim to “own” natural resources.

This structure gives the “looting class” strong incentive to ramp up production, develop new products, create new markets, and construct vast propaganda and political apparatus.

In their propaganda, they call it a “free market,” and pretend that socialism (and even social democracy) is evil and stupid.


What I don’t understand is there doesn’t seem to be any protests from the Insurance industry.
With the fires and floods, the costs of replacing vehicles and property and the lost of lives, you would think the Insurance industries would be screaming for something to be done about climate change.
Maybe as long as they can keep raising insurance premiums and make a profit, they don’t care?


To the President of the United States, Sir:

Respectfully, sir, get a spine. Get up your moral courage. Eyes straight ahead and state after me, “I regret to have ever signed onto anything that would in any way jeopardize my children’s safety and your friends and family’s safety. America and the world, we all deserve a healthy life that is compatible with the laws of Mother Earth. I rescind all permits relating to carbon or nuclear fuels extraction and use.” “So swear I, Barack Hussein Obama, 44th President of the United States.”

Thank you, sir from your children and ours. The 99%.


So, someone on another site, I think it was… mentioned the probability (hell, certainty)… of all those fracking waste ponds now flooded over and spilling their poison all over the state… how about we mention this on the news… and see if people REALLY want to stay there anymore… AND NO… the oil companies shouldn’t even be allowed to exist anymore… let alone take over the area… I called the White House comment line today … and suggested that the oil companies… especially EXXON… be made by law… RIGHT NOW.>… to hand over billions of dollars to the state… and directly to people… Also, most rich people espeically those working in the fossil fuels industry and share holders etc… making multiple millions and billions of dollars a year… should hand over at least half their money to them… oh, AND TO THOSE LOOSING THIER HOMES IN CALIFORNIA… TOO…


Ummm… he’s not THE ULTIMAE PLANET KILLER… that has been being done for decades… !!!


Like a modern day Nero, Obama fiddled while the world burned. But he sure looked good while he trashed the place!


We are about to replace him with someone even worse unless people wake up.


You are correct. Nationalize not privatize.
It must have been my nap time.


How do they define “state?”


No. Ban the industry, all together. As Dr. Stein said two nights ago. WE HAVE AN EMERGENCY. A WAR ON CLIMATE CHANGE. Let’s mobilize. The conversation must start now! Wake-up wall street - you can make or break life as we know it. Which is it? Deny and die. Fight carbon and nukes and live. Thanks Jill & Ajamu. And you, too Bernie Sanders, for bringing the discussion on to the national stage. THINGS MUST GET BETTER - NO OTHER CHOICE IS ACCEPTABLE!


First we nationalize and then we ban.
Unfortunately we need fossil fuels to bridge the gap until we are 100% reliant on wind, solar, and other renewables.
But unless and until we take the fossil fuel industry away from its private owners we will never make progress towards 100% renewables.


THE conversation has begun! Hallelujah! A toast with Ed Abbey’s favorite tequila, Herradura! Stop all new permitting, first. Nationalization will take an act of Congress. Fat chance of that through the next several election cycles, until we get a Green or Green-Democrat (two-party coalition) into the newly-named Green House, no kidding - the current name references a sick racist past, as Mrs. Obama alluded to in her DNC speech.


Obama, Bushes, Clintons, Trump, oil and gas vampires, etc. Laugh at protesters, and protest letters. If you get to close they sick the national guard on ya with tear gas, and all their high tech crowd control weapons; However, when you make them lose money, grain silos of money, things change.


The UK nationalised its coal industry. It still mined coal.


Obama seems determined to verify for us that there is no appreciable difference between the 2 parties. And that change in this country can only happen after a total catastrophe.

He COULD cancel the sale, but that would inconvenience the billionaire backers of the duopoly. No good Republicrat could do that.