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Amid Food Shortage and Slow Relief Efforts, Post-Irma 'Survival' Is Not 'Looting'


Amid Food Shortage and Slow Relief Efforts, Post-Irma 'Survival' Is Not 'Looting'

Julia Conley, staff writer

As much of the media's attention shifted to Hurricane Irma's impact on Florida, the affected Caribbean islands were left cut off from aid in recent days as officials assessed the storm's damage. The region's isolation gave way to desperation as residents scavenged for food and drinking water—leading to media reports of "looting." But critics questioned the characterization of the chaos that's broken out on the islands, highlighting the difference between looting and survival.


I guess these looters don’t understand they are supposed to simply die under disaster capitalism because they have no value. Meanwhile the real looters on Wall Street and in Washington DC go on their merry way.


Leave it to TPTB to ‘criminalize’ survival behavior. Tell these idiots that when they come they need to bring survival supplies, not cops.


Deep down the Orwell

Survival is “looting”

Disaster capitalism is “recovery”


The way I see it, the real “looters” are the price gougers who take advantage of the desperate, and they are treated as simply “business owners”.


I was thinking the same thing, you’ll send troops to stop the looting, but if you sent food and water there wouldn’t be much looting.


Looting is in two different categories. Need-based, and robbery. In my city of Ft. Lauderdale, as a child, looting in downtown was somewhat of a tradition during the aftermath of a hurricane, or even a hurricane warning where the hurricane bypassed the area without causing damage. There were no food stores.There weren’t enough police to watch everywhere. If a show window was broken , it would get pushed in. If it wasn’t broken, it just might get pushed in anyway. You had to board up, and better if one of the owners family slept in the store with the lights on. My family didn’t complain, didn’t hate, just prepared our store and dealt with it.


Oh… you mean the Clinton model!


Another term might be liberating of essential resources. Come to think of it, many colonized peoples have, throughout history, attempted to liberate their natural resources and the western nation state/predatory capital has claimed that reason enough to send armies in acts of genocide.

Once a ‘producer’ has stolen the original resource AND the human labour, a big fat “MINE” label is slapped on it and then marketed back to those from whom the its components were taken/stolen. Notable is the entire industry required to research how to get around the better lights of human nature, in order to manipulate people into this hideous excuse for “economics”.

Especially notable is the “secrecy” behind which travesties such post-earthquake Haiti is sucked on by the likes of the Clinton connected cabals. Of course, we’ll have to see if Drumf is able to obfuscate, manipulate, and out and out thieve at a level competitive with the likes of the former. Somehow I feel they share that class characteristic.

Has anything been done to prevent another cholera infusion by occupying troops?


You could call it that. You could also call it the Reagan model. You could also call it the Bush model.
You can even call it the Ayn Rand model. There are many culprits involved.


In these circumstances, there must be a distinction made between stealing items such as televisions and artwork, and utilizing goods that can mean the difference between life and death. Food that would otherwise rot - benefiting nobody - and the tools of survival - batteries and any type of fuel - must be excepted. If anything, law enforcement should supervise the orderly distribution of such items rather than arrest the people desperate for them.