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Amid GOP Assault on Abortion Rights, DCCC-Backed Fundraiser for Anti-Choice Democrat Blasted as 'Demeaning to Women'

Amid GOP Assault on Abortion Rights, DCCC-Backed Fundraiser for Anti-Choice Democrat Blasted as 'Demeaning to Women'

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

A prominent House Democrat plans to host a fundraiser for one of her party's most strident anti-abortion voices at a time when a woman's right to choose is under attack, as his primary opponent nets grassroots endorsements from progressive groups.

"At a time when Roe v Wade is under threat with the Alabama law, the last person the DCCC should be supporting is Lipinski who does not believe in constitutional reproductive rights. It's demeaning to women across this nation." — Rep. Ro Khanna


Here’s yet another powerful argument against the “two-party” long con. Democrats, your tent is just too effing big.


“These endorsements make clear that Marie Newman is again running a ‘tea party of the left’ campaign at the behest of national interest groups rather than focusing on taking care of the everyday concerns of people in the district as I have a track record of doing,” said Lipinski.

Wow, he sounds just like a Republican!


EMILY’s List, MoveOn, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and Democracy for America

“Fringe”? Lipinski is going down.

And props to Ro Khanna and other sitting Dem party representatives who publicly denounce these DCCC / DNC shenanigans.


Damnit - You beat me to it.

How many levels deep do you have t go to find a difference?
If a Democrat can act like a republican and still be allowed to use the “D” just what does the party stand for?
Democrat - Republican, for the most part a distinction with out a difference

Wall Street Red or Wall Street Blue


this guy calls hiimself a Dem and acts like a Republican, and it’s OK with the Dem ‘leadership’

Bernie acts like a Democrat (FDR style) but calls himself Inde and it’s not OK.
For Crap sake!


lol The Clinton wing is just trolling their own party now.
It was never the Democratic politicians that lacked spines.
It was their voters.


photo caption:

Rep. Daniel Lipinski testifying before the House Appropriations Committee on his proposal to shift Federal monies from women’s healthcare clinics to a Malibu, CA-based healthcare franchise specializing in corrective ear surgery.


Since he is a man and does not have to deal with the often very difficult decision to abort he can prattle on about this issue. To be both anti-abortion while simultaneously anti-birth control is, to my mind at any rate, irresponsible. And, of course, the fact that it involves a woman’s body leads me to suspect this is about male domination of woman rather than seeing her as a co-equal.

With the impending ecological collapse such attitudes are not helpful.


Lipinski is what happens when Democrats vote for “lesser evil”.


Proof that the DCCC needs the corporate death penalty

We can add the DNC, DSCC and 3rd way to the list. They’re all working on behalf of the Corporations and 1% and against all of the rest of us. We cannot surive this


It might be enlightening to ask the 337 declared Democratic presidential candidates about this, wouldn’t it?


Methinks 'tis also time for a primary challenge to Cheri Bustos in Illinois 17, along with Dirty Debbie in Florida 23 and any other members of the DNC, DCCC or DSCC up for election in 2020.  Since a suc­cessful third-party challenge to the current corruption of the DamnocRatic Party is nearly impossible under today’s rigged election system, re-taking of the party by We the People is the only option that remains, difficult as it will be.  But it’s not entirely hopeless, as the results of 2018 clearly show.


How about this for a strategy: The anti-abortion side frames this as the murder of innocent humans, and ignores the woman’s situation completely. Defenders of the woman’s right to control her own body need to re-frame the situation from the woman’s point of view. There are all kinds of reasons a woman may not want to continue the pregnancy, but bottom line, the woman should NOT be forced into giving her life blood to support another person against her own will. A woman must have the right to deny resources and not to be forced into sacrificing her very life blood against her own best interests and welfare. She is not murdering anyone, but simply not giving them her life blood. If medical science can learn how to keep the fetus alive, apart from the woman, then all the better. But nobody is purposely out to murder babies, so it is hypocritical to frame it as if that was their motive.


Agreed! Sounds like after the financial collapse and the ever ending wars, the US is going full boards into sharia law.

Nancy, Steny, Perez, and Chuckles will accuse the left of using a “purity test.”


I just call them collectively the “Business Party”.

IMHO, that might not be entirely a bad thing — it would pretty much rid us of lawyers and politicians, since according the the Code of Hammurabi on which Sharia Law is based, Liars get their tongues cut out.


Let’s get it straight once and for all:
THIS … is who the Democrats really ARE!!
They can weave and dance all over the map,
… but when push comes to shove,
they only suck up to corporate America who funds them,
and will fulfill their assigned job/role of
pretending to be liberalish/progressive enough to suck up
liberalish/progressive people who THINK of making changes to America,
then pushing them under the bus, and all their decent
ideals and goals with them.
Effectively, they are PAID to be The Great Deceivers!

They suck off any and all positive energy and ideas.
… and are relatively well-paid for it!