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Amid GOP Chaos, Trump's Misogyny to Be Front and Center at Second Debate


Amid GOP Chaos, Trump's Misogyny to Be Front and Center at Second Debate

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump could field questions about guns, social security, climate change, and getting big money out of politics when they face off for the second time during a town hall debate on Sunday night.


The recent leaks by wikileaks reveal a very cozy relationship between the Hillary campaign and the corporate media. https://theintercept.com/2016/10/09/exclusive-new-email-leak-reveals-clinton-campaigns-cozy-press-relationship/ I think that must be why the media is pretending to be so outraged, on the behalf of women, by Trump's vulgur comments from 2005.

But where is the outrage on behalf of the millions of women whose lives have been destroyed by Hillary's promotion of regime change and war?

When did talking about groping become more offensive than bombing people?

Luckily, there is a non-groper, non-bomber in the race: Jill Stein. Tonight, the DemocracyNow! coverage of the Presidential Debate will include Jill Stein, answering the same questions in real time as Clinton/Trump. The schedule is here: https://mainerepublicemailalert.com/2016/10/08/watch-sunday-democracy-nows-live-expanded-presidential-debate-coverage/


Well, Lrx and the other Hillary boosters might be correct about one thing: Hillary is better than Trump. But could you possibly set the bar any lower?


Glad you agree. You rarely see that view expressed in the comments here. I think from the left the bar looks low given the emphasis on the problems with corporate campaign contributions and the role of corporations in politics in general and supporting almost a pacifist foreign policy but keep in mind that Clinton had a high approval rating after serving 8 years as a senator and also serving 4 years as secretary of state so for many Americans I would think Clinton is seen has highly qualified for the office of president.


That "cozy relationship" between Hillary and WikiLeaks is going to be a very steep hill for you or anyone else to climb.
The rest of what you said is quite good.


Saying that Hillary is better then Trump is like saying that heart disease is better then cancer. They're both fatal in the end.


Trump is a wild orange boar on the loose. Maybe, after tonight's next meltdown, his sons will organize a hunting party,( Texas or Louisiana seems like a perfect setting ) and after harvesting this big pig, barbecue him. Invite Paula Dean to emcee and to make chittlings, grits and the pecan pie. The cast from Duck Dynasty could read the eulogy and speak about how sexual assault makes women feel wanted and such; ya know, just like in the Old Testament. Mmmm..... sounds like a real hoot, enlightening and yummy.:wink:


If you are going to watch this non debate consider watching it on Democracy now so you get to hear Jill Stein.



TODAY! 6pm PT The Green Party Occupies the Presidential Debate - Simulcast on

On the Internet:
Democracy Now - http://www.democracynow.org/
Free Speech TV - https://www.freespeech.org/

(must have cable on this one)
Link TV - http://www.linktv.org/


Giovanna is generally spot on with information and comment.


Again! Horse race.... While Earth Burns. Our Nation's disgrace has no clothes.10's of millions, will see see only expensively staged illusion. The rest of us, who see the disgraceful spectacle, will stand ready to beeline it to the nearest bathroom, just in case.


Okay everyone. Election's practically over with the trump tapes. Feel free to vote stein.

Oh yes. And remember to vote downballot, green or blue. And for god's sake, engage in local and national politics after the election. That's how the tea party accomplished what it did.


Also re-played on Dem. Now both on the radio KPFK at 6am pacific time and on KCET PBS LA at 7:00am. The radio show is archived for x number of days


The teabagger crowd, with some nudging and winking, managed to destroy the carefully constructed facade built by Nixon, Reagan, Helms and the Bush Boys. Criminal activity, gerrymandering and police state racism only gets you so far, I guess. What will bring down the DINOS? I'm sure a list of The Usual Suspects and their corrupt politics can be had here at CD. Just ask, please.


"non-groper, non-bomber" :slight_smile: nice!

Yep, the GOP vs OBAMA/HILARY is hilarious, and terribly confusing. People die all over the world, in Iraq-- quarter million died, 2 million displaced, and that is only one of 7 countries we bombed under Obama. But missing emails? --my God when will such devilry end? and four dead in Benghazi--conspiracy!!

Thanks for the link I voted for Ralph, and totally spoiled the Gore/Bush race (it had nothing to do with the right occupied SCOTUS in making the only decision of it's type in history about votes counted,) Rock on JS.


Rape and violence are often paired together, which is quite self-evident as war is often the cause of large-scale rapes. So who might have talked about sexual offense and who actually did instigate or caused massive violence in a number of nations? Can anything Trump might have uttered be so inhuman as the comments about the sodomizing and murder of a foreign leader with these words: “we came, we saw, he died”??? And cackled over the brutality as if it was a great joke?

Think over carefully - it’s not difficult to decide who to vote for. If not Stein, then Trump. As for the other candidate, she does not enter the picture at all.


I agree with you, but lately I've had trouble imagining a successful scenario wherein Stein, Johnson, or even Bernie could as President reduce the war machine budget or attempt to restructure or replace this fiat capitalist empire. Our error is in thinking one person can effect the necessary change to avert social and environmental collapse. We need to boycott their petrified system and create a parallel shadow people's government


Why do we need a President when we can make our own decisions?

If it's not direct it's not democracy


This so-called debate is an embarrassment. Couldn't watch it to the end. The so-called moderators didn't allow the people to control the Q&A, but took it upon themselves to introduce the tabloid themes the so-called journalists in this country have been playing on. Once again journalism fails to live up to the expectation of a genuine fourth estate. Hillary claims she wants a policy-based interaction, but almost immediately she goes ad hominem and informs Trump he's in no way fit to be president because he's an ass grabber. Trump then says he's going to appoint a special prosecutor when he's president and put Hillary in jail. Click! Turn the damn thing off. These bickering idiots are all America has to offer for political leadership?

No, there are many potential leaders out there. The public never gets to meet them because the corrupt two-party system guarantees they won't get air time.

The corrupt system will deliver just what a corrupt system delivers: more of the same. It is tragic that we have a dire need of strong visionary leadership just now and our political system cannot deliver. The future will only become more fearful and anxiety will continue to increase into full-blown psychosis, usually known as war.


Not before the elites steal everything that's not gangnailed down. But, for the most part, you're absolutely spot on.