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Amid GOP Secrecy, Public Opposition to Trumpcare Steadily Growing

Amid GOP Secrecy, Public Opposition to Trumpcare Steadily Growing

Jon Queally, staff writer

As a cadre of thirteen male Republican Senators refuse to show most of their colleagues and the American people their Trumpcare bill, a new poll on Wednesday reveals that support for the House version passed last month continues to lose support.

"This bill is like a vampire. It can't live when exposed to the light of day. That's why the Republican strategy has been to keep it a secret." —Ben Wikler, Moveon.org

Keep Obamacare or pass Trumpcare. The healthcare industry can’t lose. They designed Obamacare as well as the the new bill to replace it. What ever happens Republicans will vote for a new bill while the Democrats vote against it. but talk of universal healthcare will never reach the floor of Congress because both parties are in so deep with the Healthcare industry.
In a functioning democracy a single issue party that ran on universal healthcare alone, would crush all opponents regardless if they were Democrats, Republicans or a third party. Naturally a third party that ran on a universal healthcare platform would be demonized, marginalized and ignored by the MSM. If the issue came up at those rare public debates or fireside chats, the establishment candidates would use terms like “We can’t afford it” or “That’s Socialism!”, yet I seriously doubt that the average American would buy it. Of course die hard Trump supporters would fight it tooth and nail just because it is in their blood to immediately reject any government involvement unless it is at the end of the barrel of a gun, but most Americans are not that bitter and instead are looking for solutions that have worked everywhere else in the world, but have never been applied here.
If the Democrats ran on such a platform, their corporate funding would dry up over night forcing them to rely on the 99% for funding their campaigns. If that sounds logical to anyone outside of politics, it is only because they never had the opportunity to do nothing but pledge allegiance to a handful of corporations in return for a life free of financial worry. It’s a big draw for most people.
Of course we need politicians who can’t be swayed by money, but corporate America is always on the look out for such “populists” and are quick to mobilize against any candidate that doesn’t support the ‘status quo’. Instead we’re stuck with “celebrity” candidates that “look Presidential” or have oodles of charisma and most importantly “know how to win!” regardless of the rhetoric they must deliver to the masses.
In the meantime we have no choice but to avoid a trip to the hospital at all costs unless we have an urge to share our minimal savings with those on Wall Street for a short term hospital stay and a pocketful of oxycotin.


How does one respond to any of this? Yesterday the Republicans won yet another special election. The message in that victory seems to be straight ahead with whatever you’re doing Republican Congress. It’s hard to believe that Republicans are concerned about what is going to happen to their health care when they keep voting Republican. Can we believe polls? Are people so compartmentalized in their brains that they cannot connect the dots? Does the animus that Republicans feel towards Obama and the Democrats loom so large that they’re willing to throw grandma out of the nursing home and go bankrupt paying for health care to just get even? Are people so swallowed up in their wedge issues like abortion or defunding Planned Parenthood or denying benefits to poor people or rounding up immigrants that they’re willing to shoot themselves in the foot to achieve these goals? Finally, if the American people can’t take it upon themselves to vote their economic self interest should anyone rescue them from their ignorance? None of it makes sense anymore.


I believe this proving that our government, in its’ present form, has ceased to function. It is time for a serious reboot.


Agree - system does not seem at a state where it can self-improve.
Who ever did it - has done an excellent job in keeping people blind and ignorant and passive and placid beyond belief. That’s where it starts.

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” - Jefferson



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It makes me shudder every time I see “TrumpCARE” when there is absolutely no CARE or compassion in this Death Act. Call it what it is, a DEATH ACT. Matters not what we, the people think…the GOP brigands have essentially paralyzed our democratic government and replaced it with diabolically kleptocratic oligarchy devoid of any sense of human kindness or respect for all life (short of their advocacy for the “unborn”…ugh). Their work over the last half century bolstered by the money infusion by the billionaire/millionaire class has come to fruition and we, the people (the environment, all life on our planet) are enduring inexorable excruciating and life-threatening pain as a result.

Dear United States Government,

The Health-Care bill written by the GOP (which was my party until Trump recklessly pulled the United States out of the Paris climate agreement) is a horrible disaster.

This bill strips health-care from millions of people and puts an end to health-care for people with pre existing conditions.

I support and DEMAND single-payer Health-care for everyone.


I will not vote for any lawmaker IN ANY PARTY who will be running in any future election who voted for this monstrosity bill.

I will continue to make donations to organizations dedicated to unseating any of these politicians who obviously only care about putting corporate greed over the health and safety of the American People.

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