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Amid Growing Death Toll in Brazil, Boslonaro's Handling of the Covid-19 Pandemic Blasted as 'Pitiful'

It grows in parts of NY where I had lived also and used to treat Lyme disease.

He is Brazil’s TRUMP!
He is a Racist and Unadulterated FILTH!

Sorry people of Brazil, but maybe now you’ll realize that elections have consequences. That sitting on you collective thumbs while five families of oligarchs control a nation of 240 million people is not a viable option for a future.
Just a suggestion, next Election Day, put your goddamn bibles down and start voting in your own best interests and the best interests of your nation.
Of course you can take that with a grain of salt as I am writing from the USA, and we made the same mistake you folks did and now sit wondering why we are a malignant fascist state.

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It modulates the sirtuin system and that may actually be exactly how we can cope with rapidly mutating pathogens like coronaviruses. This is a very worthwhile article on sirtuins and viruses and the interesting fact that the sirtuin genes are evolutionarily conserved so they must be very old, its possible that the Sirtuin system may predate the development of our immune systems as they exist today, functioning as a sort of low level protection we are born with. If so we definitely should be using it to help us cope with this deadly pathogen.

“Sirtuins Are Evolutionarily Conserved Viral Restriction Factors”

ABSTRACT The seven human sirtuins are a family of ubiquitously expressed and evolutionarily conserved NAD ⴙ -dependent -mono-ADP ribosyltransferases that regulate numerous cellular and organismal functions, including metabolism, cell
cycle, and longevity. Here, we report the discovery that all seven sirtuins have broad-range antiviral properties. We demonstrate
that small interfering RNA (siRNA)-mediated knockdown of individual sirtuins and drug-mediated inhibition of sirtuin enzy-
matic activity increase the production of virus progeny in infected human cells. This impact on virus growth is observed for both DNA and RNA viruses. Importantly, sirtuin-activating drugs

(or foods, one of which is resveratrol- which is a food <<–my comment)

…inhibit the replication of diverse viruses, as we demonstrate for human cytomegalovirus, a slowly replicating DNA virus, and influenza A (H1N1) virus, an RNA virus that multiplies rapidly. Furthermore, sirtuin defense functions are evolutionarily conserved, since CobB, the sirtuin homologue in Escherichia coli, protects against bacteriophages. Altogether, our findings establish sirtuins as broad-spectrum and evolutionarily conserved components of the immune defense system, providing a framework for elucidating a new set of host cell defense mechanisms and developing sirtuin modulators with antiviral activity.

IMPORTANCE We live in a sea of viruses, some of which are human pathogens. These pathogenic viruses exhibit numerous differences: DNA or RNA genomes, enveloped or naked virions, nuclear or cytoplasmic replication, diverse disease symptoms, etc.

Most antiviral drugs target specific viral proteins. Consequently, they often work for only one virus, and their efficacy can be compromised by the rapid evolution of resistant variants. There is a need for the identification of host proteins with broadspectrum antiviral functions, which provide effective targets for therapeutic treatments that limit the evolution of viral resistance. Here, we report that sirtuins present such an opportunity for the development of broad-spectrum antiviral treatments, since our findings highlight these enzymes as ancient defense factors that protect against a variety of viral pathogens.

Received 4 November 2014 Accepted 17 November 2014 Published 16 December 2014
Citation Koyuncu E, Budayeva HG, Miteva YV, Ricci DP, Silhavy TJ, Shenk T, Cristea IM. 2014. Sirtuins are evolutionarily conserved viral restriction factors. mBio 5(6):e02249-14.
Editor Diane E. Griffin, Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health
Copyright © 2014 Koyuncu et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported
license, which permits unrestricted noncommercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.
Address correspondence to Ileana M. Cristea, icristea@princeton.edu.
This article is a direct contribution from a Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology.

The plant that grows wild in Brazil, which is used in China has several names (One is “polygonum cuspidatum” its most common English name is Japanese knotweed…

One component of the plant “emodin” interestingly may be a protease inhibotor against COVID-19 but also may have issues with toxicity if taken for a long time, Its complicated, and way over my head. OTOH we know that resveratrol is not just safe, it actually helps and may in addition to inhibiting viral replication it also has a remarkable number of COVID-19 pathologies that it is known to- when they have other etiologies, modulate- This activity against severe health issues like sepsis is well documented but remains largely unknown to the medical community working on COVID-19, although there is a large body of research on things like lung diseases which explores it, for example, RESV may be able to be an extremely useful treatment against ARDS, if it is prepared into a time released nanoencapsulation, which sounds very high techbut its actually not very difficult and could be done in any lab anywhere in the world.

less severe cases of ARDS quite likely would be prevented with RESV before they started because RESV suppresses the large scale dieoff of sells caused by LPS, the most common cause of sepsis. (It can suppress the ARDS caused by crush injuries, for example)

As far as a simple extract from the plants roots- and it seems to be okay to reduce the severity of COVID-19 and shorten the period of infection and severity of the illness. (That seems to be how its being used in China, but I dont speak Chinese so anybody who does is invited to please find out more)

The ‘emodin’ in this plant, despite having a possible use- as identified by computational bioscience, in attacking the replication of the virus via the spike protein as a protease inhibitor (resveratrol also has repeatedly been flagged as having strong activity against it by sophisticated simulation tools) does have issues- for example, emodin - if taken for a long time, has liver toxicity - If taken for a long time- longer than it likely would be used to lessen the severity of a Covid-19 infection. the people who would know are those rare individuals who have extensive training in both Western medicine and who have at least a passing knowledge of how its used in TCM, which uses a totally different mental models, and likely is offputting for many scientists because its a ancient model, which is viewed with varying degrees of scepticism by many, including Chinese who view TCM as not being whats required for Chinese in this crisis, they feel that the government is trying to put TCM forward for propaganda reasons, kind of like Trumps promotion of therapies that eventually were found to be questionable or harmful. However, a large body of sceince points to RESV being a potent inhibotor of coronavirus replication, due to its known activity against MERS and SARS…

Its also known to be not only safe, it has remarkable activity against a very very large number of both known risk factors for COVID-19 and against many of the symptoms and problems it causes, when caused by other causes. Its even likely that many of these uses may travel well, for example, the damage to the lungs that causes the pneumonia that Covide-19 is known for might be suppressed by RESV. (Its also well known as clearing the airway so has use against several pulmonary diseases)

  • So resveratrol is preferable. Extracting and purifying it from the raw plant is accomplished with blending, sonification in a solvent and extraction, followed by several steps of purification with which the various substances in the plant can be separated from one another and sevral close relatives of resveratrol converted into it.

Really an expert should be consulted. I have tried to call MSF a great many times but their number is always so garbled my voice is being garbled, this doesnt happen on practically any of my non-important calls so I suspect somebody is literally jamming my outgoing phone calls. Anyway, people who read this should take it upon themselves to call public health officials and tell them that polygonum cuspidatum and especially resveratrol MIGHT be a widely available substance to inhibit and treat Covid-19 that is being successfully used in China which might be useful in a rural, undeveloped country context- saving a great many lives, and turning a life threatening illness into a mild illness that also vaccinated people.

Right now they have no treatment and all the drugs being tried have long lists of adverse side effects. OTOH RESV is safe and may do a great deal to help people, include reduce the likelihood of cytokine storm, ARDS, neural invasion, acute lung injury, sepsis, coagulopathies (clotting diseases) and strokes and pulmonarry fibrosis, in addition to viral inhibition. Please relay my message to MSF especially because my outgoing voice calls are being jammed by somebody, I have no idea whom. MSF dot ORG has their main offices in France and they also have an office in the US. Please help. WHO should also be told about this. I suspect that some unknown deep pocketed entity is jamming my phone calls, email and even blog posts somehow at the network level.

Certainly a plant that could reduce the mortality, even just a little would be extremely useful. HuZhang does have a >2000 yr history of medical use in Asia.

Did that help? I think anything that reduces inflammation would be help. Lyme disease syndrome is really challenging. Covid-19 is too, I think we are just beginning to see the effects from this vector.

Thank you Zed.

This pandemic will give us a much better understanding and spatial awareness on how to support our environment for better outcomes. Bit tricky on the evolutionary approach in my opinion.

A good argument could be made that some of our peoples health is collapsing because of unchecked pollution and lack of essential phytonutrients which used to be much more present in foods but we’ve in various ways stripped our diet of many of them. (Many of the most beneficial chemicals are so called phytoalexins, or chemicals plants produce to protect themselves when under stress. We became enamoured of many of them in the pre-refrigeration era because they helped protect foods from spoilage, protected people from varous diseases (many are natural antibiotics) etc. Thats what the spice trade was all about.

Lyme disease is very common in some parts of the US and its very debilitating. If people cant get it treated in time it can turn their lives into a nightmare and even kill people. The HMOS love to prevent people from gettiing an appropriiate amount of treatment to clear the parasite from the body. Other tick borne illnesses are on the increase too.

As climate warms, many tropical diseases will spread like wildfire in the US because of our relatively flat interior and the long Mississippi / Missouri river system. It will be like the Amazon in that once a vector borne illness gets into the interior it will spread all around the country up these rivers and become impossible to eradicate within a few years. Some already have established themselves. They are diseases of poverty and as of right now few of them have any cures. Some are really horrible illnesses to have. We’re really in a bad spot because of how we do healthcare. For example, the dipstick tests for them cost pennies in the poor nations but slightly different more lab oriented tests for the same illnesses huge amounts here. Not a good sign.

People who live outdoors are the most likely to get them so they will heavily impact our homeless population which is expected to grow a lot in the coming years.

I think you may be right about that, the other thing is refined foods that disrupt nutrition cycles. MSM is created naturally and is part of the sulfur cycle. When we disrupt that cycle, we also disrupt our own health cycle because we are literally a part of that cycle too. We are so careless and then wonder why we are not well.

The interview with Dr. Mercola explains this:


Yeah, it is hard to find the bad guys in that racket. Hard to believe but healthcare is a business and we are consumers.

Trees create oxygen out of carbon dioxice by photosynthesis.

If there are not enough trees eventually people will have to figure out another way to get oxygen. Perhaps even pay for each breath.

Most Chinese believe that their death toll is hugely undercounted, that its MUCH worse than they are admitting to. Not like the US where the real toll may be several times higher, in the case of China the word on the street is that its perhaps even two orders of magitude (80-100x) higher.

You’ve got some kind of source to support this assertion?

“nobody knows, but a lot” is how it was (just now) put to me when I relayed your question to my Chinese-American friend who I am chatting with right now. Surf the (Outside of China) Chinese web and ask them, they will tell you they think its really huge, for lots and lots of reasons. Numbers of funeral urns bought, estimated workloads of funeral workers, portable crematoriums purchased and estimated usage rates, and so on. evidence is there was a vast undercound because the government wanted people to work work work and make them lots of money.

i don’t have a specific reason to trust official Chinese numbers, but i’ve seen no specific reason to distrust them either, that’s why i asked for a cite.

Are you familar with github?
There is a large archive of Chinese news and especially blog articles captures during the peak of the epidemic, on github and you can browse it using Google translate. There is TONS of stuff on there that never made the news, which China would not doubt wish nobody ever saw.

2019-ncov-memory or something like that.

Tencent had two web pages that had “for the public” figures and “real” figures and the real figures were astronomical. Somewhere I have a screengrab from the 2019-ncov datastore (actually, I know where they are and I have around 4 gigs of screngrabs from 2019 ncov, a hige number of images and text I dont read, but much of it is self explanatory, huge crowds of people in hsopital lines and waiting rooms, sick people stacked up in hallways, corpses that have not been collectd, utter pandemonium.

and it was already way over 100,000 just a few weeks in in January or February. Also satellite imagery of hospitals in Wuhan seem to imply that the epidemic started in the late summer if going by the traffic visible from space at major hospitals

California has been a slow but steady riser since at least May 1. A one day spike doesn’t make a trend, but the long-term growth is worrisome.

I did today’s new numbers and where they were bad, they were a disaster. Add to your list: Wisconsin is exploding. They’re up to 3982 cases in the past five days, up 172% in five days, and that’s not a 1-day wonder. Montana, Hawaii and Wyoming all had micro-breakouts of more than 90%.

Add Louisiana, up 53%, a nasty bounceback for a former hot spot. WV up 44%, Alaska 37%, Nevada up 32% in five days, Georgia up 28%, Oregon 27%, South Dakota up 20%, Tennessee accelerated 20% too.

Oregon gets a break for its recent breakout because it has only risen to 38th in the nation. West Virginia gets the same break. The South is in trouble across the board.

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In the 19th century New York City was hit by wave after wave of cholera. Even now the mud in the Hudson River contains cholera pathogens. Philadelphia didn’t have these problems because they had designed a fairly sanitary water source into their city from the get-go.

The 21st century isn’t that much different. Our governments need to do the healthy things, and then we won’t die off so much. Some governments, New Zealand in particular, have done exactly the right things. Other governments have to learn the terribly hard way, and that includes the U.S. Federal government and lots of money-worshiping state governments.

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