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Amid Growing Death Toll in Brazil, Boslonaro's Handling of the Covid-19 Pandemic Blasted as 'Pitiful'

You’re welcome. He’s still online doing his commentary about current events the Youtube series, 'What would Jello do?" I have always respected him and the cleverness of his solutions to political problems.

Jello Biafra knows how the game is played, so he offers some great ideas on how to really fight back.

IMHO, he lays out great ground work in that video for successful activism: pranks. Yes, you don’t make up an organization name, you just go and do it. It keeps you from being arrested, but that’s not all.

Organizations tend to get dumbed down and yoked into ineptness by corporate or outside money which they get tempted into accepting. I don’t think this happens because the people who run them are bad. Instead, from what I’ve seen it’s really hard for non profit activist groups to keep an inflow of money going so some sell out.

Frequently, these groups have no idea the money they accept can or will be used later to influence them. So even with good intentions on the part of some groups, many fall into that trap. It’s like how the World Wildlife Fund turned into a bunch of centrist softies instead of the environmental activists they once were.

Activist groups I’ve seen tend to peter out more for financial and logistical reasons than lack of interest in the cause. Even if it’s a temporary group organizing for a protest, people still need to be fed, signs need to be made and organizing space has to be rented and this costs money.

I heard someone say, “if you think this is a free country, try to do anything without money.”

Other problems activist organizations have faced is infiltration by the police or other groups who try to make these groups look bad or get themselves into legal trouble.

They will press a group’s members into illegal stuff so they have an excuse to arrest it’s members. Then the bad behavior of the groups member is used as fodder to malign the cause the group is working for.

Bad PR is a weapon and it has marginalized the left in a huge way. Trump is playing that card now, casting Antifa as demons. Antifa didn’t start the riots, yet still Trump is pinning them as the cause.

When I heard white supremacists were showing up to the initial rioting, my ears pricked and I suspected something was up. Any event which doesn’t seem entirely organic is suspicious. I know full well no activist sites were announcing actions about George Floyd, especially not Antifa.

Now Antifa is probably going to be harassed by Trump in scary ways. Nothing seems coincidental these days, we are being taken over by a racist, evil organized group with Trump at the helm of it. I watch the news to see where we are heading right now. From what I see, I’d say we are in deep trouble.

We didn’t wind up in the mess we are in for lack of effort from activists. Instead, we’ve been battling a clever enemy.

Pranks and taking your own creative tactics to fight back is one idea which they can’t mess with. Not having a formal group is a very good strategy. Working only with people you know helps infiltration and financial misdirection problems. Plus, spontaneous acts don’t need funding or office space, etc, etc.

Pranks done anonymously is something the people up top have little to no defense against. Pranks make a political statement, and achieve more than violence. They snap people out of their torpor, which is the first thing which has to happen for anything to change.

I think being a creative lone wolf, with a sense of humor is great. Plus, if you do it alone, you don’t do activism to get group approval or impress your friends- you do it win.

You do it make sure we get the better world we deserve. It’s not about ego but victory. Once you relinquish your ego, no person can have any hold or sway over you. We’ve lost our good politicians to corporate money and ego. We can lose ourselves over money and ego. Being a faceless force for good is what it’s all about.