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Amid Growing Economic Misery, Not One House Republican Voted for Bill to Boost Unemployment Benefits, Send Another Round of Checks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/10/02/amid-growing-economic-misery-not-one-house-republican-voted-bill-boost-unemployment

This is a campaign issue that Dems can and should keep hammering on. Not on corporate bailouts.


bitch mcconnell, the worst of the worst of D.C. infamy, what a vile excuse of a so called human, where is Karma, and a rabid racoon bite on his sorry ass when both are sorely needed?


Many of the House Republicans probably know that they will be giving up their Washington apartments in a few months and are merely demonstrating how much of a shit they don’t give about their constituents.


Nancy is negotiating with Trump not Mnuchin the Brain Dead Treasury Sec, and Trump is a heartless cruel bastard who only cares about himself.

He is not concerned about the Millions of people that are Unemployed and cannot find employment during this Pandemic. He does not give a damn that Millions of people will soon lose their home or apartment and become Homeless due to Eviction.

Paying $750 in Federal Taxes has to tell you what type of hoarding Miser he is.


Agree, but I wouldn’t just frame it as economic help for the working class. The dems should be hammering the fact that the R’s want to destroy the overall economy by not voting for this stimulus bill, explaining that the economy is 70% consumer driven. Of course that true message will be at odds with the neoliberal/neocon message for years, that the rich are the job creators under a trickle down system.


Read what I just posted to MDD about the cult like ideology of neoliberalism. Which is the ideology we embed it our so called next generation trade deals like TISA, it is also embedded in the others.

It definitely wants to destroy what we have now because they want to rebuild the global economy around without the barriers to commerce that existed before any FTAs, and make it impossible to return to the previous world odor which most of us still are of the mistaken impression we are living in still, but we’re not.

they want all jobs to be globalized jobs that are basically turning all sorts of good jobs into precarious labor.

Most skilled work will be done by migrant workers, who may have postgraduate degrees but their wages will likely be barely above minimum wage, if that. A global race to the botto0m. As far as I country they likely want to fire us, and want us to vacate the premises.

Unskilled work will just be automated.

Both parties leadership. Why? because they simply dont see any place for us because of our expectations being too high for them to meet under their rigid ideology.



What is it that Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes means?

The GOP are heartless and don’t give a flying F**K for the majority of us…I PRAY some of the House GOP members lose their seats!! to reference another Death Cult from the '70s: They all have drank the Kool Aid!! as has many of Trump’s civilian death cult members…

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The trouble seems to be that we don’t have the will to storm the bastille.
Like, how many pokes in the chest are we willing to endure before striking back?

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They will probably enter the revolving door, get high paying low show jobs with polluter or other often regulated industry think tanks, and trade up buying some foreclosed properties, maybe a townhouse and a country home + some rental property to generate income.

Incoming congresspeople and their staffs are going to need places to live.

It will be hard to strike back from a wet cardboard box.

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“Economic oppression is a political tactic, stupid!” AKA voter suppression. Rethuglicans are out to win the electoral college, not the vote. Just ask the the Texas governor. They’e not going to run on no health care, no social security, no voting rights, no worker rights, no minimum wage, no environmental protections, no women’s rights, no immigration rights, no BLM rights, no free press, no taxes on the rich, no taxes on corporations, no public education, so what’s left? VOTER SUPPRESSION!

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Need to flesh this out a bit. The time frame between now and this state of large scale unemployment wont be that long - it could be decades or just a few years, but it will (would) be greatly accelerated by further FTAs and that is likely their intent.

The phrase “Shock Treatment” really does apply. But in their eagarness to win thewar between labor and management they may be shooting themselves in the foot.

It can be shown that there is no intent to limit the numbers of jobs that fall into this trap by the wording of the GATS and similar agreements which prohibit what they call zero quotas . For example, GATS would see a single payer system as a prohibited zero quota. because it excludes all other providers, and in the case of the wealthy, they have a particular interest in the poor getting healthcare somewhere else.

this is because wages in the US have not kept up with costs, especially those of drugs - but also healthcare, and anticipating this, we traded away - by committing a number of service sectors that involve a lot of jobs. A similar situation exists for higher education, and “coputer and related services”(CRS) and a number of other sectors…

The existence of for profit sellers of a service means that except in an emergency, and this appears to be time limited, urged by the US, governments cannot undercut (in prices) those providers so its limited to only those who none of those providers can serve, because they dont want them is one reason, another is having absolutely no money. Also, they have databases now that illustrate what the "minimally trade restrictive " options are. Government “public options” in certain areas and with certain countries, such as the US and around 30 others are also supposed to gradually dismantle all their non-compliant services left over from before the WTO. (In areas they committed)

They arent allowed to do things that are generous if they have a scope thats larger than the minimum amount of proposed action, the minimum numbler of people possible and for the shortest possible amount of time. the understanding on Commitments in Financial Services is also a standstill, negative list in the broader areas of financial services, prohibiting any new regulation after ts signing date orf Feb 26, 1998. At that time however there were no foreign providers of health insurance here in the US.

See this discussion by the state of Maine on the urgency of withdrawing our healthcare system from GATS before it changes. (2006) ttp://www.maine.gov/legis/opla/ctpchlthcaresub.pdf

The entry of foreign providers selling services like health insurance, and other financial services across borders complicates things quite a bit, from what I can see. Even if they are abbreviated tinfoil plans… or whatever…

The reason is the foreign firms get a right of establishment, that blocks any expansion of existing services, especially monopolies.

they instead get an entitlement to serve their part of the market, this is why governments that did not carve out their relevant service sectors in anticipation of ths problem- other governments are under intense pressure from the US - and in many cases are being forced to gradually get out of the business of helping poor people get healthcare, housing, etc thats would naturally be out of their reach, thats how the WTO frames it, as something unnatural thats messing up the markets ability to function.

They beleive that wages would fall if people had no otherway to sell healthcare, they would eventually lower costs. Customers would go overseas for care if they lost their insurance because of loss of the ACA, not expect the government to pay to make it possible for them to be insured.

The balance of power changes rapidly, thats why the WTO meets every two years to push for more liberalization. (progressive liberalization is this one way process, which cant be reversed)

We may even be prohiboted from the kinds of things in the ACA now in a way that would be so costly to reverse even the Article XXI procedure would be out of our reach.

No dount they realized this when they committed to the GATS, shutting the door on the kinds of things that many Americans still think are avilable simply if they vote for more Democrats.

This is dishonest because we decided to shut off that option, likely because people needed it so much. this is very undemocractic and should be challenged in some international court for people that does not exist.

Despite this being a crime against humanith because of the medical aspect ofit.

most likely its because other countries have complained (informally would likely be how but as far as I know some have complained formally)

This is because the GATS prohibits what it considers to be trade barriers if they affect trade in services. So, we can look at the GATS and TISA rules that limit measures that affect trade in services, and we must relize, they It werent put there by accident.

Its fully their intent to let the foreign companies supply services to our market, even if that causes a lot of disruption, such as job loss.

Its interesting how the US seems to not be contesting that we made those promises in the WTO (it would be hard to deny that we signed it)

What is disputed, I am pretty sure, is when the rights to that level of market access is deemed as having “vested” and locked in. (Look up the phrase “single undertaking” in the context of the WTO. Thats when the deal is supposed to have vested in the US arguments, I think. There is little that I have been able to find that goes into detail.

These deals are meant to benefit the owners of comanies, both in the labor supplying countries and in the developed countries, and the oligarchs hopeis they will stimulate growth. But I think thats a pipe dream and they will actually backfire on them, quite possibly spectacularly. In the case of an economic emergency, there is a possibility that emergency safeguard mesures might apply as long as they are not used to evade a country’s obligations under the GATS.

For example, if the US was suffering from massive unemployment and it was caused by a GATS related outsourcing obligation, we might be able to get mercy in some other area but we likely could not use the energency to evade our obligatios on market access once they had begun, unless we modified or withdrew, providing benefits to injured countrie that were proprtionate to their expected lost profits! (I know this sounds just insane but thats what I beleive to be the way its done)

this is why I keep saying thatwe should pursue the Article XXI procedure now because the cost - which may elready be astronomical, will soar into the stratosphere as soon as the quotas come off. the cost could bankrupt the country, because we would have to trade other jobs or benefits than the ones promised.

Whats the most likely outcome once this gets started? For all workers, nomatter what the skill level, wages will likely fall, for workers whose jobs are impacted directly by foreign subcontracting firms, the situation would eventually top out at some level (it depends on whether foreign firms have to pay US minimum wages, more than people think it does)

Where would the wages stabilize? Somewhere between US wages and third world wages but where? Or would they be even lower because of the higher cost of living here making people more desperate? Only the Invisible Hand of the market knows.

I would expect lots of surprises, and in fact, in the futurist community there is widespread recognition that the future is totally unpredictable. The folly of trying to lock in the current status quo with something like GATS and TISA has been obvious to me from the beginning.

Even were there no GATS, the likelihood of huge and rapid job losses in the coming years as new technologies emerge or old ones see breakthroughs is very very high. So high as basically to be crtain with the caveat that nobody knows which ones will see the biggest changes first.

People would be wise to reduce their spending substantially.

Often people seem to understand basic ideas like the cncept of a technogical singularity only in a very fragmentary and vage way. This makes sense as only a fairly small subset of workers have ever had direct experience with the effects of rapid growth in knwledge changing their fields dramatically on a monthly basis. But that is the way it is. So much so that people need to work to sytay in a field, or they lose it fairly quickly and the chance of their being able to get back in fades quickly unless they stay focused on learning even if they are not working.

What this has enabled is sort of a market in jobs where large numbers of peopleare now wiling to pay employers to work, or by working almost for free. This is obviously unsistainable but its real.

the entire economy could see some drastic changes in hiring and spending because as we’re already reeling from coronavirus, large numbers of people are already having their lives fall apart. For technical workers, they need to keep working.

This is the environment the India-US dispute about quotas is part of.

Its entirely possible that should we lose this case, they may just hide it and try to blame it entirely on coronavirus, with the cooperation of other governments directly effected, none of them it seems would be eagar to volunteer the facts that their peoples jobs, and other policies like healthcare, other finacial services (GATS has already caused arguably two major financial services disaters, one is the 2008 global financial crisis and the other is the hijacking of US healthcare which has no likelihood that I see of being resolved, quite the opposite.) Had healthcare never been committed to GATS, not been used as a pawn in a global game whose intent is locking in a system thats been a major disaster in every way, been used as bargaining chip in trade negotiations, it likely would have been resolved decades ago and perhaps two or three million of us at least would not have died before their time, also millions of families would not have been bankrupted, broken up by a health crisis that should nothave been so devastating.

Add the trading away of jobs under the GATS and I think there will be little left to take for a great many families. At that point they will likely be working hard on pushing the poor to move somewhere else where their remaining savings or Social Security or Medicare benefits are enough to make them desirable. there are countries, where healthcare is much much cheaper than in the US. Also where the cost ofliving is much much lower. The main problem is workers wont be wanted unless they have fairly high level skills they cant get in other countries except with a hugh risk of the worker leaving to work elsewhere. This is the situation which I think we’ll see, workers trading places with Americans priced out of the labor market here. We could expect the pay to be very low and falling (wages everywhere for everything are likely tofall in the coming years because of GATS) but they would likely be enough to eat and maintain a home. This is what the wealthy want because it shifts the responsibility to fund the social safety net off of them and on to the poor and displaced workers themselves. Plus it does not devalue the markets of companies who often buy or sell the rights by countries. So what we should see it as a situation where the rights to us, “have already been sold”.


They already totally nullified the voters (all of us) in economic things, they just didn’t tell us. Nor it seems have we figured it out. Have you?

Since there is no right to work they can literally disenfranchise people by trading away their jobs - then being way more expensive than foreign subcontractors, they will have to move, sell, fast, or as the economy declines, people will end up losing their total investments in homes, and its possible even ikely that at the same time investments will tank. This is likely why they want to prevent people from depending on social security because the undermpinning of its finacialization, decent paying US jobs will be morphing into migrant pecarious labor in service sector after service sector, or at least thats what we were pushing hard for in the last Administration.

because it saves so much money on labor.

Many skilled professionals also urgently need to keep working, their fields move so quickly, so if they lose jobs (are priced out of the market) here in the US they will have to move to some other country to stay in the game. But that other country may require them to only work under a temporary work visa, GATS Mode Four. they wont have a right to vote, (the country may not even have one, or the system may be corrupt) In any case, lots of Americans now are basically trapped overseas by high cost of living here and are not really able to support themselves here. many are doing well overseas there though, have gotten married, had children. That is the previous and stull well used immigration system. the goal of the oligarchs is to largely replace it with non-immigrant visas and a much more tenuous permission to work that depends on one job and a corporation. Prohibiting job hopping, to get raises when an employer seems unwilling to.

the way society treats working people is changing a lot faster and in more fundamental ways than people realize. Its basically the empire strikes back, where its taking back the gains of the last century, fast.

Here in the US many young people are buried in student debt and have no job. they still expect to someday get one. Well that may be changing, because of all that debt, they probably cant work for frree or very cheap for years. And that debt may follow them for the rest of their lives. Their expectations are unrealistic, one wanna be oligarch told me several years ago, kind of joking.

But at least Bernie heard them. They got a sympathetic ear there. Unfortunately, bernie defintely them except in the vague terms what exactly what was being done. And he agreed with everything, making it one of a great many issues that was not discussed honestly when there was and remains a huge and imminent threat thats going to irreversibly change their lives, one which there has not been even a peep of media attention to.

Instead it was shunted off into related but also unrelated issues that was not discussed except in the context of his campaign.

The permanet changing of entire sectors of labor into globalized precarious migrant work was not discussed at all! Even though it involves the areas of work which one would expect young people to be fighting to keep here.

They were bamboozled, as a friend of mine puts it.

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts? Not sure of your application of this phrase in relation to the topic.

What I meast was something lke an article byTodd Tucker that I rread on the GND Find it. Its an excercise in tactful writing.

But hs should have told poeple the Green New Dear may be a disaster of housing loss and heartache because it cant create jobs for our people if thery bid too high.

The displacement is intentional, and it will push the poor and working class out of the cities.

They have been living on borrowed time for decades. So we will really screw up. . Rents have tripled in some areas.

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