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Amid Growing Outrage Over Confirmation Process, Corporate Powers Spending Millions to Help GOP Ram Through Pro-Business Kavanaugh


Amid Growing Outrage Over Confirmation Process, Corporate Powers Spending Millions to Help GOP Ram Through Pro-Business Kavanaugh

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As Republican lawmakers and President Donald Trump try to sell a "sham" FBI probe to the public in hopes of tempering impassioned protests of U.S.

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Funny, the article doesn’t mention that the ACLU has so far spent more than a million opposing Kavanaugh, or that Susan Collins’ opponents have raised $1.5M against her if she votes for Kavanaugh.

An honest article would have noted that both sides are through big bucks at influencing a couple Senators who will decide an issue.


Thank You Sen Heidi Heitkamp for coming out against Kavanaugh-----she is in a tough fight in North Dakota I hope people will be supporting her.


well, i guess the truth should get a little bit spent for it versus the vast millions being used to spread lies and manipulation. Did you even look at the totals of the corporate pac spending compared to what you are referring to. You talk about wanting honesty in this article…what about honesty about Kavanaugh and his life of lies, deceptions and shenanigans which have not been for the benefit of the american people but for the wealthy and powerful.

YOU ARE A TRAITOR TO THIS COUNTRY SIR. Your type of mentality has helped destroy what little integrity and justice was left in this country.


Wow, I’m a traitor because I believe in full disclosure… Wow… Gosh, I should probably go and round up my own firing squad…


You believe in full disclosure…what a joke. You can’t even see that we have lost the path of principles and law than were supposed to guide this country…not partisan political maneuvers for the benefit of the wealthy and powerful. Do you even care about the other people of the U.S.? We have been loosing left and right and it is due to people like Kavanaugh who have subverted the common welfare for the benefit of a few. yes, you are a traitor.


So tell me, how does complete disclosure undermine law and principle? Are you saying that secrecy is OK if it’s done for the right reasons? Principles have to apply to all sides, or it’s not principle.


When do - we the people - get to see the FBI reports and know who they interviewed. When do - we the people - or our representatives get to see all of the documents about Kavanaugh that have been withheld by the republican leadership? We the people seem to be left out of full disclosure and that is the way they would like it. With someone like Kavanaugh in office, we the people will continue to be ignored in our rights to know about our government. Can’t you see that?


We all have a right to our opinions and we are able to freely express those in a democracy where those rights are valued. Maybe I shouldn;t call you a traitor but your ideas seem to betray the concept of a free and open society for the benefit of all of our people - not just the wealthy and powerful. People have a right to say what they want but even the wrong comments can be part of the effort to subvert a democracy and goodwill for all in the nation.


My ideas are full disclosure. I don’t see how those “betray the concept of a free and open society”.

As Louis Brandeis said “Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.” The more disclosure the better.

I’d love to see the FBI report released, not that I expect it. By the same token, the article, as written, doesn’t attempt to provide information, it is designed to whip up sentiment. I’m not a fan of propaganda - I perhaps naively like to think that people respond better to having accurate and honest information, rather than being egged on by propaganda.


Elections have consequences. If Hillary were president we would not even be having this discussion about a gargoyle like Kavanaugh. The Democrats put Breyer, Ginsburg, Sotomayor, Kagan and…Merrick Garland (not) on the SCOTUS. Don’t blame me; I voted for Bernie in the primary and for Hillary in the general election.