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Amid Growing Threats Against Her Life, Ilhan Omar Issues Urgent Call to Confront 'Acts of Hate By Right-Wing Extremists'


Amid Growing Threats Against Her Life, Ilhan Omar Issues Urgent Call to Confront 'Acts of Hate By Right-Wing Extremists'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Rep. Ilhan Omar on Sunday issued a call to confront the rise of white nationalism in the United States, noting she has experienced an increase in death threats since President Donald Trump tweeted an out-of-context clip of her recent remarks on the bigotry Muslim Americans faced after 9/11.



Trump did not attack her, he criticized her. Yet CommonDreams posts an article that takes issue with The Boston Globe pulling an oped that openly calls for servers to tamper with the food of those they politically disagree with.



Trump can never be a President of the United States of America or the Commander-in-Chief.

He has already taken the job of Grand Wizard of the White Nationalists.



This lady should be protected. Every effort should be mounted to protect her safety from the TIKi torch, Qanaon evil doers and they should be jailed when fount. Whichever way they show their hate, there is a trace and a local record. It will be to late after they make good. Time to jail hate and sanction those that encourage it



Love your enemies.
Make peace not war.
Begin dialog.
Have hope.



If only the “leaders” in her party were, well, leaders and had guts, integrity, etc. Tom Perez got asked about this and then blabbered on incoherently about other things (the norm). Pelosi gave nothing more than a tepid defense, not even mentioning her by name. Pelosi also, in an interview for 60 Minutes, brushed aside AOC and said that there was only a small handful of people in her camp, dismissing her once again. Said that she they have to be “mainstream” or whatever, and that they knew this too. So, maintain a corrupt, inequitable system that has put in place policies that have led to decades of stagnating wages, massive inequality, crumbling infrastructure, a growing environmental crisis, systematic corruption, and Pelosi says that anyone taking power needs to go with the status quo. Okay, well then it makes sense that those in charge of the party don’t come to Omar’s defense. They’re worthless, and they don’t care about anything at all but themselves and their own personal enrichment.




You are being intellectually dishonest. You know as well as everyone else what sarcasm is and to pretend not to ‘recognize’ the sarcasm inherent in the OpEd is disingenuous.

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Not all Republicans are white nationalists. The 2020 campaign must do its best to separate the white nationalists from sincere Republicans. Because white nationalism will be with us even if Trump is removed from office, and we don’t need their violence affecting the social order after 2020. So Helen, you’re words are a sure path to assimilating Hillary’s “deplorables.”



I think TJMinVT is disingenuous…or brain dead.



Pelosi and many other Establishment Democrats, are not liberal, are not progressive, and I believe, are as conservative minded as most Republicans.

They say one thing, then, when it comes time to vote on bills, just enough of the Democratic seats in each house of Congress goes with the conservative, Military Industrial Complex, game plan.

It’s almost as if they are conspiring with the Republicans to push that agenda, instead of a People First agenda.

I have not trusted either corporate party for years, and have no intention of doing so anytime soon.



I have a problem with the words liberal and progressive. Pelosi was asked about AOC. In public, she seems incapable of treating her with any respect at all. Maybe AOC reminds her (subconsciously) of how bad she is at actual public service. She said that AOC only has five people in her little group. When the person interviewing her said that there were lots of people in the progressive caucus, she claimed that she too was progressive. Well, maybe she is, because that word has no meaning. Liberal and progressive don’t mean anything. Socialism has a clear definition, but since there are many different types of socialism, and since many people support increasingly socialization but not a socialist system, yet still identify as “democratic socialists”, even with a clear definition, socialism doesn’t have an entirely clear meaning.

However, the word progressive does denote progress, and I fail to see what Pelosi wants to help us progress on. She seems to represent and defend everything wrong with this rotten, dying system, and she seems far more animated when attacking the left than Trump. Trump is low hanging fruit. Everyone from the actual left to Meghan McCain aren’t fond of Trump, so that to me means nothing as far as where a person is ideologically. When it comes to actual policies, structural changes, taking on powerful interest, providing actual alternatives and solutions to our problems, it is absurd to argue that Pelosi represents progress. We have gotten progressively worse because of people like her, and she seems hell bent on cementing that indefinitely, even after she leaves office and her party a heaping wreck.



And people can change. Hate is a misconception. It can be corrected. I have seen it happen.



Even “sincere” republicans give me the creeps.



I think Pelosi is either jealous or afraid of the stir that AOC has created. Pelosi wants to deny the large number of people who back AOC and her progressive views. Pelosi probably realizes her time has passed but she does not want to admit it. It’s over - Nancy - you are not going to lead us to anything except the same old thing and we are tired and done with that. AOC represents a new way, a new deal - that so many people are looking for. It’s just that she had the courage to stand up for what is right - something Pelosi would know nothing about.

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The fix is in. The theme movie of the Democratic party might be “invasion of the body snatchers.” The subversive forces have invaded it and rendered it impotent if not irrelevant. Will something spring from all of this that can give people hope and a new path?



Pelosi sits atop a corrupt system, a corrupt party, and she has lots of money from large corporations and rich people. In this dying system, that allows for staying power. She is a bad person that doesn’t care about the poor, working people or the shape of her party, the political system, the environment or anything else. She also exists in a party where the only ones challenging her are doing so from her right. There is no one to her left seriously challenging her, no one. In fact, it was obvious that the Democrats were going to be a train wreck once she was voted in to head them in the House, and I was already concerned with the fact that her party is so corrupt and has no coherent vision, alternatives, or policy coherence. As I asked KC here many times, if the Democrats get power, what will they do with that power? This. To this point, they have done little other than beat back any challenges from the left. They offer no alternatives or vision to go on the offensive with either. So, if this isn’t to your liking, realize that unless there are radical changes within the Democratic Party, this is what you will get for the foreseeable future.

In regards to Omar, AOC, Talib and the rest, they are on their own and those running the party have no respect for them.

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Pelosi and other democrats need to realize that these upstart freshman are welcomed by progressive congressmen like Mark Pocan from Wisconsin who have had minimal support until now. She also must imagine that this is a sister-in-law to the previous Tea Party revolution. This time on the left.
The republicans seem to have done alright with their internal revolt. We need to make observations of these things.



Pelosi and her supporters seem to treat the democratic party as some kind of exclusive club where they control the members - who gets in and who doesn’t. Because she has power she is respected - not because she has integrity or honor. When people respect someone because of title or power not because of who and what they are as a person - then those people are corrupt as well. Yes, Nancy is a powerful woman - but some of these women’s groups give her respect for that only and her ability to raise money. We really do need more women in government - but the right women. We get the Betsy DeVos and Nancy Pelosis of the world. We need more leaders like Shirley Chisholm.

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Hi TJinVT: But------Trump was making negative comment before Heather Heyer was killed and others injured…Trump seems to do that a lot. If the President of any nation incite negative action-----people die. : (