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Amid Impeachment Furor, GOP 'Hijacking' of Courts Continues as McConnell Rams Through 12 More Lifetime Trump Judges

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/20/amid-impeachment-furor-gop-hijacking-courts-continues-mcconnell-rams-through-12-more

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From the article:

“… the Republican-controlled Senate, with the help of some Democrats, quietly confirmed a dozen more of President Donald Trump’s lifetime judicial nominees…” (emphasis mine)

I wish CD had published the names of those “some Democrats,” hoping that voters would pubish them at the next electoral opportuniity.


“‘Trump’s hijacking of our judiciary will be his most enduring legacy, and…will continue to threaten everything progressives care about long after he leaves office.’”

Of course it is a both an extreme right wing President and an extreme right wing Senate working closely.

The article title states it better - the initiative is the Republican Senate’s, and the vile McConnell may be its more fitting symbol.

No silver lining on this one: uprising/voting/mobilization of people of color and women is speculative - particularly w/right wing gerrymandering.

No bottom in sight.


Democrat Senators Manchin from West Virginia and Sinema from Arizona are the two serially complicit Dems.in confirming fascist judges.


The blame for this sits squarely on the infiltrated democratic party who have sat back and watched as conservative after conservative joined their party to the point that they are completely compromised.


Mitch McConnell’s conveyor belt churned out a shocking number of judges this week in what remains the most underrated story of the Trump era."
—Christopher Kang, Demand Justice

Fascism is coming to Amerika. Hitler did the same thing in Nazi, Germany.


McConnell needs to stop pretending to be a testosteronic authoritarian troglodyte male and accept his gay female persona, a softer side. A dominatrix turtle intent on whipping the people is a clear and present danger.

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Could be more like ‘Amid Impeachment Smoke and Mirrors’. The Democrats, hiding in the smoke of the last few weeks, have regularly joined their Republican Partners in passing oppressive legislation (NAFTA+) and NOT passing helpful legislation (surprise medical billing). In the meanwhile, the ACA (ObamaCare) is essentially down the drain with most recent fed court ruling. zzzzzzzz. You will not be hearing much about this from any establishment Democrat as it could lead to discussing … you got it? The more smoke the better.


And what has the DNC done to stop them? Nothing.
The Democratic Party is rotten to the core.


When honest historians look back over the last three decades of the American judiciary, they will observe with astinishment how cowardly and opportunistically the Democrats were/are in fighting this takeover, which is now complete and will get worse.


“No silver lining on this on…No bottom in sight.”

Point of post on reflections: sometimes it may be individualistically, psychologically healthier to undergo defeat than to seek ‘eternal optimist’ silver linings.

Or maybe it’s not a matter even of psychological health, but of leaving different pathways open to undergoing historical - or individual - crises.

What the hell were German progressives supposed to tell themselves as Nazis rose up unstoppably, irreversibly, overwhelming all their historical allegiances to a beloved national community and future? It would be ok in the end? There was a silver lining?

The right wing judicial appointments are a bad that will cause a lot more suffering for a long time.

In my view, we have to fully encounter that dreadful reality in order to respond fully, authentically…with the greatest personal and political agency.

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The omnipotent McConnell – but where was Schumer when all of this happened.

Might we remember that McConnell actually refused to hold a hearing when Obama
appointed Garland to the Supreme Court – for more than 250 days?

How is it that when Obama had a Dem Party majority the first thing Obama did was to
resurrect the GOP from the ashes and make Joe Libermann, head of the Executive
Committee of the DLC owned by Koch Bros. the all powerful member of the Congress
who could block anything?

The fakery of all of that – and the filibuster – still reeks.

Schumer reeks.

And the Democratic Party CLUB as they called themselves in a lawsuit by Sander’s
supporters have told us openly that they can nominate anyone they choose to.

They don’t have to nominate the choice of the Democratic voters –

Everyone now understand that?

None of this ever happens in reverse – GOP always gets its way –

Imagine Schumer working to hold up a GOP Judge for more than 250 days!


The Democratic Party is not a progressive party it is a corporatist war mongering party that feigns to care for progressive causes and the 99% but gleefully throws us all under the bus upon request from their fascist overlords the donor class, Wall Street and rogue foreign states.

We must stop being shocked by the DCNs refusal (and it is a refusal) to stand against creeping fascism. The DNC is a co-collaborator in the fascist creep and must not forget that. The DNC would rather lose to Trump again than put a true progressive in the White House. ThInk long and hard about what that means.

“They don’t give a #uck about you.” - G. Carlin


Nice thought, and it would be great if that actually happened, but the issue is too nuanced (believe it or not) for the majority of voters. For them, it boils down to whether a candidate has an R or a D after their name–and nothing about the way people are educated (mass media, internet and social media, schools) gives me the least bit of hope that they will awaken to truths they don’t know even exist, or care to know.

For years, I’ve been trying to get people to wake up to the realization that at the highest levels–the ones that really matter in terms of how the majority of the public are affected–top-tier Republicans and top-tier Democrats work hand-in-glove to ensure that the oligarchy continues its reign at the expense of the masses. Consciously and deliberately. In short, the glaring inequities created by the shortcomings of the illegitimate political system are in no way going to be remediated by that exact same illegitimate political system. The only way to deal effectively with a Catch-22 situation is to refuse to play the game.


By “refuse to play the game,” I trust you don’t mean to boycott elections. I’ve been voting Green (or Citizens Party, when it was extant), independent or write-in for many years, and encouraging everybody to do the same. Refusing to vote is taken by the duopoly to mean a vote for the status quo–for alienation and apathy–rather than a genuine protest calling for action.


The reason that the GOP always gets its way is because, at the level that it really matters, the agenda of both parties are exactly the same, because the goals of the individuals involved are exactly the same.

The “two-party” system is only a farce that, with the complicity of the state-owned (for all intents and purposes) media and educational systems, is employed to hoodwink the public into believing there are differences. Without any meaningful opposition from the public, these fuckers can continue to squeeze the life out of them while quelling any real protests before they can begin. The saddest thing about all of this is that the masses are actually complicit in their own demise, because they continue to believe in the legitimacy of the system and so keep turning control of their lives over to them. (D or R. Doesn’t matter. At all. One might seem a little kinder (on the surface), but it’s an absolute mirage.)

The controllers (both Ds and Rs) work together–literally–to ensure that you stay fucked. The solution? Stop playing the game. Entirely.


What kind of “meaningful opposition” do you recommend?

Vote Green or Red or Brown or Polka-dot if you want, but doing so has no relevance. Vote or don’t vote. It doesn’t matter. And won’t until the people are not brainwashed. The problem is, virtually every one of us has access to the greatest brainwashing tool ever invented (it’s in our hands or our pockets or on our desk or dashboard next to us at all times), and we would risk our lives should its access ever be curtailed. Fortunately for them, that won’t have to happen. Because we love our devices, that keep us amused 24/7. As the saying goes, we are amusing ourselves to death.

(I’m going to be castigated on this site, I realize. It’s mainly a political forum, so naturally, people here still believe that politics is the primary answer.)

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May every one of these judges have children who choose and alternate lifestyle, become a teen parent or have a gender identity ambivalence.

and may the citizens of Kentucky wake up and get real !

Before anything else, I would recommend becoming more conscious. An intensive and regular course of meditation–I prefer Vipassana–would not be a bad way to go. Once one has been meditating for even a little while, the right courses of action seem to bubble up from nowhere.

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