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Amid Indictments and Tax Push, Polls Show Trump's Disapproval at All-Time High


Amid Indictments and Tax Push, Polls Show Trump's Disapproval at All-Time High

Julia Conley, staff writer

Enthusiasm for the president has sharply dropped in the last month among those considered to be his biggest supporters


Probably the news item that is going to have the most materail effect on peoples lives is the repub tax cut for the rich. Yet there are hardly any serious stories about the plans or their effects. Or why there is even a need for a tax cut, which there is not.


In the new world logic it is the racist who is called so that is the victim. just like the gun industry was the victim in the Las Vargas shooting.


Exactly right. polls should include the Trump agenda is the Republican agenda. Pence and Ryan are no better. But, it is a good start.


The Gallup Poll is a survey of American adults seeking to determine the dynamics of public opinion on a variety of questions - they ask a ton of stuff every day.

The polls that survey only registered voters or the polls who survey so-called “likely voters” have Trump’s approval ratings much higher. Likely voters approving of his performance in office by 5-7% more than American adults in general.

That kind of shows why Republicans value laws that establish voting restrictions - there’s no doubt it helps them win.


The Gallup Poll results on taxes a couple of months ago
Question: “Please tell me if you think these groups are paying their fair share in federal taxes, paying too much or paying too little?”

Low income too little 14% fair share 35% too much 48%
Middle income too little 6% fair share 405% too much 51%
Upper Income too little 63% fair share 24% too much 10%
Corporations too little 67% fair share 19% too much 9%

Looks like a tax plan that followed the wishes of the people would not be too bad of an idea.


If you want a quick look at the latest polls, go to Real Clear Politics. They have a polls page that is a showcase of all of the recent polls in one location. Trump has a huge disapproval rating right now and it is getting worse week to week. There is also a rating on the federal government having the wrong direction that looks really ugly for Trump.

We need a huge voter turn out in 2018 and 2020. We had a pathetic voter turn out in 2016, which is the cause of our current mess. We cannot afford to do that again. Trump needs to get booted out of office and Republicans need to lose control of congress. We need a huge voter backlash.