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Amid Lies of Trump and Sessions, 7 Truths About Immigration


Amid Lies of Trump and Sessions, 7 Truths About Immigration

Robert Reich

Amid President Donald Trump's escalating lies, here are a few realities:

1. A record high of 75 percent of Americans now say immigration is a “good thing” for the country.


Their tongues should be cut out to prevent these two liars from lying anymore.


Immigration as a talking point = Xenophobia


Even American born citizens have been treated like the enemy, Look at what happened to the Japanese American born and the German/American born CITIZENS during WW 2. I also read too that Mexican Americans were sent away during the first crash- of America—but then they were sent draft notices while in Mexico. : 0 America has been WRONG a lot.


Today is the Birthday of Woody Guthrie (1912).

To honor his legacy, I offer the following:



Immigration could be a non-subject. No drones, Drug Wars, regime change, weapons sales, stealing oil, bankster wars, toxic waste dumping, resource depletion, Monsanto suicides, overpopulation, poverty, disease, etc., no immigration problems. But its what the Wall Street Mafia wants. For criminals, chaos is opportunity.


Bob, you should know that the appropriate label for many of those who have crossed our southern border is REFUGEE, rather than MIGRANT. Refugees supposedly have certain RIGHTS which should be honored.


*Might not even slow them down as they are used to talking through their ass already. :wink:


I keep saying that, asking for asylum is not a crime. Yet these people are being treated as criminals. Taking their children was to send a message that we will kidnap your children if you dare to come here asking for asylum. Plus we will use your children as hostages to make you sign off on a document labeling you as a criminal before you get your children back. And even if you do that, we are still liable to steal your children and send you away.
This breaks treaty and US law that allows people to apply for sanctuary. Trump put the message quite clearly, we want only white people to come here, no people of color since they come from sh!thole countries. This policy is to make sure they can’t come here legally. And he ignores (along with his base) how US policy made some countries sh!thole countries.
Maybe if the US didn’t F so many countries, they wouldn’t be in such a bad state that their people have to flee their country.


If you’ve read any of William Blum’s books (I’ve read his “Killing Hope”), you know that the U.S. has been one of the most evil countries in the history of the world. Donald Drumpf–with his treasonous “performance” yesterday–is the most recent example. My hope is that when the Mueller Report is issued, there will an abundance of evidence for treason against the SOB that our representatives will be so disgusted with him, that a huge majority will agree to charge, and then convict, him with treason!


I get so tired of hearing #2 (America needs more immigrants, not fewer, because our population is rapidly aging). The US is not Singapore. We have never had a TFR less than 1.8 that I know of. Sure we had a baby boom and our levels of population in each age group isn’t perfectly steady state but if we can’t handle the population profile we have, that is an embarrassment and to say immigration is required to solve that problem is my #1 complaint with progressive media. Where are the environmentalists to counter this? The whole world needs a plan to get to 1.8 TFR or so, maybe less and we don’t need extra terrestrials to make up the difference, we need fewer people on the earth.

On #4 (immigrants take jobs), Reich may be correct overall, but I guarantee there are several fields of work that if you were in during the 90s, you were going to get displaced by cheap foreign labor. I know people that did concrete work that gave that up because too many well-skilled laborers (some of which had the right to work here, many not) pushed the going rate below the level it made sense for them to stay in that field.

What’s my answer? I’m with Robert Scheer - no wall, no crazy enforcement at the border, disband ICE, more foreign aid south of the border including reparation in areas we fucked up badly like Guatemala, but fully enforce the right to work laws we have - if you aren’t allowed to work here and an employer hires you - the employer needs to be sanctioned considerably.


And then we get ruled by Armageddonist Pence. Wheee!
We need a more comprehensive plan to reverse the current morass that we find ourselves in, and that means to get rid of the entire criminal entity that has destroyed the good and enhanced the greed and cruelty that is destroying not only this nation, but the world. To make it work, we must cast out and reverse all of the criminal and destructive legislation and executive orders created by this chamber of horrors, or we will have to try to live with it, even if we do get rid of the major players. That is just furthering the tragedy in the making, while looking for new names for it.


If we can get rid of Drumpf, that SHOULD “send a message” to Pence that he MUST behave!


Well I am going to echo the other person by saying the theocracy minded Pence is not much better than Trump.
I am very well aware of what happened and how the US has built their empire. Manifest Destiny allowed slavery and genocide, it was also applied in S. America which the US considered part of it’s domain. Then we ginned up wars with Spain and Mexico to take territory from both of them.
We installed dictators in the spanish territories while declaring mexicans illegal in that land. We told the people of our empire that they had to work for virtually nothing as american corporations came in to exploit the resources. And when the people revolted against our brutal dictators, we crushed them.
S. American was esp. hit hard as they tried to free themselves from our grip. Whenever they put into power a government the US didn’t like, it was overthrown, often violently.
In order to maintain control, we armed the dictators and trained their soldiers and assassins in ways of torture and disappearing people.
Another area was the middle east where the powers that won WWI put who they wanted into power. And what they wanted was compliant dictators to keep the oil flowing. That has led to the current anger in the ME. I am simplifying it. There’s far more detail leading up to Al Quada (which the US helped to create to fight the Soviets.).
When you set out to create an empire, you make people mad.