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Amid Lopsided Recovery, Republicans Plan Cuts to Food Stamp Program


Amid Lopsided Recovery, Republicans Plan Cuts to Food Stamp Program

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

House Republicans are reportedly renewing efforts to cut the federal food stamp program, increasing restrictions on benefits and who may qualify for them.


Jim is a decent man but I would not place too much stock in his party. For me, at least, if you are not a socialist you do not get my support. Looks like Dorothy Day was right in describing the USA as a nation whose heart is as cold as its pavements.


I’m 62 yrs old, worked for at least 45 yrs, partially disabled, even labeled as so by gov’t doctors over 35 yrs ago, I get $847 ssdi and a whopping $98 mthly food benefits!
How can I buy all those high end foods and live high off the gov’t. on that much??


“The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer.” is DH Lawrence reflecting on JF Cooper’s representation of the people of the US in the century or two before it. I think the characterization is of all Anglos. It’s became even more frightening since then. (You can count in the majority of the Canadians if you wish.)


GOP = Greedy Oppressive Parasites - just living up to their typical feral nature.

A two party kleptocracy is only democracy to a small child.


If that is so, then why are so few that deserve it, killed? :smiley:


Dude. Easy with the anglo generalizations, ok?
THIS anglo is not of that makeup. No need to be hatin on melanin content, dig?

of any proportion.


Take a page from the republican playbook and starve the beast (the MIC and Homeland Insecurity) stop paying your taxes!