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Amid Media Blackout, Syrian Opposition Begs US-Led Coalition to Stop Airstrikes


Amid Media Blackout, Syrian Opposition Begs US-Led Coalition to Stop Airstrikes

Nika Knight, staff writer

As the number of civilians killed by U.S.-led coalition forces in Syria since June rises to above 100, the head of opposition group the Syrian National Coalition (SNC) is asking the U.S. to suspend the coalition's airstrikes against the Islamic State (ISIS) while the deaths are investigated.


How dare another news story try to interrupt the wall-to-wall convention coverage. The world just stops, right, while everyone watches the Trump show. Next week it will be the Hillary show.


Thanks Nika Knight for quoting Green “presumptive nominee” Jill Stein on this matter. Continue to remind us that we do NOT “have to choose” between worse and worser, and that the boundaries of political debate in the USA are NOT “realistically” defined by worse and worser.


“War is the Health of the State” by Randolph Bourne (1918)



I agree. And it was a nice reference to Jill Stein. I don’t really believe CD is trying to block the Green party from this site. They have been more than fair to Sanders and I see no reason to think they will not be to the Greens.


We are actually watching this dying Empire of ours grasping at military power to, well, hold on to some kind of power. The tell tail signs are everywhere and this farce of an election is a good example. We don’t win wars, trade deficit is out of control, we are called terrorists all over the world and now we know we can’t even pull off a believable election. There are many more signs like these but you get the picture.
An article about the New Silk Road between China and Russia stresses the lack of concern or inclusion of the U.S. in their plans. The pivot to Asia may be party because of that relationship. I’m looking for more info on that but it sure raised a red flag for me that we aren’t as exceptional as we used to be.
If Clinton get’s to the WH she will be hell bent on showing the world the might of the military, that’s about all that’s left. She and her general buddies want a no fly zone so this will not end well.
Russia, Iran and China seem to play nice with each other it’s the U.S. that keeps the world in chaos. They may one day bite back.


The NYTimes is spinning this differently. They are putting emphasis on the Kurds giving notice to IS that they can leave peacefully. Which is pretty laughable. The bloody irony, with innocent Syrians providing the blood, is now the United States finds itself in the same position as Russia regarding the bombing of IS and Al Queda held areas. As a side note, the bombing of civilians undermines the notion the Pentagon has sold the American people that we have “smart gbombs” which have magic powers to only kill bad guys and not the innocent civilians next to them. An article in NYTimes several days tried to imply in the reporting that all the civilians ran into the bombs while trying to escape. The bombs were accurate but for some reason the civilians ran into the teeth and next to IS fighters.


The US “pivot to Asia” has roots that go way farther back. The fact that China is ignoring the USA on its New Silk Road transcontinental development project is due to US stupidity going back many decades.

The whole US strategic focus on controlling Middle East oil reserves has always been primarily about longer-term strategies to dominate the globe and contain any “threats” from Europe, Russia, and ultimately China. Since WWII, US “long-term strategic planning” has revolved around these long-term “threats” to US dominance from any quarter, ultimately looking toward the inevitable rise of China.

Reading the PNAC documents from the late 1990s, or the Pentagon’s or the CIA’s 2020 and 2030 assessments, or the US Space Command’s documents: The concept of “full spectrum dominance” to ensure that no other power would be able to challenge US hegemony is clearly stated in blunt terms.

It’s all very clearly slipping away, but the fantasists in US “leadership” - (exemplified by the “foreign policy strategists” in the Clinton campaign including Clinton herself) - cannot bring themselves to even let the thought enter their heads that there might be a tiny flaw in their strategy…

The primary material problem with this “strategy,” is that US planners, while babbling in theory about “full-spectrum dominance,” in fact have put all their eggs in one “military dominance” basket. So every competition comes down to US imposition of military superiority to maintain hegemony.

The leadership in China and Russia are not stupid, not at all bamboozled by propaganda like the majority of the US populace. They see very clearly that the USA is on a long-term trajectory toward global war, and that the “strategic planning” precepts that US “leadership” operates under will not allow the USA to negotiate “in good faith” any genuine global cooperation.


While they’re at it. Get the fuck out of Syria. The US and Nato have no legal right to be there.


America, making friends and influencing people one bomb at a time.


An attempt to quantify the number of people that have been killed by the United States of America since the end of WW2. This even as some claim here that violence is a problem with “Muslims”.


I feel the need to cite this passage from the article as well to example the role of the good “Christian White nation” of Belgium in the Congo.

The Congo’s population was reduced by 10 million people over a period of 20 years which some have referred to as “Leopold’s Genocide.” (1) The U.S. has been responsible for about a third of that many deaths in that nation in the more recent past. (2)

That is 10 million in 20 years by a European nation inside an African nation they were apparently bringing “Civilization” to , yet we have those same white supremacists boasting of all the good European whites have done for the world.

Most people in the West are aware of the Hungarian uprising against the USSR in 1956 and will cite it as evidence of the brutality of the Communist State. Some 3000 people killed when Hungarians rose up to protest Communism and wantimg a free and independent State.

Much fewer are aware of the Greek Civil War where some 158,000 killed , the bulk of them civilians and by the State which was allied with Britain and the USA in that Civil war. 158,000>3000 yet somehow it more"acceptable" when it is “Communists” being killed.

It much the same today. If it Whites or Christians killed it tragedy and shows how violent Muslims are. When it Muslims or persons of color being killed it just “an accident” .


Believe it or not. Those estimates are most likely way to low. I read a detailed report some time ago that had the number up to 70 million. And do we also factor in the millions that will die. Because of the use of depleted uranium in places like Iraq?

My mistake the linked article quotes the 20 - 30 million figure and not the 70 million figure I posted. However I’m still of the opinion it’s higher the we think. When you factor in things like WMD (depleted uranium) that will keep on killing for thousands of years. Please check the very detailed list of "Deaths In Other Nations Since WW2 To US Intervention.



The conservative ruling power elite that control America do not give a flying rats ass how many civilians die under our bombs, bullets or blockades as long as Israel is helped, war profits roll in, Muslims suffer and they can keep the world in a state of fear to distract people from the fleecing of our coffers and the removal of our rights.


Thank you, I will check those out.


Thank you for that history on the pivot. There is so little mention of these things available I appreciate sharing info on this sight. I learn a lot from the posters here that you don’t find on other sites.


Just look at how angry the Trumpist GOPeans are at Sanders and the academia for “educating” the young progressives. They want the citizens to remain dumb and uninformed, to work like dogs for little pay, go home eat junk food and GMO grown frankenfood crap, watch the faux on tv, attend church services every Sunday to praise your lord for the little that you have and pray louder since that “little” keeps getting littler and littler. Oh and when your cancer and diabetes acts up take that pharmaceutical chemo cocktail to prolong your suffering and spend your last dime on your death-care bills. The American fucking capitalist tyrants are satanic and sadistic exploitative human rights violators worse than even Hitler’s Nazis. The USA democracy is a charade and it’s capitalist system the most wicked ever devised. I just don’t know but think to get rid of this monstrosity it will take force and blood shed to wipe clean the world of this most harmful menace.


Important to grasp the impact of presstitution on global affairs and the perpetuation of crimes against humanity/life.


Please forgive the coalition Syria. The munitions warehouses are full and the local bomb district managers need to move an overstock of explodable goods at low low prices or there will be a going out of business crisis! /s


It is not just we nasty whities that have a genocidal history. Chaka, the Zulu leader did some pretty severe damge in Africa before the whities got there, and I have of read 2 million dead because of hhis depradations, and of Ghengis Khan, around 30 millopn dead. Seems that we humans are not an overly nice species, and given power and tools to be powerful with we become just plain bloody nasty to each other.


Sorry Syria but not bombing doesn’t put tax payer money into Congressional war profiteers bank accounts you know.