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Amid Media Circus, Clinton-Trump in Tight Race With One Week to Go


Amid Media Circus, Clinton-Trump in Tight Race With One Week to Go

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Amid a relentless media circus with just a week until Election Day, the latest polls suggest the presidential contest will be a tight race to the finish.

National surveys taken in the wake of Friday's news that the FBI is reviewing recently discovered emails that might pertain to Hillary Clinton's private server show that development having limited impact on voter preferences.


Maybe voters are finally realizing that everything Hillary Clinton does is not a scandal and certainly not a crime. So far there is no perceived change. The Politico/Morning Consult had a 3% difference before the latest flap and still has 3%. An NBC survey polls overlapping Comey's announcement has Clinton still up by 7%. The Republicans have been claiming shouting "crime" for decades and the media always falls for it. What about 7 years wasted investigating Whitewater. What were there, about nine Benghazi investigations with nothing to show. The right is furious at Comey for not finding a crime she committed with her e-mails. They even had Comey testify. Apparently he is so afraid of the right that he seems to have destroyed his own reputation by announcing this latest finding about Clinton's e-mails even though he has no idea what was found. It should be remembered that in 2012 the race between Obama and Romney was supposed be about tied a that end and Romney thought he would win based on his polls but Obama won handily. As more polls come in the situation should become clearer. And probably we should expect more bombshells before election day so who knows what will happen.


We are on the road to endless Clinton scandals until she is impeached in disgrace. Nice job Democratic Party!


Glad to see you're not participating.


Gonadal identity politics result in a flawed nominee you say. The flaw being a lack of gonads? Thanks to those pesky Zionists. As always! The anti Semite, anti feminist continues his rant.


No other political figure is as transparent as Clinton at this point.


Thank you.




Everybody knows this too, but among conservative Democrats, even admitting the obvious is asking too much. If they have to say "you were correct" to someone on their left, they will die. Thus, right-to-work Tim Kaine is liberal enough for us peasants, and critiques of Clinton from the left do not exist in their universe.
A tight race also serves the interest of conservative Dems, since they are comfortable invoking crisis as a rationale for treating lefties the way that a Republican Congress treats Obama.

Bombs away!


I understand the sentiment, but in eleven states you can write in Bernie Sanders' name and your vote will be counted. Elsewhere you can vote for Jill Stein. By voting for either, you will send a message and perhaps get federal funding for the Greens in 2020.


DNC Top Lackey, Good Catholic Donna Brazille of The Permanent Black Political Class, was dropped by CNN today for tipping The Shillary about ??s that were going to be asked in the 2nd Primary Debate with Sen. Sanders. Enough with your Weiner/Abiden/Clintonista Garbage Collection of e-mails. Your team is made up of crooked, unethical, asshat, Lying Fixers. This is the telltale heart beating inside a soulless, shithouse of a dead party. You stole the primary, Shill&Bill, and the people who knew you two for decades, still think you're as phoney and duplicitous as ever. Send in clowns indeed, oh wait, they are already here! Vote Stein and Green in 2016.


From what we the public knows about the emails (if they were even to or from Hillary and their contents, which is NOTHING, there is no there there to change anyone's mind. All there is is inuendo blown up by the press.

I'm not a fan of HRC but what Comey did was disgraceful.


Or write in Santa Claus. It's all the same.


Both of these candidates are making a mockery of any moral or ethical THOUGHT about law, voting, rights, and most especially they are both making a mockery of CITIZENS in the United States. WE need to stop this election, and START OVER!!!!!!!


The real story is Brazille & Company rigging the ??s as a dirty trickster DNC insider, sorry. Who bought the refs ( umpires ) of CNN and then sold her political soul to a sleaze queen and her court. The rest flows from there, just as the snake dies from the head down, in nature. The Shill & Company are getting their karma asskicked for using a cheat sheet on 200 million people, many who are voting and participating for the first time in the political process. She deserves everything she gets for cynically gutting these people. What a cold, heartless, self-serving phoney woman.


And, we wonder why people are so cynical and detached from our political/economic/ collective civic life in this country. 38% of eligible voters actually participated in elections in 2014. Gee, I wonder if it has anything to do with the scum running the joint?


Too late...it became just that over the last 20 years or so. Perhaps as a signal of this capitulation, Obama champions the corporatist dream trade agreements of TPP, TTIP, et al.


I'll bet nobody pays much attention to the Newsweek story today that for years Trump has been destroying e-mails, digital records, and paper documents, frequently in defiance of court orders. Big deal. Who cares? Probably not the media.



With Clinton's election? Maybe I'll get a raise.


We all look forward to your ineffectual petulance.


Who are this "WE" you speak of? We the voters are moving on. We the country are not petulant fools.