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Amid “Men Yelling Indistinctly” At VP Debate, Shards Of Substance


Amid “Men Yelling Indistinctly” At VP Debate, Shards Of Substance

Isaiah Poole

The vice-presidential debate Tuesday night was rated by some commentators as generating more heat than light. At times, that certainly seemed true when watching Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican Mike Pence hurl charges at each other, insert practiced digs and cut each other off.

A good measure of the debate was brilliantly captured by this tweet from GQ Magazine featuring a closed-captioned frame of moderator Elaine Quijano.



That's right! Republican candidates talking more about how activism "has to stop" and how wages need to be cut and taxes slashed for the wealthy.

Don't worry though, both parties are exactly the same because Hillary Clinton is the anti-Christ yadda yadda.


I clicked on the hotlinked words "a real “people’s debate” in the hopes it would lead me to the Green candidates' comments, but alas... After reading the bio at the end of the story, all became clear. OurFuture.org, which provides news and information that reflects well on the Democratic Party, is a branch of the Campaign for America's Future (CAF). CAF is part of the inside-the-beltway non-profit complex, that supports incremental change in large part to maximize its own reason for being and fundraising efforts. It's their future they are really concerned with, or that link would have led me to Stein/Baraka.


My take?
There was precious little 'debate' in last nights 'performance spectacle'.
I'd call it a wordwalkallover.
Two whitesplainin' males spritzing their talkalloverit testosterone on a distinctly ineffectual 'moderator'.
I will however note that Pence is quite the little shiv-meister and can lie without a hint of a flinch.