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Amid More Civilian Deaths, Lawmakers Push to End Saudi Arms Flow


Amid More Civilian Deaths, Lawmakers Push to End Saudi Arms Flow

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

U.S. senators are attempting to block the State Department's deal to sell Saudi Arabia nearly $1.5 billion in weapons, just days after the move was announced by the Obama administration.


With Clinton likely to be the next POTUS, any successful block of arms to the Saudis will only be temporary. She's currently seeking endorsement from more pro war and strong on defense Republicans and Independents through her Together for America website and campaign. With Sanders now effectively neutered, she's back in the open as the status quo conservative she's always been. Bernie who?


Hard to believe for a second that arms sales to other violent, thugish nations will be curtailed. After all, America is dedicated to profit before democracy and values. The military-industrial complex lobbyists must be very busy whipping up the vote to ensure people of conscience are defeated by bald-faced lies once again.


What has Bernie said about this issue?


I get chills when I think of Hillary as POTUS. I'm voting for Jill no matter what.



Rand Paul was the only candidate on the GOP stage with any sense when it came to foreign policy. Mainstream Republicans and Trumpites have very little respect for him and his father.


" With Bernie now effectively neutered".

It is still mind boggling to me, that Bernie would back HRC and let himself be castrated by this war monger and Wall Street stooge!

Bernie who? Bernie who sold out!


Saudi Arabia is one of the most brutal regimes in the world, and the fact that the U.S. backs this egregious regime in a quid pro quo to protect the petro-dollar, and is in bed with these thugs instead of supporting regime change in a country much worse than Libya,Iraq or Afghanistan should tell one this terrorist nation is not subject to regime change because they are Amerika's terrorists!


And just look what the House of Saud has accomplished, together with the CIA and others in that Deep State. Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, Taliban taking over Afghanistan, false flag attack on 9/11 and the consequent emergence of mass surveillance, and war war war, and more war.

The only people who still question things like, why were Saudi nationals afforded State arranged multiple flights to escort them out of the US when no other flights were being allowed on 9/11, are of course the maligned Truthers. But it's because everything is known about what happened on the seminal day don't you know.


Obomber in chief!


Has he ever opposed an arms deal?


Stein has had an arms embargo on her "to do" list of ways to end terrorism for some time ....


Of course Hillary is going to push for the sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia especially after all the money they donated to the Clinton Foundation. Hmm I wonder why a country with such a terrible record concerning human rights would donate to the Clinton Foundation? Curious.


Well said reply. Thanks.


A tiny sliver of sanity in a depraved world of obscene for-profit death and destruction.........even this is welcome.


The purpose of the M/I/I Complex is not to end civilian deaths, but to sell more arms to kill more in a profitable perpetual war.