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Amid Murky Intel, Experts Say Time to Be Clear: Threat of War With Iran "Solely and Unequivocally" Trump's Fault

Amid Murky Intel, Experts Say Time to Be Clear: Threat of War With Iran "Solely and Unequivocally" Trump's Fault

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As "murky" intelligence reports swirl and the White House works overtime to establish its narrative with evidence-free warnings of a supposedly growing Iranian threat, foreign policy experts and analysts are attempting to set the record straight by establishing precisely who is responsible for the dangerously high tensions in the Middle East that could s


We should still keep in mind how Zbigniew Brzezinski’s The Grand Chessboard (1997)* detailed the master plan that continues to unfold. This is much bigger than Trump. Let’s also remember the Project for a New American Century, the signatories of which read like a who’s who of neocons. There is a long game at work. We mustn’t let ourselves think that any one whistle is anything more than the end of an individual play. The final whistle remains far in the future.

*For the curious, you may want to seek out the writings of Oded Yinon circa 1980.


Let’s face it: the only reason republicans are so quick to go to war is because its good for business- meaning scamming taxpayers for their money. They care more about their bottom line than people’s lives. Sure there’s racism too and that’s more of a tool of propaganda to scam exceptionalist white boys on board and willing to die. Its a scam, pure and simple.


Exactly like the ‘crisis’ at the Mexican border. Totally manufactured by the rump administration.


This crap will start to slow down when we start sending Presidents, and their minions to, the Hague for trial in International courts.

ok, not gonna happen in my lifetime, but…

Caligula and Yosemite Bolton and Pompeo would be a good first step


We dont need an average IQ of between 85 and 115 to work that one out.


The US has wanted to use “bunker blasters” on the areas where Iran was building their nukes. The bombs emit radiation and could be called mini-nukes. That could have been a motivation for Obama’s treaty signed by major powers and followed by Iran. The Saudi’s and Israel have wanted the US to use those bombs for decades. Trump so easily put in office was a sign that Iran was again on the table. When Pompeo went to Brussels Western democracies pretended he was not there. Trump has damaged the US in more ways than his obvious tweets every day.


If this is so Jake Johnson, Trump is stealing from us all, again. Robbing us of our right to live in Peace with our neighbors. All for what, profit?

Not that many years ago, you had the right to shoot and kill someone who stole your horse.

Shouldn’t stealing your future security, your financial stability, and your and your neighbor’s right to live in Peace, deserve at least an equal fate to that of a horse thief?


… or to the front lines.


Actually the VIP tops the list, he’s the master mind of the greatest crime against the people in WTO’s, the planes and the millions killed in the wars that ensued using the 911 cover.

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Our National Security Advisor, BenyaJon Netanbolton, guarantees that this will be a short war and that Iranian oil revenue will pay for the whole thing.

– as reported by the New York Times

So let’s count up the successful regime change wars we’ve conducted in the MidEast:
Iraq is now firmly allied with Iran.
Syria is in ruins and the same regime is still in power.
Libya is an anarchy featuring slavery.
Afghanistan is still pretty much under control of the Taliban.

Yo, PNAC, you’re 0 for 4.


You don’t have to be an ‘expert’ to figure this one out. It is the Master Plan of the US who has been at war 222 out of 243 years since its existence. The Empire is just continuing its tradition…

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I am an advocate for reinstating the Draft. No deferments. Most people pay more attention to upcoming war if they have skin in the game (personal or family). The problem has been that it’s been someone else’s problem

There were several reasons that the Vietnam war ended not the least of which was the ending of the 2S deferment and the beginning of the Lottery

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We could just deliver Trumpus, Pompous, and Boltus to the Iranians. We could make our moves according to how they treat those dudes. If they are tortured we react one way, if they are treated well and returned we respond differently.
At least we wouldn’t have to worry about what the three stooges were up to on a daily basis, for awhile.

I did resent the policy of students getting deferments Uprooting others didn’t seem to be a problem. And the bone spur types were a sad site to behold.
To what lengths do we go in trying to avoid service when called to duty.
How many enlisted reserves and National Guardsman found ways to skip out? Not many I would guess.
Who gets the final word on whether a war is just enough to fight in? I don’t think it is the citizen. Not in my experience, except the end of the protest era of the Vietnam War.

again, I think the end of the protest era of the Vietnam War. was due in part to ending the 2S and starting the lottery. That’s when it hit home. I know people that got out of Nam and tried to get out of Nam by joining the Coast Guard, ROTC, and National Guard. Those were major ways to prevent going to Vietnam in my part of the world. I looked into the coast guard myself but by that point it was full.

The citizen dosen’t have the initial word on war, but when we put 100,000 or million people on the street in protest and voting elected people out - the warmongers started paying attention

They aren’t looking for wins, destabilization works just fine for them.


Once CIA always CIA, Mr. Pillar!

The NG was not an escape. My artillery unit in Nam was in large part made up of the Kentucky National Guard. We were actively protesting from 71 til the end. 71 was when I returned to the world.


Isn’t pre-meditated, manufactured war based-on phony hidden “intel/evidence”, lies/deception and all the deadly, resource-diverting (read theft of civilian priority funding), consequences of war that must (allegedly) require a declaration from Congress a form of treason?

Isn’t the clear subversion/influence of foreign powers (Israel and the Saudis) with US officials promoting their agenda and doing their bidding, forms of treason? Certainly an impeachable path.

If only both houses of Congress were not also so complicit to the crimes, and for-profit war-machine. Crimes and craven complicity we are witnessing daily…if only they had any integrity or moral compass at all…Silence IS complicity!

The enormity of this pre-meditated, manufactured, crime against humanity pushed by bolton, pompeo, et al, and the malleable idiot trump, influenced by foreign powers, is beyond any reason or sanity…the silence from world leaders andour own politicians is defeaning