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Amid New Threat of War, Former Mossad Chief Admits Israel Had 2011 Plan to Attack Iran


Amid New Threat of War, Former Mossad Chief Admits Israel Had 2011 Plan to Attack Iran

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As critics warn that President Donald Trump has dramatically intensified the threat of war with Iran, the former head of Israel's spy agency disclosed in a television interview on Thursday that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did, in fact, order the military to prepare a preemptive an attack on Iran back in 2011.

The interview with Tamir Pardo, who served as as Mossad chief from 2011 to 2016, aired Thursday on the Israeli investigative program "Uvda."


I remember when Bibi, of whom I had never heard until then, was the go-to Israeli on MacNeil-Lehrer’s News Hour, circa late 70s-early 80s. He typically appeared side by side with self-described “terrorism expert,” the odious Michael Ledeen, pushing the Israel-as-innocent-bystander line. They always “regretted” the “painful necessity” of “responding” to “attacks.”

It seemed even back then that he was being groomed, playing the long game, with PBS a willing co-conspirator.


Only God knows exactly what will happen abroad and here at home. But given the people involved, both here and abroad, it is only reasonable to fear the worst. As bad as Trump and Company have been to date, I cannot help but feel they will leave a mortal wound, perhaps several, on our Country and the World. The price we will all pay for allowing things to get to this point is going to unimaginably high. Many won’t survive it. At least that is how I feel.


It seems to be what the International Bankers want:


I truly believe that if Mitt Romney was elected in 2012 we would have gone to war with Iran. It still could happen giving all the bloody hawks in the administration. Just once they should ask real people what good war does for them. Keep the weapons makers out of the loop though, that’s what they live for.


I hope Israel has a secret plan to attack Iran if necessary because Iran has publicly and repeatedly stated its intent to destroy Israel. They have a choice in israel, strength or death.


If the Allies had attacked Germany before it rebuilt its military, tens of millions of lives of real people would have been saved.


Since the scum that own and run this country do not understand history, We the People may be doomed to repeat it along with them.


If the terrorists who attacked Palestinian communities, forcing a population the size of a western city to become refugees, all under the guise of Zionism, had those murdering terrorists been hunted down, apprehended and brought to justice before 1948, then any Israeli state formed may not have added to the global disease of fascism.


When a country is founded on terrorism, lies, deceit, propaganda and cult philosophy while remaining in constant violation of international laws on human rights its not hard to understand how that country might perceive most of the world viewing them as a pariah. That is, except for other fascists.

Quoting you: “…Iran has publicly and repeatedly stated its intent to destroy Israel.” Just give citations for the last two times that happened. The US publicly threatens Iran on a semi-weekly basis. Britain and the US overthrew the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in 1953. Not merely screwing around with elections but creating a flat out overthrow. And when Iran took back control in a revolution in 1979 that set off the grand opportunity for the propagnada and MIC machine to go into high gear that hasn’t stopped since. And I bet Iran never even got a thank you card in return. Self-defense is the prime reason a country goes nuclear.

So concerned are populations in the Middle East about US/Israel aggression that polls by the leading polling agencies have shown that some 80% feel that it would be safer if Iran had nuclear weapons. That’s what happens when a country, in this case Israel, chooses a policy of repression and expansion over security.


Jewish terrorism arose in the 1930’s as self-defense against Palestinian terrorism which began in 1920. If there had been no Palestinian terrorism, there would have been no Jewish terrorism. The Jewish government did manage to capture some Jewish terrorists & handed them over to the British.


In the past 30 years, Israel has annexed ZERO territory.
Israel signed peace treaties with Jordan & Egypt even though that meant giving up large areas of Biblical Israel. That shows that Israel is more interested in peace than in land.

Israel & Iran used to have a good relationship. But when Iran became a theocracy, that’s when Iran started calling for the elimination of Israel.


I’d give ya a hundred hearts if I could! Good film!
I’ll send the link around.


Lies are still lies, no matter how many times you repeat it. More than three quarters of a million Palestinians were forced to fee because of those Jewish terrorists. Attempts were made by international sources after WWI to address Palestine. Yet again and again the invaders and occupiers practiced their brand of ‘negotiations’. The UN solution presented in 1947 of dividing Palestine into roughly even portions for the Jewish state and for the Palestinians meant that the Palestinians were to give up half their homeland to foreign settlers. Considering that most of the influential decision makers in the UN were colonial or formal colonial powers, that kind of ‘reasoning’ isn’t that surprising. Understandably, the Palestinians rejected that. After all, who wouldn’t? The Israelis took that to mean they were not bound to the plan either and decided they would take not only half of Palestine but an additional 30% as well. Quoting Menachem Begin: “The UN(1947) Partition of Palestine is illegal. It will never be recognize. Eretz Israel will be restored to the people of Israel. All of it.” The native peoples in Palestine, who had documentations and proof of their legal residence were systematically attacked by the ‘Zionist’ invaders. All international crimes against humanity.


The areas that Israel has annexed are places that have Israeli settlements. That means that Israel has to supply services to those areas. This is what happened in the Golden Heights, parts of the West Bank and in East Jerusalem. In the Sinai Peninsula Israel and Egypt made a peace agreement in 1979 and Israel evacuated the settlers there. Thus no annexation, no obligations in the Sinai. Gaza also had settlements but Gaza had little value to Israel plus it cost Israel to maintain a ‘defense’ presence in Gaza so Israel evacuated the settlements from Gaza, along with the dramatic protests of the settlers about ‘never again’, even though they were taken care of where ever they were to reside, and thus Israel was free from any obligations by not annexing Gaza. Unless you call as obligations; assassinations, murders, bombing, ‘mowing the lawn’, creating an air and sea blockade of any and everything, including people, going in or out with just enough to barely exist, with critical services reduced to fraction of what any community needs, with unemployment greater than any depression levels, and other crimes against humanity.

Yes Jack, Israel did have better relations with Iran. But then, Israel was always amiable with countries that had dictatorships. Iran under the Shah (Pahlavi) who came into power via a US/British overthrow, Saudi Arabia, another bastion of freedom and democracy, South Africa going back to its apartheid days, Egypt from Mubarak to el-Sisi minus the Morsi interlude. In that regard they have a lot in common with their big uncle.


What specifically are you claiming is a lie?

No one would have been displaced & no land would have been lost if

Palestinians had not tried to exterminate the Jews.

The day after the UN Partition Resolution in November 1947, racist, xenophobic Palestinians started a genocidal war to exterminate the Jews. Haj Amin el-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem – “I declare a holy war, my Muslim brothers! Murder the Jews! Murder them all!”
The war started with Palestinians attacking a Jewish bus driving on the Coastal Plain near Kfar Sirkin killing five and wounding others. Half an hour later they ambushed a second bus from Hadera, killing two more. Arab snipers attacked Jewish buses in Jerusalem and Haifa.

Wars create refugees!


Gazans were coming into Israel to murder innocent Jews. That’s why Israel built the fence. Israel controls what goes into Gaza because Gazans were using supplies to built attack tunnels to murder innocent Jews. Why are you blaming Israel, which delivers over 800 truckloads of food & supplies to Gaza every day, but not blaming Egypt which also blockades Gaza & delivers ZERO?


Your lies? Try: “If there had been no Palestinian terrorism, there would have been no Jewish terrorism.” You’re forcing yourself to admit to Israeli/pre-Israaeli terrorism.

Also: “…Israel is more interested in peace than in land.” In 1971 Sadat of Egypt offered Israel a peace plan formulated by UN mediator Gunnar Junnar. Israel recognized it as a genuine peace offer, but rejected it as the Labor party was committed to broader territorial gains from the 1967 war. Also by recognizing the Palestinians it would legally bar Israel from having total control over the occupied territories. Interestingly, this offer was a better deal for Israel that what they signed onto some eight years later. It’s even been described in Israel as a big missed opportunity.

Wars do create refugees, Jack. Hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees. ZERO Israeli refugees. Which tells anyone plenty what that war was about.


As has been stated by others, if Israel built the fence for defensive reasons they would put the fence around their boarders. But they placed it where the Palestinians live. And the world knows that.

Israel has a stranglehold on what and who can enter or leave Gaza by land, air or sea. They allow just enough to keep the population from mass starvation. Having the Palestinians ‘on a diet’ as the Israelis vulgarly call it. You know, like other vulgar terms such a ‘mowing the lawn’. It’s the same with the water, and most of what is available to the Palestinians is impure. The lack of health care and services makes everything worse. They can only fish close to the coast where the lack of sanitation has the waters polluted. And you can’t farm when your land is stolen. The majority of the people in Gaza are refugees. You starting to get the picture?

When you lament that Israeli critics don’t put any blame on Egypt then you’re grasping for straws. The Egyptian government has been hostile to the Palestinians, especially pernicious considering what the Israelis are doing. But why has Egyptian governments been doing this? There’s no way to describe the history of this in cartoon simple terms. But in general the continued displacement of populations to increase settlement expansion came to a head.

In a September 1967 meeting by Rafi, the most hawkish element of the Labor party who were in power at the time, the policy on the settlements got established. It was written by Shimon Peres. From Peres: “Israel’s new map will be determined by its policies of settlement and new land-taking,” and therefore called for “urgent efforts” to establish settlements not only in East Jerusalem, but also “to the north, south and east,” including Hebron, Gush-Etzion, etc.; the Jordan valley; “the central region of the mountains of Shechem [Nablus]”; the Golan Heights, the El-Arish region in the Sinai and the Red Sea access. The Labor coalition policies were even more extreme, notably the Galili protocols of 1973 and the policies implementing them, including the expulsion of thousands of Beduins into the desert, their homes, mosques and graveyards destroyed to clear the lands for the all-Jewish city of Yamit in northern Sinai, steps that led directly to the 1973 war.

Now Sadat warned this would lead to war but after the 1967 war, Israel felt it was militarily superior. Expressions like ‘war was not the Arabs game’ and ‘they (Arabs) don’t know which end to hold the gun’ were the norm. We know the 1973 war happened and Israel came close to being defeated. For US planners Egypt could not longer be ignored. The US brought Egypt into its fold, giving it the second highest foreign aid after Israel and that remains up to the present. The Arab Spring, needless to say, left US foreign policy specialists a bit unnerved.

There’s a history. We’re all big boys and girls. Time to put the make believe stories behind us.


Israel did sign peace treaties.

There were 70,000 Jewish refugees in Palestine & then 850,000 Jews fled Arab countries.